20th ICOMOS General Assembly: Results of votes for the election of the President, Secretary General and Treasurer, and for the Resolutions


Dear ICOMOS Members,

We are pleased to inform you of the results in the second round of voting for the elections at the 20th ICOMOS General Assembly - election of the President, Secretary General and Treasurer, the approval of accounts and the Resolutions from agenda items 6-3 to 6-7.

Voting Platform 2 was open 24h from 7 December at 14:00 CET to 8 December at 14:00 CET. The Secretariat responded to all demands for assistance received on time and has no information about voting members unable to exercise their vote.

691 votes out of 945 possible votes were cast, that is a 73.12 % participation – with the following result.

The candidates for the positions of President, Secretary General and Treasurer have all been elected to these positions :

President of l'ICOMOS: Teresa Patricio (Belgium)

Secretary General: Mario Santana (Canada)

Treasurer: Pamela Jerome (USA)


The financial statements and all of the following Resolutions were approved (see final version of the resolutions here):

  • Resolution 20GA 2020/7 - Approval of the 2019 accounts and discharge of the Board and Treasurer from liabilities
  • Resolution 20GA 2020/8 - Approval of the general programme and budgetary guidelines for 2021-2023
  • Resolution 20GA 2020/09 - Approval of the 2021 budget
  • Resolution 20GA 2020/10 - Appointment of the Credentials Committee of the 2021 Annual General Assembly
  • Resolution 20GA 2020/11 - Multilingualism as a factor of Cultural Diversity
  • Resolution 20GA 2020/12 - Amendments to the ICOMOS Ethical Principles
  • Resolution 20GA 2020/13 - Triennial Scientific Plan Review
  • Resolution 20GA 2020/14 - Protect the antiquities in situ at the Venizelos Metro Station in Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Resolution 20GA 2020/15 - Cultural Heritage and the Climate Emergency
  • Resolution 20GA 2020/16 - Protecting heritage sites in situations of political conflict and civil unrest
  • Resolution 20GA 2020/17 - Protecting Our Built, Landscape and Cultural Heritage from Fires
  • Resolution 20GA 2020/18 - European Quality Principles
  • Resolution 20GA 2020/19 - People-Centred Approaches to Cultural Heritage
  • Resolution 20GA 2020/20 - Virtual statutory meetings in 2021
  • Resolution 20GA 2020/21 - Internal Working Methods - Working Groups and Focal Points
  • Resolution 20GA 2020/22 - ICOMOS Emerging Professionals


As a result, Voting Platform 3 (second round for the election of the President, Secretary General and Treasurer) will not be required.

In addition, taking into account the above result, the four following candidates for the position of Vice President are directly elected to this position:

Riin Alatalu (Estonie / Estonia)

BO Jiang (Chine / China)

Leonardo Castriota (Brésil / Brazil)

Alpha Diop (Mali)

Regarding the fifth position of Vice President, further announcements will be made and sent to all voting members on Thursday.

We thank you all for your participation and cooperation

Alfredo Conti and Gideon Koren

Co-Chairs, Election Committee, 20th ICOMOS General Assembly


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