International Day for Monuments and Sites - 18 April 2022 - Events

Logo18 April IcomosDiscover below the events planned for the 2022 edition of the International Day for Monuments and Sites
This year, the theme is entitled Heritage and Climate. You can have further information on the theme by clicking this link.

Events per countries:

Armenia    Azerbaijan    Bosnia and Herzegovina   Brazil    Canada    China    Chinese Taipei  Cyprus  Egypt    France    Georgia  Greece  Guinea   Indonesia   IFLA     ISC SBH    Italy    Jordan   Korea  Kosovo  Latvia   Lebanon    North Macedonia  Montenegro  Mozambique  Nigeria    Pakistan    Panamá   Peru  Saudi Arabia    SDGWG    Seychelles    Slovenia    Spain  Tunisia  Turkey    United States    Uruguay  Venezuela


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Title of the eventThe presentation of  “The Wonders of Syunik” animated videos

Who? ICOMOS/Armenia 

What? The presentation of animated videos on 3 monuments of Syunik Armenian region will take place in YouTube Channel and Facebook page of ICOMOS/Armenia. The animated videos will tell some rules for visiting monuments, which preschool and school age children should know before visiting heritage sites. The project has an educational goal - to instill in the citizen a love and respect to the historical and cultural heritage from an early age, keeping the rules of behavior and ethics to care for, to keep clean, to preserve and  protect the heritage that has reached us for ages. 

When? 18 April 2022 - 14:00 (Yerevan local time)

Where? ICOMOS/Armenia YouTube Channel

Official contact

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Title of the event: Impact of climate change on Azerbaijan's cultural heritage

What? See programme

Who? ICOMOS Azerbaijan National Committee, State Service of Cultural Heritage Conservation, Development and Restoration under the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan

When? 18 April 2022

Where? International Mugam Center in Baku, Azerbaijan

Official contactRashad Aliyev
Tel : +994 55 421 05 21

Official website

Bosnia and Herzegovina

1. Title of the event: The architectural walk through Modern Movement in Sarajevo - Creating a sustainable built environment

What? The architectural walk through the city district: route from Skenderija bridge to Latinska ćuprija; mapping and valorization of buildings from Modern Movement in Sarajevo. Authenticity of some of these buildings has been lost due to various interventions for saving energy. Still, many of them need to be under good conservation and maintenance practice. What kind of renovation and (adaptive) reuse of Modern Movement buildings in Sarajevo could contribute to creation a sustainable built environment and cultural identity?

Who? ICOMOS in Bosnia and Herzegovina; National representative of ISC20

When? 18 April 2022, starting at 4:00PM at Skenderija Bridge

Where? Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Official contact: Elša Turkušić Jurić

Official website BH


2. Title of the event: Sustainable development tools for protection of the Dubrovnik old city and Kopošići medieval tombstones (Ilijaš)  

What? Sightseeing of the Dubrovnik old city and Kopošići medieval tombstones; exhibition about implemented conservation and restoration works by E. Bujak; presentation of the digital archive by Z. Filipovic; presentation of the book “Old Castles in Bosnia and herzegovina” by F. Mulabegovic; How all these long-term activities on site preservation could enhance its integration into the local/municipality sustainable development?

Who? ICOMOS in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Foundation Starobosanski Dubrovnik

When? 11 June 2022, starting at 10AM

Where? Ilijaš, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Official contact: Perica Mijatović

Official website


Title of the event: Heritage and Climate: open, constructive, and intergenerational dialogues

18 april brazil 2What? As part of the International Day for Monuments and Sites commemorations, the Committee on Climate Change and Heritage (ICOMOS Brasil) promotes the event "Heritage and Climate: open, constructive and intergenerational dialogues." At this opportunity, members of Icomos, traditional Brazilian communities, and institutions researchers about the climate will debate the current climate change scenario and heritage in Brazil and the world. The proposal promotes debate between different actors to build significant knowledge in the face of complex systems and new challenges.

Who? Aline Carvalho, Luana Campos and Luciano Silva (ICOMOS Brazil, Climate change and heritage Committee)

When? 18 April 2022, 14:00 Brasilia time

Where? Campinas, Brazil and online here

Official contact

Official website, Facebook, Presenters


Title of the event:The Impacts of Climate Change on the Built Heritage

What? Individually and collectively, we are increasingly aware of the challenge, or even the urgency, of climate change and the impact of our consumption patterns, including buildings, on the climate. Solutions are often presented to better build the city of the future, but the intelligent adaptation of existing buildings is an unavoidable path. Montreal and its metropolitan region have a vast built, urban and landscape heritage that bears its identity as a cultural metropolis, a heritage whose population has mobilised to safeguard and enrich it. How is it affected by climate change? How does its safeguarding contribute to the decarbonisation strategies of local and national economies? What tools are needed?

Who? Héritage Montréal and the House of Sustainable Development.
With the participation of : Marie-France Bélec, Architect, LEED BD+C AP, WSP Senior Project Manager, The Honourable Steven Guilbeault, Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, Christophe Rivet, President of ICOMOS Canada. The conference will be moderated by Dinu Bumbaru, Director of Policy, Heritage Montreal.

When? 13 April 2022, 12:00-13:15

Where? Canada, Montréal

Official contact: Amélie Renouf

Official website



1. Title of the event: 418 International Day of Monuments and Sites “Heritage & Climate” Scientific Seminar

China 1What? The scientific seminar has invited scholar, professionals and front-line practitioner from heritage, meteorology, and environment related field, to give their fruitful insights and experience on the climate change adaptation and heritage conservation. By holding the seminar, ICOMOS China is aiming on strengthen the communication and understanding between heritage conservation and other field, in order to deepen the understanding on climate change problems, as well as implies the idea of multidisciplinary conservation on both cultural and natural heritage of China.

Who? ICOMOS China

When? 18 April 2022

Where? Beijing, China

Official contact: Haiming YAN, phone: +86 18610737633 

2. Title of the event: Special event of International Day for Monuments and Sites and Commemoration of 40 years of the Protection System of Famous Historical and Cultural CitiesExchange and Discussion Conference Scheme of "Sustainable Intelligence of Historical and Cultural Cities"

What? On-site: Invite experts to share the research under the theme of “Heritage and Climate”, discuss related programs. Through the exchange of traditional wisdom contained in historical cities, historical cities and natural elements, historical cities and energy conservation, discuss how the traditional wisdom in historical cities and how to apply it to the protection of historical cities and historic sites in the new era in the future.
Online: Publicize the notification of the conference to specific unit.

Who? ICOMOS China Professional Committee of Historic Towns and Villages, THUPDI-Research Center for Heritage Conservation and Urban-Rural Development

When? 18 April 2022

Where? Beijing, China and online

Official contact

3. Title of the event: 418 International Day of Monuments and Sites Scientific Forum, and “Wind along the silk road” Series activities

What? Public Lectures delivered by heritage professionals and front-line Heritage practitioner and managers, topics are mainly related to Chinese heritage conservation condition, as well as heritage conservation volunteer in China; Site-visit and round table discussion.

Who? ICOMOS International Conservation Center-Xi’an, Shanxi Tang Daming Palace Foundation for Heritage Conservation, Daming Palace Academy of Cultural Heritage, Daming Palace National Heritage Park, Xi’an Conservation and Management Center for Zhou and Qin Capital Sites, Silk Road Youth Society

When? 18-22 April 2022

Where? Xi’an, Shanxi Province, China

4. Title of the event: No-Boundaries Reading Session

What? Invite specialist and scholar to discuss the relationship between climate change and cultural heritage in Hubei Province, popularize the concept and practical experience of guarding the earth and guarding civilization to the public.

Who? China Meteorological Administration, Wuhan Research Society on Shared Built Heritage, Hubei Province Television Station, Changjiang Daily, Hubei Daily

When? 15 April 2022

Where? Wuhan, China

5. Title of the event: Tencent 4.18 International Day for Monuments and Sites Activity Plan

What? Master lecture for children---world heritage program: Five specialists who specialize at culture narrate world heritage sites such as the Grand Canal, The Mogao Grottoes, the Great Wall, the Central Axis of Beijing and the Forbidden City, including wonderful stories of Chinese civilization, world heritage knowledge and cultural and artistic appreciation. They presented China's glorious history and culture, stimulated patriotism and enhanced cultural confidence to adolescent.
"Great Chinese world heritage" video collection activity: Focus on 56 world heritages in China, invite knowledge creators in relevant fields to participate in the submission, and more than 100 "knowledge recommenders" take the public to appreciate the charm of world heritage and Chinese traditional culture in the form of video, calling on the public to enhance cultural confidence and share the mission of cultural heritage inheritance and innovation.

Who? Tencent

When? 18 April 2022

Where? Online

6. Title of the event: Anyang YinXu Museum 4.18 International Day for Monuments and Sites Activity Plan

What? A - Carry out the research course for adolescent “Sunrise and Sunset, Oracle Bone Meteorology”. This activity carries out the research course "Characters have cloudy and sunny" , to tell the adolescent about the climate-related characters in oracle bones and hand-made weathervanes, so that they can understand the climate environment of Shang Dynasty and encourage them to take care of the environment and protect the ancient ruins of Yin Xu.
B - Protect cultural heritage, build spiritual home together. This event plans to hold a public welfare lecture "Understanding Chinese Civilization Starts from Anyang Yin Xu", through the promotion of Yin Shang culture and cultural site knowledge, so that the public can improve the awareness of cultural relics protection, work together to protect cultural heritage, and wholeheartedly build a spiritual home.

Who? Anyang YinXu Museum

When? A - 16 April, 2022, B - 18 April, 2022

Where? Anyang, Henan Province, China (On-site activity will be changed to online activity in case of special circumstances such as COVID-19)

Official website

7. Title of the event: Han Yangling Museum 4.18 International Day for Monuments and Sites Activity Plan (“Change and Protection” of Wu Lingyuan)

What? A) Research course
- “Change” of Wu Lingyuan: The course will explain the historical status, geological landform and soil erosion of Wu Lingyuan. Through a large number of data, make students understand the potential safety hazards caused by soil erosion and temperature change to the historic site. At the same time, it describes the changes brought by climate change to agriculture, handicraft industry, commerce and transportation in Wu Lingyuan.
- “Protection” of Wu Lingyuan: Take the Historic protection of Han Yangling Museum as an example, discuss the protection of the Wu Lingyuan under the temperature change.

B) Science lab: The experiment demonstrates the phenomenon of strong convective weather through hot water experiment, so that students can directly perceive the impact of temperature on the environment.

C) “I defend Wu Lingyuan” hands-on session: Students will be divided into two groups to debate on the topic of "the climate directly affects the protection of Wu Lingyuan" PK "the climate does not directly affect the protection of Wu Lingyuan". Through the debate, make students deeply understand the impact of climate change on the living environment and the protection of historic sites.

Who? Han Yangling Museum

When? 13 April, 2022

Where? Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, China

Official website

8. Title of the event: Collection of ancient and modern:“Heritage and Climate”4.18 International Day for Monuments and Sites Activity Plan

What? Invite 3 specialists and scholars to share the research around “Heritage and Climate” from various aspects.

Who? China Foundation for Cultural Heritage Conservation, Shanghai Jianwei Libao Technology Co., Ltd

When? 18 April, 2022

Where? Online

Official website

9. Title of the event: Ciniao 18 International Day for Monuments and Sites Activity Plan

What? A) Publicize the culture and protection of the Grand Canal by 8-16 years old children. B) Display the change of climate and canal transport in Beijing by live streaming.

Who? Beijing Ciniao Culture Media Co., LTD

When? A) 16 April, 2022. B) 18 April, 2022

Where? A) Beijing, China (On-site activity will be changed to online activity in case of special circumstances such as COVID-19), B) Online

Chinese Taipei

1. Title of the event: The Exchange Forum for International Organization of Cultural Preservation

Poster 041516What? Chinese Taipei has long been committed to promoting participation in international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) such as ICOMOS, IUCN, ICOM, TICCIH, APCONF (Asia-Pacific Regional Underwater Cultural Assets Seminar) and DOCOMOMO. Through this forum, we aim to echo 18 April the International Day for Monuments and Sites, but also follow the latest international trends, and discuss the sustainable development of cultural assets, transformational practices, digital innovation applications, digital transformation of museums, resilient practices, cultural equality, sustainable societies, and other topics. Through the implementation of domestic and foreign collaborative platforms and the exchange of experiences on cross-domain cultural preservation, the forum will explore how to create opportunities and favourable conditions to attract young people and professionals at home and abroad to collectively participate.

Who? Bureau of Cultural Heritage, Ministry of Culture, Chinese Taipei; Chinese Association of Museums

When? 14-15 April 2022 

Where? Chinese Taipei, Taipei city

Official contact:
Center for Cultural Site Rehabilitation and Development
China University of Technology, Chinese Taipei, Taipei city
Tel : +886-2-2933-3396

Official websiteFacebook 


2. Title of the event: A Catalyst for Change: Bridging Sustainable Cultural Heritage and Climate Action

Poster 041516What? In order to respond to the urgent calls for safeguarding heritage from climate impacts, and to enable more inclusive, transformative, and just climate action, we invite the prestigious heritage expert Prof. Laurence Loh from Think City, Penang, Malaysia to share his expertise in creating a livable and sustainable city with cultural heritage abiding Sustainable Development Principles & SDGs, as well as how to bridge heritage and climate actions in nature-based and culture-based solutions working in tandem. Meanwhile, Prof. Szu-Ling Lin from the Department of Cultural and Creative Industries, National Pingtung University, Chinese Taipei will share her observation and experience of heritage preservation meeting cultural creativity from Chinese Taipei perspectives. In conclusion, we aim to encourage a live discussion on how conservation can be employed to address environmental challenges, and how culture- and nature-based climate action can be practiced creatively in Chinese Taipei that could be foundations for catalyzing change in the future.

Who? Tinghsin Hote Foundation & Cheng Mei Cultural Park

When? 17 April 2022 

Where? Reading Room, Chinese Taipei
Event registration:

Official contactTinghsin Hote Foundation
Tel: +886-2-2523-9333 ext.1123


Official websiteFacebook  


278661476 348626283977646 7657936255540515235 nTitle of the event: International Day for Monuments and Sites

What? The Department of Antiquities of Cyprus has organized different kind of events in all Districts, such as visits to archaeological sites, screening of documentaries, art exhibitions and online workshops.

Who? ICOMOS Cyprus with the Department of Antiquities

When? From 16 April to 13 May 2022

Where? Online and in situ

Facebook page 



Title of the event: Heritage and Climate. Discussing our responsibility...?

IDMS 2022 EgyptWhat? Cultural trip and a panel discussion: the celebration is divided into three main parts. 

Part one: At the beginning of the day, we will visit the pottery area in the village of Nazlah, which is characterized by the presence of pottery industry dating back to the ancient Egyptian civilization, and a group of workshops and traditional ovens. We will be accompanied on the trip by architect Hamdy EL-Setouhy, the designer of the Nazlah Revival project, which consists a visitor center, museum, exhibitions and some services. The project has won a number of international awards for its revival of cultural heritage. On the other hand, the region is closely linked to the climate, as the pottery industry is environmentally and climatically linked to the region, and at the same time, the region is exposed to risks due to climatic changes. 

The second part: After visiting Nazlah, we will head to Tunis village, where there is the Caricature Museum, where the panel discussion will be held under the same slogan today: Heritage and Climate | Discussing our responsibility...? 

Who? Moderator: Dr. Maha Aboubakr, Teacher at MUST & ICOMOS Member 
Provocateurs: Arch. Hamdy EL-Setouhy, ICOMOS Expert member, Designer of “AL-Nazlah revival” project; Dr. Karim EL-Dash, Dean of Faculty of engineering, MUST University; Mr. Ibrahim Abla, Director Fayoum Art Center; Arch Ahmed Saad, “AH-CI | Egypt” work program; Eng. Ahmed EL-Nefily, “Abu Simbel 50” campaign; Abdel Rahman Imbaby, President of ICE (MUST) 

When? 18 April 2022, 10:00AM to 10:00PM

Where? Online and Fayoum, Egypt

Official contactArch. Hamdy El-Setouhy

Official website   

World Day of Monuments and Sites 18 avril


Title of the event: Heritage and Climate at ICOMOS France

What? Activities of ICOMOS France concerning Heritage and Climate, through the activities of the working group "Climates and Heritage".

Who? ICOMOS France

When? 18 April 2022

Where? Online here

Official contact

Official website  



Title of the event: Workshop on traditional masonry earth based mortar and techniques

What? ICOMOS Georgia invites students, emerging professionals and craftsmen to participate in the workshop on ‘Traditional masonry earth-based mortar and techniques’ within the annual series of workshops on Traditional Building materials! Two-day certified workshop provides theoretical component on Tbilisi mortar and traditional earth-based lime mortar study results, preparation techniques and practical activities.
The aim of the workshop is to raise awareness on ICOMOS activities in regard to climate change (international documents), on the role of the cultural heritage in climate action, results of the studies on mortar, experience sharing on Tbilisi dwellings construction material - mortar characteristics, its preparation techniques and use. In addition, the workshop will emphasize lime mortar’s sustainability and its advantages.

Who? ICOMOS Georgia

When? 16-17 April 2022

Where? Tbilisi, Georgia

Official contact

Official website, Programme  



Title of the event

Who? Hellenic ICOMOS




Official contact


Title of the event: Organisation of a round table on the theme "Heritage and Climate: What Mechanisms to Safeguard our Sites and Monuments against the Risks of Climate Change"

What? The Meetings of the Actors of Tourism, Culture and Handicrafts (RATCA), is a platform of exchange which aims to promote a space of debate between the concerned actors, on the questions in connection with Tourism, Culture and Handicrafts, in order to propose, on the basis of a scientific analysis, adequate solutions. During 3 hours, we will exchange with personalities of multiple specialities, and other actors evolving in this field. Around a round table, we will discuss the theme: Heritage and climate: what mechanisms to safeguard our sites and monuments against the risks of climate change.

Who? We are celebrating this day in partnership with the DiscoverGuinea company. This is a Guinean tourism company, which is involved in the study and publication of content (videos, photos, articles, etc.); space planning; training and catering; the organisation of tourist circuits; the design and marketing of local products; etc. At present, the project we have in mind is that of Identification and Documentation of Historical Sites and Monuments in the Conakry Region.

When? 13 April 2022, 12:00-13:15GUINEA

Where? The Republic of Guinea, Conakry

Official contactAboubacar Sylla, Director of DiscoverGuinea
Tel : +224 624 39 00 19








Flyer ICOMOS Indonesia1.Title of the event: Webinar "Tantangan dan Peluang Pelestarian dalam Perubahan Iklim"

Who? Universitas Trisakti, IABHI (Ikatan Ahli Bangunan Hijau Indonesia) and ICOMOS Indonesia

What? Invitation of experts and scholars to discuss the situation of climate change and cultural heritage in Indonesia

When? 18 April 2022, 15-17 Jakarta time (GMT +7) 

Where? Online via Zoom

Official contact: Magister Arsitektur Universitas Trisakti

Official website 


Flyer IDMS 2022 ICOMOS Indonesia2.Title of the event: Talk Show on “The Role of Arts in Mitigating the Impact of Climate Change”

Who? ICOMOS Indonesia, Indonesian Arts Coalition and Exprezi

What? This will be a virtual Talk Show, highlighting the role of intangible cultural heritage, particularly the arts, in advocating and voicing the importance of addressing climate change and global warming through creative approaches. In this Talk Show, 3 speakers will be featured who will share about their creative works in craft, music, and other in drawing attention on the importance of mitigating climate crisis. 

When? Saturday, 23 April 2022 at 10:00-11:30 AM (Jakarta/GMT+7)

Where? Indonesia, Malaysia and Online (please see the Zoom link details in our flyer)

Official contact: ICOMOS Indonesia

Official website: Please check the event in the flyer, also via our Instagram at @icomosindonesia, @koalisiseni and @expreziofficial



ICOMOS Indonesia Flyer n33. Title of the event: Webinar "World Heritage, Climate, Sustainable Development and Indonesian Heritage Cities"

Who? ICOMOS Indonesia

What? Invite experts and scholars to discuss the situation of climate change and cultural heritage and also agenda for the conservation of heritage cities in Indonesia. 

When? 23 April 2022, 15-17 Jakarta time (GMT +7) 

Where? Online via Zoom

Official contact Maya Rosa

Official website



Title of the event: Exploring the intersection of Climate, Landscape Heritage, Community and Tourism

18 April Climate Emergency Invite ISCCL ICTC OWHWhat? The Climate emergency threatens our landscapes everywhere. In 2020, ICOMOS declared the Cultural Heritage and the Climate Emergency, recognizing the potential of cultural heritage to enable inclusive, transformative and just climate action on behalf of heritage. In this session speakers will make short presentations about heritage sites in relationships to climate, landscape, community and tourism addressing issues, opportunities for resilience and tools for management. They will provide a variety of viewpoints, observations, and solutions to the impacts of the climate emergency through a landscape lens including culture and nature. 

Who? International Scientific Committee on Cultural Landscapes (ICOMOS IFLA), International Scientific Committee on Cultural Tourism (ICTC), OurWorldHeritage

When? 18 April at 12:00 and 23:00 UTC

Where? Online
Register here and here

Official contactPatricia M. O'Donnell, President of ICOMOS IFLA International Scientific Committee on Cultural Landscapes  


International Scientific Committee on Shared Built Heritage (ISC SBH)

Title of the event: Preservation of shared built heritage in Delta River cities & climate change mitigation. Greater Bay Area (GBA) including Macau, Canton & Hong Kong case-studies and other delta river cities examples

What? It will be an online conference focused on the following topics:
- Preservation of Shared Built Heritage in Delta River Cities & Climate Change Mitigation The great River Deltas of the World are home to more than 500 million people. As our key case study in this webinar, the Pearl River Delta Metropolitan Region (PRD), now part of the “Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area” (GBA) in Southern China has become one of the largest contiguous urban regions in the world. The 2020 State of the World Cities report, published by the United Nations Human Settlements Programme, estimates the population of the delta region at more than 120 million people.

- In Pearl River Delta Region, climate change is estimated to cause important impacts on the regional economy, which represents nearly 10% of China’s GNP. Relative sea level rise, flooding and immersion risks make this region particularly vulnerable. In the southern part of the Delta, urban development is at risk because the land lies between - 0.3m to 0.4m relative to mean sea level (MSL).

- According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, the Delta region including built areas such as the Historical Centre of Macau (UNESCO World Heritage, 2005) are also subject to more frequent and extreme climate conditions such as increase in the intensity of tropical cyclones and storms.

- Cultural heritage management, especially in Delta River City-Regions is a key factor to preserve historical and cultural identity as well as touristic attractivity of these places that have since long time served as commercial crossroads and cultural melting pots.

SBHSee full programmme

Who? ICOMOS ISCSBH International Scientific Committee on Shared Built Heritage 

When? 19 April at 19:00-21:00 Beijing time/13:00-15:00 Paris time

Where? Online conference in Macau/Wuhan/Paris/Kuala Lumpur/Shenzhen

Zoom link:

Zoom ID: 893 5139 0912 and Password: 975467

Official contactMaria Jose de FreitasNing Liu


1. Title of the eventCall for Action: Youth, Heritage and Climate in the 2030 Agenda

What? The Italian Scientific Committee on Training (CIF) proposes a series of conversations on the theme of Cultural Heritage and Climate, organized by the City of Urbino and the University of Urbino "Carlo Bo".

Who? Italian Scientific Committee on Training (CIF)ITALY

When? 10 April 2022, 4:00 PM

Where? On campus and online seminars

Official contactMara Delbaldo 

WebsiteFacebook, Programme 

2. Title of the eventCoastal heritage at risk

What? An analysis of the risk of coastal erosion and the rising phenomenon lead us to document and raise awareness of greater protection from hydrogeological risk and consequent destruction of coastal archaeological sites. 

Who? Sebastiano Tusa Foundation and the Italian Scientific Committee on Underwater Cultural Heritage (ICUCH)

When? 18-22 April 2022

Where? Sicily, Italy

Official contactV. Patrizia  

italy icorp3. Title of the eventClimate challenges in training for the conservation of the cultural heritage in the Mediterranean

What? Seminars at the Young Professionals Forum 

Who? The Italian Scientific Committees for ICORP, CIF, CCR; La Venaria

When? June 2022

Where? On campus and online seminars

Official contactM. Jaquinta  

4. Title of the eventLaunch of the ICOMOS International Committee ISCEAH website

What? The richness of contributions to earthen architecture in Italy suggests creating a dedicated site.
The site will contain links to other pages (ICOMOS Italia, ISCEAH International and CEDTERRA, for example), articles, books, photographs, and videos.


When? 18 April 2022

Where? Online

Official contactMaddalena Achenza 

italy cipa5. Title of the eventCultural Heritage in the Challenge of Climate Change

Who? The Italian Scientific Committees for CIPA–HD; After the Damages Spring Focus

When? 19 April 2022

Where? Online

Official contactGrazia Tucci 

Official website

italy ciav6. Title of the event: Conference - Rural Architecture. The Memory of the Country. Video - Long Life the Stones. Landscapes and Rural Heritage

What? Conference: The vernacular heritage represents our cultural roots and the memory of our country. It is in close relationship with the place’s morphology and local resources, the climatic and environmental conditions, the socio-economic and cultural characteristics, and the protection needs of a specific area and its local community. For this reason, vernacular heritage is particularly fragile and vulnerable over time.
Video: A video on vernacular architecture, in close relationship with the morphology of the places, local resources, and climatic characteristics.

Who? The Italian Scientific Committees of CIAV

When? 21-22 April 2022

Where? Online

Official contactBeatrice Messeri, contact for the video

Official website

7. Title of the eventSacred Heritage in Pavia. Crypt Sant'Eusebio (VI Century)

ITALYWhat? The Architectural Restoration course promotes an interesting project to enhance an ancient Lombard crypt in Pavia and its cultural heritage in dialogue with Agenda 2030 and local cultural policies. Throughout the month of April, the Restoration course will hold seminars with the academic community to promote knowledge of the religious cultural heritage and its sustainability.

Who? Architectural Restoration Class, University of Pavia

When? 1-30 April 2022

Where? Pavia, Italy

Official contactOlimpia Niglio 


8. Title of the eventICOMOS Days on Cultural Tourism

What? The ICOMOS Days on Cultural Tourism are organized as part of the "New Metropolitan Perspectives" International Scientific Symposium. The main objective is to host a cultural debate with all those working in this field. In fact, Cultural Tourism makes a significant contribution to safeguarding the
Cultural Heritage from adverse climatic impacts through:
- Heritage and Environmental Education;
- providing a large part of the economic resources necessary for the
safeguarding of monuments and sites;
- promoting the sustainable development of the territories where there are
monuments and sites.
Through scientific comparison, we try to identify useful indications for actions capable of maximizing the contribution of Cultural Heritage to the intercultural dialogue and to the relaunch of the country's social and economic system.

italy ictcWho? Italian National Scientific Committee on Cultural Tourism

When? 25-27 May 2022

Where? Mediterranea University, Reggio Calabria (IT)

Official contact 




Title of the eventClimate Change and Cultural Heritage: Priorities for the Arab Region

ICOMOS JordanWhat? Welcome address by Princess Dana Firas on behalf of ICOMOS-Jordan and keynote addresses by Will Megarry (on behalf of the ICOMOS Climate Action Working Group), Andrew Potts (CHN) and Zaki Aslan (ICCROM). Followed by one panel by the representants of the Arab ICOMOS National Committees on their experience and a second panel on case studies from other Arab countries. Panels consist of 4-5 speakers.  

Who? ICOMOS-Jordan in collaboration with ICCROM-Sharjah and the participation of speakers from ICOMOS Arab region National Committees

When? 18 April 2022, 3:00PM Amman time 

Where? Online, registration link with ICOMOS-Jordan

Official contact: Dana Firas, President of ICOMOS-Jordan

Website, Poster


Title of the event2022 1st Forum on Heritage and Climate Change

What? This forum reviews the domestic and foreign climate change policy, Korea’s heritage and climate change response, and a carbon emission reduction plan for cultural heritage. We will discuss the future goals of adaptation and mitigation of climate change in the cultural heritage sector through these trends.

Who? ICOMOS Korea and ICOMOS Korea Climate Change and Heritage Working Group

When? 31 March 2022 15:00-17:30 (KST)

Where? Seoul, Korea (online, in Korean)

Official contact




Title of the event: Celebration of 18 April IDMS

Who? Museum of Peja 

What? Presentation on new archaeological discoveries, by PhD.Candidate Sefer Lajqi- Archaeologist, also visit to the archaeological site of GRADINA in Peja

When? 19 April 2022

Where? Peja - Kosovo 

Official contact 


ICOMOS LatviaLatvia

Title of the event: Will the lakes fly again? Seminar and Excursion on Climate and Heritage

Who? ICOMOS Latvia and Araisi Archaeological Park

What? The seminar will consist of 20 minute presentations giving insight on climate change in Latvia and its predicted impacts and possible threats to wooden, sacral and archaeological heritage. One of the presentations will focus on man and changes in the environment in the Āraiši lake dwelling site. The seminar will be followed by an excursion to the site. The event will be in Latvian.

When? 18 April 2022 - 11:15-15.00 (EEST)

Where?  Araisi Archaeological Park and Facebook live (presentations), Latvia

Official contact: Facebook

Official website



Title of the event: Cultural awareness workshops for school students

What? The goal of the proposed workshops is to engage teens in interactive dialogues so they can discern what is considered heritage, what are the values and knowledge associated with each heritage object or concept, and why and how to protect it.Another objective is to point out how heritage practices differ from contemporary routines in terms of climatic performance, and how we should look into traditional know-how for sustainable practices to fight climate change.

Who? ICOMOS Lebanon member, Lara Maalouf

When? 13 April 2022, from 7:40am to 10am

Where? School of Zahrat Al Ihsan, Beirut-Achrafieh, Lebanon 

Official contact

North Macedonia

Title of the event: Climate change and cultural heritage

Постер 1What? ICOMOS Macedonia members will present best-practice projects and research made on North Macedonian cultural heritage sites impacted by climate change as well as showcase risk-assessment methodologies regarding the relationship between climate, threats and condition of heritage properties in the country. These public lectures will aim at raising awareness on the needed climate change, response and mitigation measures in the heritage sector, but also seek for enhanced cooperation with other relevant sectors in the country.

Who? ICOMOS Macedonia and EPWG ICOMOS Macedonia

When? 18 April 2022, 12:00-13:30 CET

Where? Skopje, North Macedonia (online, in Macedonian), Zoom link: (no pre-registration needed) 

Official contact

Official websiteFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn




Title of the event: Climate change and cultural heritage of Montenegro – case study – medieval tombstones - Stećci                                

Who? Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports

What? Montenegro is marking the anniversary with several events organized by the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports. The main segment is presentation of the exhibition entitled “Stećci – medieval tombstones”, which displays stećci sites from four countries (Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia), that have been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2016, as joint heritage of the four countries. The cultural phenomenon of Montenegro – stećci -  as part of the universal values of the world heritage in the open space, is facing a major challenge today due to the impact of climate change. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to initiate this topic, in order to preserve them and protect them from growing negative impact of climate change. A documentary film about stećci sites in Montenegro, with the emphasis on their condition, will be presented through a case study and as a result of research. The focus of the presentation is on the school population that will have the opportunity to get familiar with this segment of the cultural heritage and the risks it is exposed to during the visit and through animation of the cultural experts of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports. In the final segment, Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports will organize an expert discussion on the topic, which will bring together experts from this area.

When?  18 April – 18 May 2022

Where? Montenegro, Cetinje

Official contactMinistry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports ;

Ms Dobrila Vlahović, MSc. Arch conservator-restorer;

Ms Milica Martić, ethnologist;

Mr Goran Pajović, archaeologist

Official website 




Title of the event: Guided Tour of the Monument and Lecture

Who? Mozambique Island Conservation Office "GACIM"

What? A ceremony was held in the "Garden of Memory", a place that is considered a Historical Site of the Island of Mozambique. Therefore the activities began with the reception of guests from different entities from public, private and civil society. The ceremony began with a guided visit in the garden of Memory where there was talk of the design of the Garden, and then the guests were called to their rooms to present the Lecture alusive to the celebrations of April 18, International Day of Monuments and Sites. In this context was invited the first speaker, who made his presentation and spoke of the negative impact of climate on the preservation of Heritage. The second speaker then spoke of the challenges of Mozambique Island in the preservation of Sites and Historical Monuments, as an impact of climate change at the global level.

When? 18 April 202 -, from 08AM

Where? Mozambique, Island of Mozambique

Official website



Title of the event: Pre-Colonial Nigerian Architecture & Climate Change

Nigeria International Day for Monuments and Sites flierWhat and when?

18 April 2022 IDMS
1) Virtual Tour of MOTNA - Museum of Traditional Nigerian Architecture
2) Video Documentary of Pre-Colonial Architecture in Nigeria (Declared Monuments)
3) Satellite Event: Stakeholder Call to Action on the Lagos State Listed Sites (Preservation) Law 2011

5 May 2022 African World Heritage Day
1) Paper Presentations on Pre-Colonial Architecture in Nigeria
2) Promotional Radio and Television Programs
3) Community engagement with Young Adults on Pre-Colonial Architecture in Nigeria

Who? ICOMOS-Nigeria and National Commission for Museums & Monuments

Where? Online and Nigeria

Official contact

Official websites:


Title of the event: Celebrating International Day of Monuments and Sites 

What and Who?

ICOMOS PAK April 182:00pm - Symposium Initiation by Secretary of ICOMOS Pakistan, Amber Shahid
2:05pm Welcome address by the President of ICOMOS Pakistan, Fauzia Qureshi
2:10pm Presentation #1: Amer Bazl Khan & Heba Hashmi (Director: Maritime Archaeology & Heritage Institute, Karachi). Title : "The impact of climate change on the maritime archaeological resource of Pakistan"
2:25pm Presentation#2: Faryal Sikander (Assistant Professor, Dawood University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi). Title: Manchar Lake: A study in eco-tourism and community uplift.
2:40pm Panel discussion followed by Q&A session moderated by Vice President ICOMOS Pakistan, Tania Soomro

When? 18 April 2022

Where? Online:
Meeting ID: 846 7176 3149
Passcode: 631551



Title of the eventWebinar “Lo que debes saber sobre: patrimonio, clima y sostenibilidad”

What? This Webinar seeks to recognize the relationship between cultural heritage, sustainability, climate change and the SDGs, taking advantage of this International Day for Monuments and Sites and the theme for 2022 "Heritage and Climate" and thus publicize three recent documents of ICOMOS International : the “Declaration on Cultural Heritage and the Climate Emergency”, “The Future of Our Pasts” and “Heritage and the Sustainable Development Goals: Policy Guidance for Heritage and Development Actors”. The discussion seeks to analyze this little-recognized relationship at the national level and highlight its importance.Lo que debes saber sobre Patrimonio Clima y Sostenibilidad

With the participation of Gabriel Caballero, Adriana Careaga, Leonardo Barci Castriota and panelists Milagros Flores Román, Ona Vileikis Tamayo and Graciela Arosemena (the event will be held in Spanish).

Who? ICOMOS Panama in partnership with Ciudad del Saber. With the participation of: Sustainable Development Goals Working Group (SDGWG), Latin America & Caribbean Group (ICOMOS LAC) and ICOMOS Webinar Series.

When? Thursday, 21 April 2022, 4pm (Panama, Panama)

Where? Virtual event

Official contact: Silvia Arroyo Duarte

Instagram, Twitter 




Title of the event: conference "Día Internacional de Sitios y Monumentos"

Who? ICOMOS Peru with the support of Comité Científico Nacional de Centros Históricos y Villas

What? Conference consisting of two contributions, introducing two cases of practical interventions: a presentation of an experience of intervention in the building "La Casa de la Moneda" in the Historic Centre of Arequipa, and an experience of intervention in a public space "La Plaza de Andahuaylillas" in Cusco

When? 18 April 2022 - 18.00 (Peru time)

Where? via Google Meet

Official website



Saudi Arabia

Title of the event: Ain Zubayda (aqueduct) Water Heritage

What? To raise local and regional awareness of the importance of conservation and restoration of a 1200 yrs old aqueduct built by the  Abbasid Caliph Haroon wife Zubaida in 780 AD that supplied badly needed water to the holy city of Makkah. The aqueduct was neglected and dried up due to climate change and drought. Its restoration will reduce carbon footprint and help mitigate climate change. We plan to have a temporary information center near a part of the ancient structure to invite groups of citizens and students (male and female) to learn about the aqueduct on 18th April 2022.

Who? Saudi Arabian ICOMOS Committee and Royal Commission City of Makkah

When? 18 April 2022

Where? Makkah (Mecca), Saudi Arabia 

Official contactDr Adnan Adas 

Official website   


Sustainable Development Goals Working Group (SDGWG)logo3

Title of the event: ICOMOS SDGWG Brainstorming and Sharing Session 02: Heritage, Climate Action and Equity

What? This Brainstorming and Sharing Session of the Sustainable Development Goals Working Group (SDGWG) supports the investigation of ICOMOS on harnessing the potential of heritage to enable inclusive, transformative and just climate action through the safeguarding of heritage from adverse climate impacts, delivering climate resilient sustainable development and taking the perspective of equity and justice. The discussants will be providing examples from India and the Philippines, the first one taking a gendered lens of the intangible cultural heritage and climate action while the other will look upon the implications of just transition in the context of heritage. Some ideas on potential climate action for world heritage will also be shared during the session.

Who? Sustainable Development Goals Working Group 

When? 16 April 2022 (9pm Manila / 6:30pm Delhi / 3pm Paris / 7am Denver)

Where? Online via Zoom

Official contactGabriel CaballeroLydia Loopesko 

Official website, Abstract


Title of the event: Building Partnerships with the Cultural authorities and Local Communities

What? Following the recent three years of the Covid pandemic and the ensuing restrictions throughout the country, it is felt necessary at this point to re-energise ICOMOS Seychelles National Committee, its memberships and operations, as well as to restore partnerships with the Seychelles cultural authorities and local communities.The following activities are planned in this context: 

  1. One-day charrette workshop between ICOMOS Seychelles and the Institute of Culture, Heritage and Arts, representing the official cultural authority and concentrating on building partnership for the participation of non-governmental heritage and community agencies in policy decisions and programmes related to climate change; 
  2. Interview on SBC (Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation) TV breakfast programme about ICOMOS Seychelles representative of ICOMOS, the objectives of the NC, as well as the significance of the IDMS 2022 theme;
  3. Publication of article in main local newspaper about ICOMOS, the role of the NC, as well as the significance of the IDMS 2022 theme.

Who? ICOMOS Seychelles

When? 18 April 2022

Where? Victoria, Seychelles

Official contactsPatrick NantyBenjamine Rose


1. Title of the event: Heritage in the light of climate change

vabilo ICOMOS SI IDMS 2022 Page 1What? On the occasion of the International Day of Monuments and Sites 2022, we will continue the talks on cultural heritage and climate actions, which we started with the symposium Resistant Heritage in September 2022. Experts will present Slovenia's recent and current projects and activities in the field.
See programme

Who? ICOMOS Slovenia and the Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana.  With the participation of Grašper Hrastelj Secretary general of the Slovenian National Commission for UNESCO, Špela Spanžel, Focal point for cultural world heritage at the Ministry of Culture RS and ICOMOS members: Tatjana Adamič, Conservator at ZVKDS, Tanja Hohnec, Tatjana Adamič, Conservator at ZVKDS, Miha Tomšič, Head of development in the field of building physics, ZRMK. The conference will be moderated by Sonja Ifko, President of ICOMOS Slovenia.

When? 21 April 2022, 5:00pm CET

Where? Faculty of Architecture, UL, Zoisova 12, Ljubljana

Official contact 

Official website 

2. Title of the event: Exhibition and the round table Vaš Plečnik /Yours Plečnik

plakat VAŠ PLEČNIKWhat? As we are celebrating two important anniversaries in 2022: the 150th anniversary of the birth of architect Jože Plečnik (1782-1957), whose works were inscribed on the World Heritage List in 2021, and the 50th anniversary of The Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage, students of the Faculty of architecture UL have prepared an exhibition that connects the two. An important part of the exhibition is the presentation of the views of today's generations of students on the architect Plečnik and his work. The preparation of the exhibition was included in the ICOMOS Slovenia mentoring program for students and emerging professionals.

Who? ICOMOS Slovenia and the Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana 

When? 21 April-20 May 2022

Where? Faculty of Architecture, UL, Zoisova 12, Ljubljana

Official contact 

Official website  


Title of the event: El Paisaje de la Luz and Climate Change Photography Contest

posterWhat? Photography contest around the links between World Heritage and Climate. It will be developed in Instagram. There will be five categories with two winners for each, and the prices are special visits to Heritage Places of Paisaje de la Luz.

Who? Madrid City Council

When?  4-18 April 2022

Where? Spain, Madrid

Official contact

Official website







ICOMOS TunisieTitle of the event: meeting "Patrimoine et Climat"

Who? ICOMOS Tunisia

What? Evening debate on the themes:
Cultural and architectural heritage practices and resilience to the effects of climate change;
How can our heritage resist to climate changes?
Sustainable development: a blueprint for equitable solutions?
Debate preceded by presentations on climate change and on experiences in Tunisia in the field of sustainable development.

When? 18 april 2022

Where? Das Lasram palace, Tunis,Tunisia

Official contactExecutive Board Tunisian National Committee 

Official website 


1. Title of the event: Cultural Heritage and Climate panel (no.1)

IMG 20220411 WA0002What? A series of online panels and face-to-face workshops are planned until the end of 2022. The first one will introduce the extent of climate change: Its impacts on human life, built areas, natural and cultural heritage, the risks and threats on natural and cultural heritage, the measures that can be taken to mitigate the impacts (focusing on building and cultural sectors) ranging from the individual to national and international levels. The speakers are Prof. Dr. Levent Kurnaz, a climate scientist from Boğaziçi University, who will focus on climate change and its impacts and Dr. Ege Yildirim from ICOMOS Turkey, who will talk about the relation between climate change and cultural heritage. 

The forthcoming panels will focus on various themes, such as international efforts for mitigation/adaptation measures for heritage, climate and traditional knowledge, climate and energy efficiency, climate adaptive design, climate and justice, climate and children.

Who? İrem Gençer, Duygu Ergenç, Ege Yıldırım, Burçin Altınsay, Nurdan Kuban (members of ICOMOS Turkey)

When? 18 April at 20:00 (UTC/GMT+3 hours)

Where? Online, registration link

Official contactİrem Gençer 

Official website 

2. Title of the event: Climate, Heritage and Habitat: Living Heritage of Taurus Mountains and Their Future

icomos poster kopyaWhat? Transhumance cultures (nomads) are significant living heritage values of Mediterranean Basin, who have crucial role in cultural history of the region by linking geographic and climatic differences between coastal plains and Taurus Mountains with seasonal migration routes; and by contributing in generation of cultural landscape context through their traditional environmental knowledge systems and adaptive living culture. The theme of 18 April 2022 -International Day for Monuments and Sites- has been defined by ICOMOS as “Heritage and Climate”. The panel/exhibition programme “Climate; Habitat and Culture: Living Heritage Sites of Taurus Mountains and Their Future” aims to discuss and raise awareness about living -transhumance- heritage of Mersin Taurus Mountains with their traditional knowledge systems related to culture/nature context; and enhancement of their potentials roles in sustainable environmental and climate-risk management studies with participation of professionals and local resource persons.

Who? Mersin University, Faculty of Architecture & Mediterranean Urban Research Centre

When? 27 April 2022, 1 pm - 4.30 pm

Where? Mersin University Faculty of Architecture Conference Hall, Mersin, Turkey

Official contacts:
Assoc. Prof.Dr. Nida Naycı 
Assist.Prof. Dr. Yasemin Sarıkaya Levent 
Ezgi Şahin 

Official websiteProgramme  

3. Title of the event: Muğla Transcripts in/on Disasters: Forest Fires 2021 Workshop Projects Exhibition

What? Within the scope of the International Symposium entitled "Architectural Episodes 02: New Dialogues in Architectural Education and Practice" organized by the Department of Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture of Istanbul Kultur University on March 24-25, 2022, a workshop entitled “Muğla Transcripts in/on Disasters: Forest Fires 2021 Workshop” was organized  by Istanbul Kultur University Department of Architecture in collaboration with Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University Department of Architecture.

Prof. Dr. Emel Birer and Asst. Prof. Dr. Esin Hasgül from Istanbul Kultur University; Prof. Dr. Öncü Başdoğan Avşar, Asst. Prof. Dr İlke Tekin, Dr. Fulya Pelin Cengizoğlu Başaran, Res. Asst. Hüseyin Furkan Balcı, and Res. Asst. Mihriban Duman from Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University worked as the coordinators of this workshop which was held simultaneously in Istanbul and Muğla on 5-6 March 2022.. In the first stage of the workshop; on March 5, 2022, an online panel was held during which presentations were carried out on the content of the workshop, and evaluations on climate change were made. In line with the information obtained from the panel, a face-to-face workshop process was conducted with the students on March 6, 2022 and infographic productions were made on the subject. The workshop results were presented and discussed at the Symposium. In this context, exhibitions consisting of two productions of 5 meters in length and 60 cm in height, one prepared by the students from Department of Architecture at  Istanbul Kültür University and one prepared by the students from Department of Architecture  at Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University, are being organized. See full programme

Muğla Çalıştay sergi Eng PosterWho? Istanbul Kultur University, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architecture, Architectural Episodes 02: New Dialogues in Architectural Education and Practice Symposium Organizing Committee

When and where ? 

28 March - 1 April 2022
Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University Atatürk Cultural Center Entrance Hall (Held by Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University, Department of Architecture)

14 April - 27 April 2022
Istanbul Kultur University Ground Floor A Corridor Entrance Hall
(To be organized by Istanbul Kultur University, Department of Architecture)

April 28 - May 8, 2022
Chamber of Architects Istanbul Metropolitan Branch, Ground Floor Exhibition Hall
(To be organized by Istanbul Kultur University, Department of Architecture)

31 August - 3 September 2022
The exhibition is also planned to be carried to the Annual Conference and General Assembly of EAAE (European Association for Architectural Education) to be held in ETSAM School of Architecture, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain.
(To be organized by Istanbul Kultur University Department of Architecture)

Official contacts:

Prof. Dr. Neslihan Dostoğlu
Prof. Dr. Emel Birer
Asst. Prof. Dr.  Esin Hasgül
Res. Asst. Merve Aksoy Oral
Res. Asst. Dilara Gür

Official website

4. Title of the event: "Cultural Heritage, Climate Change, Sustainability" Activities

What? In accordance with the theme of "Cultural Heritage, Climate Change, Sustainability", people from different age groups will be asked to produce paintings, etc. at tables set up in Orhangazi Square in Bursa Hanlar District on May 26-28, 2022. These works will be exhibited at the Tayyare Cultural Center between June 13-19, 2022. On June 15, a Panel with the theme "Cultural Heritage, Climate Change, Sustainability" will be held. Contacts with the participants continue.

Who? Bursa UNESCO Site Management Unit

Official contactNeslihan Dostoglu, Prof. Dr., Esra Çobanoğlu, M. Art Historian, Seda Bal, M. Art Historian, Recep Peker

Official website

18 Nisan ICOMOS ENG5. Title of the event: Heritage and the climate intersect in Izmir 

What? The event will be an online panel discussion titled “HERITAGE AND THE CLIMATE INTERSECT IN IZMIR”. Invited speakers will make presentations of about 15 minutes duration. The session will be moderated by the Historical Port City of Izmir Site Management Office & Izmir Metropolitan Municipality UNESCO Historical Port City of Izmir Communication and Coordination Office. The session will be recorded and published afterwards via Youtube. See introduction

Who? Organized by the Historical Port City of Izmir Site Management Office & Izmir Metropolitan Municipality UNESCO Historical Port City of Izmir Communication and Coordination Office and supported by ICOMOS Turkey

When? 18 April 2022 via Youtube and announced via social media accounts
(, İzmir Tarihi Liman Kenti)

Where? Izmir, Turkey

Official contact

Official website


MEU RKM 18 April 2022 heritage and climate6.Title of the event: “The effects of climate change on immovable cultural heritage

What? Online presentation focuses on the building scale assessment of the global and national impacts of climate change.

Who? Mersin University, Restoration and Conservation Center

When? 16 May 2022 |18:30-19:30

Where? Zoom 
Meeting ID: 864 8481 6286
Password: 743807

Official contact: Ass.Prof.Dr. İpek DURUKAN

Official website 


285547527 2191835310966673 8931644273914931059 n7. Title of the event: “What next after Glasgow? New opportunities for heritage and climate action

What? Online event

Who? ICOMOS Turkey

When? 14 June 2022 | 20:00 (GMT+3)

Where? Zoom - Registration required

Official website 


United States

1. Title of the event: U.S.-Africa Intergenerational Working Group on climate and heritage

US Africa climate WG poster EN FRWhat? For the 2022 International Day for Monuments and Sites, discussions to link cultural heritage to climate action and resilience are more important than ever. Building on the U.S.-Africa intergenerational dialogue in 2021 on heritage and society, this year’s cross-disciplinary working group seeks to contribute to the climate conversation through building synergies and collaboration across sectors, with a focus on emerging professionals, for climate adaptation and action. This knowledge-building project, drawing from expertise and experience from Africa and the U.S., would place heritage at the center of achieving climate goals. 

Who? US/ICOMOS EPN and EPWG Africa Region

When? 25 April 2022 

Where? Online convening

Official contact
Zoe Leung (US/ICOMOS)
Alyssa Barry (EPWG Africa Region)
Olufemi Adetunji (EPWG Africa Region)

Official website

2. Title of the event: International Day for Monuments and Sites 

IDMS NHL Flyer 1What? As we approach its 40th anniversary, International Day of Monuments and Sites will be celebrated around the world as a tribute to heritage, diversity, community and the environment. We are celebrating Philadelphia's National Historic Landmarks with special programs and discounts on April 18 and throughout the week.

Who? Global Philadelphia Association 

When? 18 April 2022 

Where? 20 National Historic Landmarks in the city of Philadelphia 

Official contact: Gary Wooten, Programming Coordinator at Global Philadelphia Association  

Official websiteFacebook  


IDMS 2022 Intangible Heritage 023. Title of the event: A digital media campaign running by The American Center of Research in marking IDMS

Who? The American Center of Research

What? Building on the American Center of Research’s many contributions to preserving monuments, sites, and cultural heritage in Jordan and beyond, we join in marking the 2022 IDMS by presenting our support for the global theme and how our projects and achievements reflect it

When? One-week campaign. Starting from April 18, 2022, to April 25, 2022

Where? The United States and Jordan

Official contactAmal Alfaouri

Official website


Title of the event: Cambio climatico en Uruguay: Su Incidencia en la Conservacion del patrimonio cultural

ICOMOS Uy Cambio Climático 21.4.2022What? A first activity of a Cycle, that the ICOMOS Uruguay National Committee has defined to adhere and accompany the proposal of the Trienial Scientific plan 2021-2024 of ICOMOS International. This proposal seeks to install in our environment an essential subject to be considered in the public and private spheres that work and manage the national cultural heritage. In this first opportunity, from the University of the Republic, a renowned researcher from the Department of Atmospheric Sciences, introduces us to the subject, sharing research and results of a national reality that concerns us more and more every day.

Who? ICOMOS Uruguay

When? 21 April 2022, 18:00 to 20:00 Montevideo time

Where? Montevideo, Uruguay

Official contact

Official website




Title of the event: 18 de abril de 2022, Día Internacional de los Monumentos y Sitios: Patrimonio y Clima. Venezuela y el Cambio Climático

Who? ICOMOS Venezuela

What? On the occasion of the commemoration of the International Day for Monuments and Sites 2022, on the theme of "Heritage and Climate", ICOMOS Venezuela would like to contribute with a brief historical review of the most important events related to the Venezuelan case, published through their blog. Some of these have affected properties inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage List and others on the Tentative List. This is an opportunity to disseminate the awareness and urgency of adopting concrete measures by all nation states to mitigate the effects that in the medium and long term the change of natural climate cycles is having on natural and cultural assets.

Where? Link to the article

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