Nara Conference on Authenticity / Conférence de Nara sur l'authenticité



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Table of Contents
Table des matières
Nara Document on Authenticity
Document de Nara sur l'authenticité
Foreword by Herb Stovel: Working Towards the Nara Document
Avant-propos par Herb Stovel: Vers le Document de Nara

PART 1: Framing Presentations / Présentations générales

Bernd von Droste and Ulf Bertilsson: Authenticity and World Heritage

Jukka Jokilehto: Authenticity: a General Framework for the Concept

Nobuo Ito: "Authenticity" Inherent in Cultural Heritage in Asia and Japan. Le concept d' authenticité inhérent au Patrimoine culturel en Asie et au Japon

Henry Cleere: The Evaluation of Authenticity in the Context of the World Heritage Convention

PART 2: Session Presentations and Reports / Présentations et rapports des séances

Session 1: Changing Concepts of Authenticity
Séance 1: Concepts d' authenticité en évolution

Jukka Jokilehto: Session Report . Compte-rendu de la séance

Michael Petzet: "ln the full richness of their authenticity" - The Test of Authenticity and the New Cult of Monuments.

Françoise Choay: Sept propositions sur le concept d'authencité et son usage dans les pratiques du patrimoine historique.

David Lowenthal: Changing Criteria of Authenticity

Roberto di Stefano: L'authenticité des valeurs

Session 2: Authenticity and Cultural Diversity
Séance 2: Authenticité et diversité culturelle

Joan Domicelj: Session Report. Compte-rendu de la séance

P. Jimbi Katana and George H.O. Abungu: The World Heritage Convention and Kenyan Historical Sites

Ereatara Tamepo: Maori Authenticity and Cultural Diversity in New Zealand {Aotearo)

Yukio Nishimura: Changing Concept of Authenticity in the Context of Japanese Conservation History
Evolution du concept d'authenticité dans l'histoire de la conservation au Japon

Session 3: Authenticity and Heritage Diversity
Séance 3: Authenticité et diversité du patrimoine

Jean-Louis Luxen: Compte-rendu de la séance . Session Report

Tamâs Fejérdy: Authenticité dans la restauration des monuments historiques.

Carmen Anon Feliu: Authenticité. Jardin et paysage

Elias Mujica: Authenticity and Heritage Diversity: Archaeological Sites and Cultural Landscapes in the Andean Countries

Session 4: Discussion
Séance 4: Débats

Henry Cleere: Session Report . Compte-rendu de la séance

PART 3: Summary Papers / Résumés

Maria Dolores Penna de Almeida Cunha: On Authenticity

Carmen Anon Feliu: Authenticity. Garden and Landscape

Inder Kumar Bhatnagar: Some Thoughts on Fakes and Forgeries

Dinu Bumbaru: Authenticité et dignité-patrimoine et dimension humaine. Authenticity and Dignity-Heritage and Human Dimension.

Christina Cameron: Authenticity and the World Heritage Convention

Pisit Charoenwongsa: Authenticity: Doeslt Really Matter Much?

Françoise Choay: Sept propositions sur le concept d'authenticité. Seven Propositions on the Concept of Authenticity

Joan Domicelj: A Question of Authenticity: Cultural Diversity

Bernd von Droste:Authenticity in the World Heritage Sense

Natalia Dushkina: Authenticity: Towards the Ecology of Culture

Tamâs Fejérdy: Authenticité dans la restauration des monuments historiques.

Amareswar Galla: Authenticity: Rethinking Heritage Diversity in a Pluralistic Framework

Guo Zhan: The Particularity of "Authenticity" in the Conservation of Cultural Property in China

H.A.J.Henket and N.Tummers: Authenticity of the Modem Movement

Nobuko Inaba: What Is the Test of Authenticity for Intangible Properties?

Nobuo Ito: " Authenticity" Inherent in Cultural Heritage in Asia and Japan

Hiroshi Kanaseki: Reconstructing a Ruin from Intangible Materials

Kimio Kondoh: Landscape, Garden and Authenticity

Todor Krestev: Cultural Diversity and the Concept of Authenticity. La diversité culturelle et la conception de l'authenticité

Marc Laenen: Authenticity in Relation to Development

Saleh Lamei: Authenticity and The Egyptian Heritage Diversity

Knut Einar Larsen: "The Test of Authenticity" and National Heritage Legislation

Chester H. Liebs: Observations on Authenticity and Cultural Heritage

David Lowenthal: Managing the Flux of Authenticity

Jean-Louis Luxen: Approches de l'authenticité: modestie et pluralisme

Nora J. Mitchell: Evaluating Authenticity of Cultural Landscapes: a Perspective from the U.S.

Elias Mujica: Authenticity and Heritage Diversity: Archaeological Sites and Cultural Landscapes in the Andean Countries

Samidi: Some Ideas on the Changing Concept of Authenticity

Herb Stovel: Considerations in Framing the Authenticity Question for Conservation

Hiroyuki Suzuki: Authenticity of Set ting in the Cyclical Culture.

Barrie Trinder: Authenticity in the lndustrial Heritage

Robert Turner: Authenticity in Wines

Appendices / Annexes

1. Conference Agenda
Ordre du jour
2. Scientific Management Group Comité de direction scientifique
3. Conference on Authenticity in Relation to the World Heritage
Convention. Preparatory Workshop. Bergen, Norway, 31 January - 2 February 1994. Table of Contents of the Workshop Proceedings
4. Address list of the participants at the time of printing
Liste d'adresses des participants au moment de l'impression

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