INORA No. 67, 2013

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INORA No. 70, 2014

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  • p. 1-6 Clottes and Azeuma.pdf « Identical (Aurignacian?) signs in the Chauvet Pont d'Arc and Candamo caves» 
  • p. 7-13 Hermann.pdf « New finds at Tamgaly in Kazakhstan» 
  • p. 13-17 Hermann.pdf «The rock art site of Degeres, (Alimaty Oblys) Kazakhstan»
  • p. 17-21 Shafie.pdf« New petroglyphic complex in the west fringe of the Lut desert Shahdad South East Iran» 
  • p. 21-26 Utrilla et al « New levantine paintings in lower Aragon. The boomerang users of the Poyuelo shelter, (Torrecilla d'Alcaniz,Teruel, Spain)»
  • p. 27-29 Taylor « A unique petroglyph / pedestrian tunnel re-connects a city to its waterfront»

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