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ISC20C Getty Theme4 20cHTFInternational Scientific Committee on Twentieth Century Heritage [ISC20C] and Getty Conservation Institute

Global Corporations within the 20th Century Historic Thematic Framework
Hybrid event / Rome, ITALY
27 January 2023
3pm CET

Centered around Theme 4 of the 20cHTF that embraces “World Trade and Global Corporations”, this seminar focuses on the subtheme that relates to the rise of multinational corporations and the consequent realization of international manufacturing plants, corporate and organizational headquarters and office buildings, as well as showrooms, workers housing estates and social services. With three different case studies, covering buildings and sites from diverse geographical, historical and political contexts, the workshop aims to open up the conversation around the particular difficulties of heritage relating to global corporations and potential benefits of engaging with the ISC20C framework.

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ISCWaterWebinar 2December Visual

ICOMOS Scientific Committee on Water [ISC Water] - Webinar on Valuing Water Culture and Heritage

Connecting Past, Present and Future
Hybrid event / New York City, USA
2 December 2022
1-3 PM CET

This webinar provides insights from academics and practitioners on the significance of water related heritage in sustainably solving present and future water related challenges. 
Webinar programme:
-Meeting Chair / Welcome by the host
-Water management perspective on water heritage
-Heritage perspective on Water
-Bridging the divides of Water, Culture and Heritage: The Blue Paper, Water Values Game and Professional
-The Dutch Compendium
-Discussion chair / First round of comments
-Further discussion with the audience

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Link to the ZOOM webinar 

FB ICOMOS IWC 24th Symposium Chile 3ICOMOS International Wood Committee [IIWC] - 24th International Symposium on the Conservation of Wooden Heritage

Learning from Inherited Knowledge
Hybrid event / Castro, Chiloé, CHILE
28 November - 3 December 2022

The archipelago of Chiloé, in the south of Chile, will host the 24th International Symposium and IIWC.

Following topics will be discussed:
-The great diversity of the heritage built in wood, and all the associated intangible heritage.
-The skills of carpenters and builders and their cultural, traditional and ancestral knowledge.
-The continuous evolution of cultural values over time and the need to periodically verify how they are identified and how authenticity is determined in order to adapt to changing perceptions and attitudes.
-Different local traditions, building practices and conservation approaches, taking into account the wide variety of methodologies and techniques that can be employed in conservation.
-Wood as container and content in different heritages throughout history.

The presentations of Chilean experts will be ONSITE, those of experts from other countries could be ONLINE or ONSITE.

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Deadline: 15 November 

International Scientific Committee on Twentieth Century Heritage [ISC20C] and Getty Conservation Institute
20cHTF Introductory Seminar withPhotoCreditIntroducing the Twentieth-century Historic Thematic Framework as a Tool for Identifying, Assessing and Celebrating Heritage Places

ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on 20th Century Heritage  with the Getty Conservation Institute invites you for a webinar introducing the  Twentieth Century Historic Thematic Framework (20cHTF)

The webinar aims to bring together professionals to learn, debate and stimulate the use of the 20cHTF.

The seminar will introduce the framework and outline its ten themes. Three guest speakers will present their experiences working with parallel frameworks and join a roundtable discussion to discuss why and how the 20cHTF can be used to broaden and stimulate the protection of 20th-century heritage.

The seminar will be conducted in English and online.

14 October 2022
17:00 - 19:00 CEST

Contact person: Vice President Grethe Pontoppidan, gp[at]arkitekturet.dk

Registration link
Link to the Introductory Seminar Page
Link to the Seminar Series Page 

CARTEL GENERALDescubriendo el National Park Service

The cycle of webinars aims to reflect on the management model of the National Park Service and to show the management strategies developed in three national parks closely related to the Spanish presence in the current United States of America: the Castillo de San Marcos, El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro and Padre Island National Seashore.

Session 2: El Castillo de San Marcos y la preservación del legado colonial español
25 May 2022
17:30 (CET)

Session 3: El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro: arrojando luz sobre la gestión de un patrimonio compartido
28 September 2022
17:30 (CET)

Session 4: Gestionar el registro arqueológico español: los naufragios en Padre Island National Seashore
30 November 2022
17:30 (CET)

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International Scientific Committee on Twentieth Century Heritage [ISC20C]
ICOMOS E News 20cHTF EuropeanSeminarSeries PosterExploring the Twentieth-century Historic Thematic Framework in the European context

ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on 20th Century Heritage (ISC20C) together with the Getty Conservation Institute (GCI), invites members and heritage professionals to a series of European seminars that present and discuss the Twentieth Century Historic Thematic Framework (20cHTF) from Fall 2022 to Spring 2023.

The seminars aim to bring together professionals, policymakers, academics, and representatives from heritage groups and organizations currently practicing within the modern built heritage, with an intent to learn, debate and stimulate the use of the 20cHTF.

Fall 2022 – Spring 2023

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