ICOMOS at the UN Water Conference 2023

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ICOMOS is attending the United Nations Water Conference in New York from 22-24 March 2023 to contribute to new commitments, pledges and actions by governments and all stakeholders towards achieving SDG 6 and other water-related goals and targets. The conference is taking place at the UN Headquarters and will result in a summary of proceedings from the UNGA President that will feed into the 2023 session of the UN High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF).

As part of the conference, ICOMOS and its International Scientific Committees on Water and Heritage (ISC Water) and Underwater Cultural Heritage (ICUCH), and supported by the Sustainable Development Goals Working Group (SDGWG) is organising several side events to be held online and in several locations in New York City from 20-22 March 2023. 
The general theme of the event series is Water and Heritage: Connecting Past, Present and Future


Water and Heritage DAY 1 PostThe 1st onsite side event will be focusing on Dialogue Among Water, Culture and Heritage Professionals

SESSION 1: Welcome and Introduction Water, Cultural Heritage Initiative
SESSION 2: Conceptual and Scientific Track
SESSION 3: Valuing Water Related Heritage
SESSION 4: Dutch Compendium and Other Regional Initiatives
SESSION 5: Towards a New Policy Statement

More info here
Download the programme

Water and Heritage DAY 2 Youth and Water 1The 2nd onsite event will be addressing Water, Youth and Heritage Dialogue

SESSION 1: Activism
SESSION 3 : Young Professionals
SESSION 4 : Mixed Dialogue

More info here


Water and Heritage DAY 2 Ceremony 2The 3rd onsite event is the Angel Water Ceremony, which will celebrate the tangible and intangible value and enduring significance of  water related cultural heritage around the world, as well as New York City’s 180+ year history of managing water and water related  heritage. The ceremony is organised by ICOMOS ISC Water, ICOMOS USA, CIRET, the UN Committee of Religious NGOs and in cooperation with the indigenous Ramapough Lenni-Lenape Tribal Nation.

More info here
Download the programme


EVENTS Facebook 10Finally, an online event will be focusing on Learning from the science of the past to inform the science of the future.

22 March 2023
11am – 12:30pm New York
4 -5:30pm CET.

Listening only to the science of the future risks forgetting the lessons of the past. Climate change will not only affect the earth's biodiversity, landscapes and ecosystems, but also have significant impacts on humanity with economic, political, cultural, health and identity implications especially in small island developing states. Rising sea levels and storm surges will inundate coastal towns and heritage on the coastal margins, threatening the very existence of entire communities.

This session will bring together experts on these themes to explore various topics that have a major impact on waters, both inland and offshore, which are critical elements of the 2030 Agenda.

Click here to register. 
Click here to read the programme.

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