ICOMOS National Committee Membership

ICOMOS CardEach National Committee is made up of its individual and institutional members, sustaining and honorary members. All the members must be qualified in the field of conservation, practicing the profession of architect, archaeologist, town planner, engineer, administrator of heritage, art historian or archivist. Individual membership may be granted in exceptional cases to other individuals interested in supporting the aims and objectives of ICOMOS. ICOMOS has approximately 9500 members in over 110 countries. Professionals of conservation can participate in ICOMOS’ action through their National Committee and carry out its programs on a national level.

There are four categories of membership in ICOMOS National Committees.

Individual membership is open to any individual actively engaged in the conservation of monuments, groups of buildings or sites:
- as a member of the scientific, technical or administrative staff of a national, regional or local monuments, fine arts or antiquities service;
- as a decision-maker or as specialist engaged in the conservation, restoration, rehabilitation and enhancement of monuments, groups of buildings and sites.

This definition may include architects, town planners, historians, archaeologists, ethnologists or archivists, and in certain cases other individuals interested in supporting the aims and objective of ICOMOS.

Institutional membership is open to any institution
- concerned with the conservation, protection, restoration, rehabilitation, enhancement or animation of historic monuments, groups of buildings and sites,
- including those which own or are responsible for historic monuments, groups of buildings and sites,
- and those which devote all or a part of their efforts to such activities.

Sustaining membership is open to any individual or institution which would like to support the aims and activities of ICOMOS or which would like to contribute to international co-operation in the field of conservation of the cultural heritage.

Honorary membership of ICOMOS is conferred solely by the ICOMOS General Assembly in response to a proposal from an ICOMOS National Committee, upon individuals who have rendered outstanding services in the field.

All ICOMOS members in a country shall be formed into that country's ICOMOS National Committee. Once a national committee is formed, all applications to the ICOMOS Secretariat for ICOMOS membership are forwarded to the ICOMOS national committee.

All National Committee members have the right to attend and to participate in the ICOMOS General Assembly which is held every three years. However, each National Committee, has only 18 votes at the General Assembly.

Sustaining members and honorary members have the right to participate to the ICOMOS General Assembly, without the right to vote.

 How to become a member?

Professionals interested in working in the field of cultural heritage can make a membership request to ICOMOS by the intermediary of their National Committee.

If there is no National Committee in a country, the membership requests have to be addressed to the ICOMOS International Secretariat for approval by the ICOMOS Executive Committee. The ICOMOS members belonging to countries where there is no National Committee have the same rights than the members of National Committees, except the right to vote at the General Assembly.

All the ICOMOS members of a country make up the National Committee of the country. Once a National Committee is created, all the membership requests to the International Secretariat are forwarded to the National Committee.

Membership Benefits

- participation in an international professional network (expert meetings, professional workshops, scientific exchange, training programmes)
- possibility of participating to the triennial ICOMOS General Assembly
- possibility of participating to National and International Scientific activities
- access to information on national conferences and seminars
- free subscription to ICOMOS newsletter
- discounts on selected publications
- free or reduced admission to many heritage sites and museums world-wide
- priority access to the services of the International Secretariat and to the UNESCO-ICOMOS Documentation Centre

ICOMOS Membership Appeal Procedure

The ICOMOS members appeal procedure operates for all persons who have applied for membership of their National Committee and have either received a rejection letter or email, a spoken refusal or no reaction to their application.

If an application for membership is refused/ignored by a National Committee, the applicant has a right to appeal the decision or lack of decision before the ICOMOS Executive Committee.

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