Honors and Awards

The Gazzola prize

 The Gazzola Prize was established in 1979 in memory of Piero Gazzola, one of the greatest defenders of the conservation and restoration of historic monuments and sites, and a founder of ICOMOS. The prize is awarded every three years at the General Assembly of ICOMOS to an individual or a group of people who have worked together and contributed with distinction to the aims and objectives of ICOMOS. The beneficiary must be a member of ICOMOS and is chosen by the Selection Committee itself elected by the Executive Committee of ICOMOS. The Prize is a commemorative medal and diploma, and has been previously awarded to:

  • Mr Jean Trouvelot (1981)
  • Prof Stanislas Lorentz (1984)
  • Prof Masaru Sekino (1987)
  • Mrs Gertrude Tripp (1990)
  • Sir Bernard Fielden (1993)
  • Dr Ernest Allen Connally (1996)
  • Dr Roland Silva (1999)
  • Mr Cevat Erder (2003)
  • Mrs Ann Webster Smith (2005)
  • Mrs Carmen Añón Feliú (2008)
  • Mr Nobuo Ito (2011)
  • Mr Henry Cleere (2014)

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