The Tohoku Earthquake (East Japan Great Earthquake) which occurred on 11th March 2011 was a tremendous earthquake measuring magnitude 9.0. The tsunami caused by this earthquake was 8-9m high, which subsequently reached an upstream height of up to 40m, causing vast and heavy damage over a 500km span of the pacific east coast of Japan. The total damage and casualties due to the earthquake and subsequent tsunami are estimated to be approximately 19,500 dead and missing persons; in terms of buildings, 115,000 totally destroyed, 162,000 half destroyed, and 559,000 buildings being partially destroyed. 8 months after this tragedy, the aim of this document is to bring to the public a comprehensive and detailed report of the state of damage to cultural properties and to become an important reference for experts in the countries which share the same concern.

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Comité Bois / Wood Committee

Compte-rendu du V Colloque International

Proceedings of the V International Symposium

(Norvège / Norway 1983)


(148 pages)

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Table de matieres / Table of contents

- Introduction- Avant-propos / Foreword, by La redaction / the editors

- Welcome speech / Discours de bienvenue, by Geir Kjell Andersland
- Discours d'ouverture / Opening speech, by Ernest Martin


- Communications / PapersAuthenticité

- Introduction à une discussion et à une étude sur l'authenticité dans le processus de conservation, by Ernest Martin. (+ Summary in English)

- Bergen, the timber town, by Maj Vogt Reither. (+ Résumé en français)

- Norwegian stave churches, by Hakon Christie. (+ Résumé en français)

- Preservation of original structures, by Hakon Christie. (+ Résumé en français)

- De la théorie à son application, by Stephan Tschudi-Madsen. (+ Summary in English)

- Norwegian outhouses, by Per Gjaerder. (+ Résumé en français)

- Réutilisations-Règlements-Authenticité, by Jean-Louis Taupin. (+ Summary in English)


- Myllymäki, a test project of preserving wooden monument as a museum object, by Panu Kaila. (+ Résumé en français)

- Deterioration of wood in Canada, by Martin Weaver. (+ Résumé en français)

- Fire protection of wooden historic buildings, by Nils Marstein. (+ Résumé en français)

- De la permanence de certains types de constructions en bois , by Maurice Berry. (+ Summary in English)

- Bredon tithe barn, by F.W.B. Charles. (+ Résumé en français)

- Le métier de charpentier dans les travaux de restauration, by Ephrem Longépé. (+ Summary in english)

- Recommandations / Recommendations

- Appendix

- Programme
- Carte / Map

- Participants



cover-rock art-small

A few years ago, ICOMOS has initiated the project of publishing Thematic Studies about rock art in several parts of the world (Sahara and North Africa in 2007, Latin America and the Caribbean in 2006) The selected region for this new study is Central Asia, a large territory, which extends over a distance of 3500 kilometers from west to east and some 2000 kilometers from south to north. The study is based on a “national” perspective, starting in the west (from the Caspian Sea) and ending in the east: Analyses of Rock Art from Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, north-eastern Mongolia and central southern Russia (Siberian region of Tuva and Minusinsk Depression) are detailed in this volume. The aim of this study is to emphasize the importance of Rock Art in this region of the world in order to enhance the protection, preservation and management of this heritage.

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