Adopted by the Constituent Assembly of ICOMOS in Warsaw (Poland) on 22 June 1965 and amended by the 5th General Assembly (Moscow, USSR) on 22 May 1978
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Ethical Commitment Statement
Adopted by the 13th General Assembly (Madrid, Spain) in 2002

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The Statutes, Ethical Commitment Statement, Rules of Procedures, Policy Papers, and practical information on programmes and statutory meetings are grouped in the ICOMOS Handbook. The up-dated version will be posted on the web by October 2013. 


Amendment of the Statutes and Ethical Commitment Statement
The Statutes and the Ethical Commitment Statement are currently under revision as per request of the 17th General Assembly (resolutions 17 GA 2011/10, 17 GA 2011/11 and 17 GA 2011/42)

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