New thematic study: Rock Art in East Asia

couvET RAEAThis fourth volume in the ICOMOS series on the Thematic Studies on Rock Art covers Far Eastern Russia, the Republic of Korea; Japan; Mongolia; China; Vietnam; Laos; Cambodia; Thailand and Malaysia.

The three previous volumes have focused upon: Latin America and the Caribbean (2006); Rock Art of Sahara and North Africa (2007) and Rock Art in Central Asia (edited by Jean Clottes, 2011).
The scope of the current volume is the Rock Art of East Asia, from Siberia in the north to Malaysia in the south and stretching as far west as needed to cover all regions lying to the east of the previous volume in this series that concerned the Rock Art of Central Asia.

The idea behind the series was to provide an overall yet relatively precise view of what is known about the rock art of a wide geographical area. In the regions fortunate enough to have had a long tradition of research, in Western Europe for instance, this should not be too difficult. On the other hand, the situation is quite different in many parts of the world where such in-depth research has not (yet) taken place. Many of the vast areas covered in this volume fall into this second category. ICOMOS would like to thank the Cultural Heritage Administration (CHA) of the Republic of Korea who supported the writing of this publication. The present volume is in English.

Table of contents :

1. Rock Art in Korea, Far Eastern Russia and Japan
Rock Art in Korea, Jang Seog Ho.
Rock Art in Far Eastern Russia, Ekaterina Devlet
Rock Art in Japan, Masaru Ogawa

2. Rock Art in Northern China, Eastern China and Mongolia
Rock Art in Northern China, Zhang Wenjing, Zhang Jiaxin, Zhang Xiaoxia,
Zhang Yasha
Rock Art in Eastern China, Zhang Wenjing, Zhang Jiaxin, Zhang Xiaoxia,
Zhang Yasha
Rock Art in Mongolia, Terguunbayar Altad Saranhuu, Ankhsanaa
Khukhuu Kharuul

3. Rock Art in Western China and Tibetan Autonomous Region
Zhang Yasha, Lv Chunxiang, Pang Ying, Weilisi
Xinjiang Rock Art
Gansu Province Rock Art
Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Rock Art

4. Rock Art in Southwestern China.
Yun Wu, Xiaomei Mou, Bo Xiao, Xueping Ji
Rock Art in Yunnan
Rock Art of Guizhou
Rock Art of Guangxi

5. Rock Art in Mainland Southeast Asia
Noel Hidalgo Tan

, Benjamin Smith and Jean Clottes

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(2019) Rock Art in East Asia: A Thematic Study. Documentation. ICOMOS International, Paris, 148p. ICOMOS Thematic studies, ISBN 978-2-918086-27-7 (e-book). [Monographie]

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