ICOMOS Analysis of 2013 nominations


5 "Minor" modifications to boundaries

The number of such requests has greatly increased. They originate either from monitoring, the retrospective inventory or periodic reporting.

The examination of these requests involves a considerable workload for ICOMOS in terms of examining the initial nomination, progress reports on conservation and earlier decisions of the World Heritage Committee, research, consultations and analysis. This year several requests for minor modifications were made by State Parties in respect of a report on the state of conservation or a retrospective inventory. To ensure that they are examined in the most favourable conditions, ICOMOS encourages State Parties to submit a separate request complying with the procedures set out in the Operational Guidelines for the Implementation of the World Heritage Convention (annexe 11) and within the prescribed deadlines, i.e. 1st February at the latest.

ICOMOS also notes that all modifications to the boundaries of a property and its buffer zone are proposed as "minor" modifications, even when they constitute in fact substantial modifications to the property, or even in some cases an extension of the property. According to the Operational Guidelines, proposals for major modifications, whether extensions or reductions, constitute a new nomination (paragraph 165). ICOMOS recommends to the Committee that this provision should be consistently and rigorously applied.

ICOMOS suggests moreover that an extension of the calendar for the evaluation of such requests should be considered, to bring it into line with the calendar in force for new nominations, which would open up the possibility of dialogue and exchange of information with the States Parties.

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