The evaluation process in detail

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A one year and a half evaluation cycle by world heritage experts 

ICOMOS Evaluation Process for world heritage nominations 2019At ICOMOS, the evaluation cycle for nomination dossiers is spread over a year and a half. During this period, the organization uses its network of experts to study the nominated properties using two complementary approaches:

an evaluation mission carried out on site in order to study the authenticity and integrity of the property, its boundaries as well as the factors affecting its protection, conservation and management ;

a desk review to check if the property has Outstanding Universal Value. 

Once this task is completed, the ICOMOS World Heritage Panel gets together to examine the reports provided by the experts. The Panel is composed of the Bureau members of the ICOMOS Board, representatives of the International Scientific Committees and independent experts. It is established annually in accordance with the regions, typologies and historical periods represented in the nomination dossiers.



Nominations : inscribed, referred back or deferred ? 

With the assistance of advisors designated by ICOMOS, the Panel analyzes the information provided by the experts in their evaluation missions and desk reviews in order to formulate the official ICOMOS recommendations regarding the nominated properties. The four possible recommendations are:

These recommendations are conveyed to the States Parties and made public six weeks before the annual session of the World Heritage Committee. They are then presented at the session by a representative of ICOMOS in order to help the Committee in its deliberations. It is up to the latter to decide whether to inscribe a site on the List.



 Download: ICOMOS evaluation process diagram