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Alerte patrimoine - Ancien campus de l'institut indien de management d'Ahmedabad (IIMA)

Heritage-Alert-ICOMOS-Indian-Campus-engineers1L'ICOMOS publie une Alerte patrimoine mondiale, notre expression de préoccupation la plus importante, afin d'amplifier la prise de conscience de la menace qui pèse sur l'ancien campus de l'Institut indien de management d'Ahmedabad (IIMA) et d'attirer d'urgence l'attention sur le risque éminent de perte des bâtiments d'importance internationale qui composent le paysage culturel conçu par Louis I. Kahn avec son équipe d'architectes, architectes paysagistes et d'ingénieurs indiens.

Alerte Patrimoine : Bloc-Y des bâtiments du Gouvernement, Oslo, Norvège


Dernière mise à jour : juin 2018

28 septembre 2016

Le Comité scientifique international sur le patrimoine du 20e siècle (ISC20C) de l'ICOMOS a publié une alerte patrimoine au sujet de la démolition du Bloc-Y dans le quartier du gouvernement norvégien à Oslo.

Cette action vient soutenir les initiatives d'ICOMOS Norvège en matière de conservation et confirme l'inquiétude internationale devant les menaces à l'encontre de l'importance patrimoniale de cet important complexe moderne du centre d'Oslo.

Alerte patrimoine : Préservation in situ des antiquités à la station de métro Venizelos à Thessalonique en Grèce

Tunnel entrance at the NSS construction siteLa 20e Assemblée générale de l'ICOMOS, tenue en décembre 2020, adopte une résolution concernant la préservation in situ des antiquités à la station de métro Venizelos à Thessalonique, en Grèce.

download Téléchargez la lettre envoyées aux autorités grecques et l'alerte patrimoine.


Crédits photo : Flickr/Konstantinos Stampoulis

Alerte patrimoine : The Viking Ship Hall – Roskilde, Danemark

vikingsmall21 sept. 2022 - Mise à jour : le Viking Ship Hall, Roskilde, Danemark

Si l'alerte patrimoniale initiale de l'ICOMOS a pu contribuer à la décision positive de ne pas démolir immédiatement le bâtiment et de l'inclure dans les plans du nouveau site muséal, un certain nombre de préoccupations et d'incertitudes non négligeables persistent et l'ICOMOS considère toujours que son avenir est menacé.


Heritage Alert: Palacio Bellas Artes, San Sebastian, Spain

HA Palacio Bellas Artes INTERIOR ESTADO ACTUAL29 July 2022 – Update: Palacio Bellas Artes

ICOMOS regrets to report a negative outcome for the Palacio Bellas Artes. Unfortunately, the development proposal to convert the Palacio Bellas Artes into a hotel - including the demolition of the dome and the interior, and the construction of a non-compatible addition -  was implemented. Although this Heritage Alert inspired a debate among citizens, the Palacio Bellas Artes lost its authenticity due to the irreversible effects of the development proposal.

Heritage Alert: The Historic Center of Colón (Republic of Panamá)

Image 6 Colón HATo add to the already substantial national alarm, raised among other by ICOMOS Panama, ICOMOS is issuing a worldwide Heritage Alert, our most consequential expression of concern, to amplify awareness of the threats to the historic center of Colón and draw urgent attention to its poor state of conservation and condition of neglect.

Heritage Alert: The Viking Ship Hall – Roskilde, Denmark


21 Sept. 2022 – Update: The Viking Ship Hall, Roskilde, Denmark

Whilst the initial ICOMOS Heritage Alert may have contributed to the positive decision not to demolish the hall immediately, and to include it in plans for the new museum site, a number of significant concerns and uncertainties persist and ICOMOS still considers its future to be threatened.


Heritage Alert: Y-block Government Buildings, Oslo, Norway

19 June 2018

The ICOMOS Europe Group at its annual meeting in Helsinki was very surprised to learn that the Norwegian Government is upholding its decision to demolish the Y-Block in the Norwegian Government Quarter, in spite of strong international, national and local opposition. In their declaration, the Europe Group strongly urges the Norwegian Government to reconsider its position and seek alternative solutions, respecting the universal values of the Y-Block.

26 October 2016

Y block Oslo 20161026

On 26 October 2016, a demonstration was held in front of the Y-block to protest its demolition. Musicians performed and protestors gathered around the building. Despite their efforts, State Secretary Paul Chaffey announced later that evening that the decision of demolishing would stand. The Directorate for Cultural Heritage suggested as an ultimate solution that the North wing be demolished, leaving the curve around the H-block intact.

Photo: Lars Lillo-Stenberg performing to support the protest outside of the Y-block on 26 October 2016 © Arve Henriksen

ICOMOS Heritage Alert - Beirut Grain Silos

beirut blast 3 1024x768Last update - 3 August 2022:
On Sunday 31 July, the northern block of the Beirut Grain Silos collapsed. A fire at its foot, seemingly triggered by remaining grain fermenting due to the summer heat, had been left to smoulder for over 20 days, with first minimal interventions to attempt to contain it apparently only taking place after 10 days following widespread protest and calls for action by civil society. This section of the silos had been tipping since the explosion in 2020, and could probably have been saved if timely action had been taken, but the fires further deteriorated the structure hastening its collapse

ICOMOS Heritage Alert - Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA) Old Campus

4 Mauricio Luzuriaga 539 40ICOMOS is issuing a worldwide Heritage Alert, our most consequential expressional of concern, to amplify awareness of the threat to the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA) Old Campus and draw urgent attention to the eminent risk of loss of the internationally significant buildings that make up the cultural landscape designed by Louis I. Kahn with his team of Indian architects, landscape architects and engineers.

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