Beijing2012The Executive Committee is the managing body of ICOMOS. It is constituted of 20 members elected by the General Assembly: the President, the Secretary General, the Treasurer General, 5 Vice-Presidents, making the Bureau, and 12 members - plus the Chairman of the Advisory Committee and possibly five co-opted members. All recognized professionals, they represent the main regions of the world. The Executive Committee prepares the program and budget and monitors their implementation. It registers the establishment of National and International Committees. In the interval between the Executive Committee sessions, the Bureau ensures the implementation of the program.

Executive Committee 2011 - 2014

President: Mr Gustavo Araoz (U.S.A.)

Secretary General: Mrs Kirsti Kovanen (Finland)

Treasurer General: Mrs Laura Robinson (South Africa)

Vice Presidents:

Mrs Kristal Buckley (Australia)
Mr Alfredo Conti (Argentina)
Mr Gideon Koren (Israël)
Mr Benjamin Mouton (France)
Mr Guo Zhan (China)

Members of the Executive Committee:

Mrs Sofia Avgerinou-Kolonias (Greece)
Mr Stefan Belishki (Bulgaria)
Mr Dinu Bumbaru (Canada)
Mr Francesco Caruso (Italy)
Mr Rohit Jigyasu (India)
Mr Toshiyuki Kono (Japan)
Mr Philippe la Hausse de Lalouvière (Mauritius)
Mr Wilfried Lipp (Austria)
Mr Christoph Machat (Germany)
Mrs Olga Orive (Mexico)
Mrs Hae-Un Rii (Korea Republic)
Mr Grellan Rourke (Ireland)

Coopted Members of the Executive Committee:

Mrs Sémia Akrout Yaïche (Tunisia)
Mr Amel Chabbi (United Arab Emirates)
Mrs Fatima Fall (Senegal)
Mr Donatius Kamamba (Tanzania)
Mr Daniel Young (Panama)

President of the Advisory Committee: Mr John Hurd (United Kingdom)

Coordinator of the Scientific Council: Mrs Pamela Jerome (U.S.A.)

Honorary Presidents : Mr Michael Petzet (Germany); Mr Roland Silva (Sri Lanka)

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