Monuments&Sites II - The Terracota Army of the first Chinese emperor qin Shihuang / Die Terrakottaarmee des Ersten Chinesischen Kaisers

By Catharina Blänsdorf, Erwin Emmerling, Michael Petzet, ed.



772 pages 

48 Euros 

ICOMOS Member: 40 Euros

Introduction (Michael Petzet/Zhang Tinghao) 

Archaeology and Art History
-Archaeological Team for the Excavation of the Terracotta Ar my, Archaeological Institute of the Shaanxi Province
- The Terracotta Warriors and Horses from the Mausoleum of the First Heavenly Emperor Qin Shihuang
- Report on the Excavation ofPit No.1, 1974-1984
Yuan Zhongyi
- Hairstyles, Armour and C1othing of the Terracotta Army 
Lothar Ledderose
- The Magic Army of the First Emperor
Wu Yongqi
- The Museum of the Terracotta Army: Presenting the 'Eighth Wonder of the Wor1d'

Techniques and Materials of the Polychromy 
Cristina Thieme, Erwin Emmerling
- On the Polychromy of the Terracotta Army 
Christoph Herm
- Analysis of Painting Materials

East Asian Lacquer 
Rüdiger Prasse
-  The Oriental Lacquer Tree Toxicodendron vernicifluum (Stokes) Barkley
Zhang Jizu, Shang Zongyan, Li Rujuan
-  On the Origin of the Lacquer on the Warriors of the Terracotta Army of the First Emperor Qin Shihuang
Lin Chunmei
-  Lacquer and its Use on Terracotta in Early China
Cristina Thieme
-  East Asian Lacquer. The Ground Layer for the Polychromy on the Terracotta Army
Ulrike Ring
-  Chemical Analysis of East Asian Lacquer (Qi-Lacquer)
Stefan Simon, Zhang Zhijun, Zhou Tie, Christoph Herm
-  Scientific Investigations of the Ground Layer of the Terracotta Figures
Herbert Juling
-  Electron Microscopic Investigations on the Lacquer Layers of the Terracotta Army 

Conservation of the Polychromy
Erwin Emmerling, Cristina Thieme, Zhou Tie, Zhang Zhijun
- Initial Conservation Work 1991-1995 
Stefan Simon, Zhang Zhijun, Zhou Tie
- Conservation 1995 -Test Series and Quality Control
Christoph Herm, Zhou Tie, Cristina Thieme, He Fan
- Results of Conservation Test Series 1996/97
Ingo Rogner; Heinz Langhals, Zhou Tie, Zhang Zhijun, Rong Bo, Catharina Blänsdorf, Christoph Herm
- Consolidation and Preservation of the Polychrome Qi-lacquer Layers of the Terracotta Army of Qin Shihuang by Treatment with Methacrylic Monomers and Electron Beam Curing 
Cristina Thieme, Christoph Herm
- Catalogue of Fragments, 1991-1996
Catharina Blänsdorf
- Catalogue of Fragments, 1998-1999

Preservation of the Pits
Stefan Simon, Zhang Zhijun, Zhou Tie
- Analyses of Soil and Wood
Yan Sumei, Zhou Tie
- Investigations on Microbial Activity in the Pits of the Terracotta Army of Qin Shihuang
- A Comparison of the Effectiveness of Various Biocides
Thomas Warscheid, Curt Rudolph
- Microbiological Examinations for the Preservation of Chinese Polychromy from the Qin-and Han-Dynasty

Catharina Bliinsdorj; Erwin Emmerling, Christoph Herm, Lin Chunmei
Calendar of Events, 1990-1999





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