ISC on Industrial Heritage: Call for membership (Deadline: 12 December)

industrial heritage

On recommendation of the ICOMOS Advisory Committee, the ICOMOS Board approved the establishment of an ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on Industrial Heritage (ISCIH). ISCIH is now issuing a call for membership to all members of ICOMOS (deadline on 12 December 2019).


The benefit to ICOMOS of the establishment of ISICIH were identified in a survey of the membership carried out in 2017. This survey found that there is a particular interest in industrial heritage amongst the membership with many of the responders actively involved in our partner organisation TICCIH (The International Committee for the Conservation of the Industrial Heritage), in their own industrial heritage National Scientific Committee (set up by their ICOMOS National Committee) and/or their National industrial heritage society. The results of the survey also revealed that members believed that the establishment of an ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on Industrial Heritage would increase recognition and awareness of industrial heritage both nationally and internationally and promote the role and profile of industrial heritage within ICOMOS.

ISCIH aims to:

  • promote the value of the industrial heritage and facilitate international cooperation among experts in the better identification, study, understanding, protection, conservation and management of industrial heritage sites, in their tangible and intangible dimensions, including structures, complexes, material assets, areas and landscapes;
  • foster and disseminate knowledge and understanding of industrial heritage and work to develop specialist guidance and provide advice;
  • support capacity building and cooperate in establishing a standard for the training and qualification of those engaged in documentation, assessment, interpretation and management of industrial heritage;
  • promote the Joint ICOMOS – TICCIH Principles for the Conservation of Industrial Heritage Sites, Structures, Areas and Landscapes (the Dublin Principles, 2011), as an important step in achieving the above.
  • strengthen the relationship between ICOMOS and other like-minded organisations, cementing existing relationships such as that with TICCIH, and support enhanced cooperation with these organisations.

The ISCIH now seeks applications for membership from the ICOMOS Committees and from among the ICOMOS membership. Any ICOMOS member with established or emerging expertise in the field of industrial heritage may apply.

There are 2 categories of membership:

  • Expert members - ICOMOS Members experienced and engaged in the areas relevant to the objectives of the Committee. Among these each National Committee can nominate one expert member as its National Committee voting member for elections of the ISC.
  • Associate/Affiliate member - ICOMOS Members interested in gaining knowledge and building up expertise in areas relevant to the objectives of the Committee.

For more information on the functioning of ICOMOS ISCs and membership – please consult the ICOMOS Eger-Xi’an Principles – and the ISCIH By-Laws – in both cases see article 4 - Membership.


How to apply

ICOMOS members should send their CV, membership number and contact details to Mary-Liz McCarthy  by latest 12 December 2019. Applications for National Committee voting expert membership should be accompanied by a nomination letter from your National Committee.


See also

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Photo: Stretham Old Engine, Sterham Cambridgeshire, UK, ICOMOS / Bill Blake


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