International Projects: Communication between ICOMOS International Secretariat and Committees

For the attention of the Presidents of the ICOMOS National and International Scientific Committees

Dear ICOMOS Committees,

As you know, ICOMOS diversifies and multiplies its activities and services both to develop new funding sources for ICOMOS and to provide more opportunities and services to our members.

This is why, the Executive Committee has set up a working group on “ICOMOS Services” tasked with identifying appropriate opportunities for ICOMOS and with developing criteria on which kind of projects ICOMOS should pursue, how ICOMOS representatives in these projects are selected in a transparent manner and how to ensure adequate returns for ICOMOS under these projects. Funding guidelines are being worked on by this group and will be available in 2014.

The International Secretariat would like to take this opportunity to inform you on the projects it is involved in or currently pursuing:

- European Union Culture Programme 2007 – 2013, Advocacy Networks: ICOMOS has been successful in securing a grant of 100 000 Euros to develop its activities in Europe for 2013.
The project will be completed in December 2013.

-EuropeAid/133944/C/SER/DZ –DZ-Algiers: ENPI — Recruitment of technical assistance to help implement the programme to support the protection and optimisation of cultural heritage in Algeria. ICOMOS is part of a consortium that has submitted a new expression of interest to participate in the relaunched call for tender of this project.

- EuropeAid/133279/D/SER/TR: Technical Assistance for Common Cultural Heritage: Preservation and Dialogue between Turkey and the EU (Phase I). ICOMOS is part of a consortium that has submitted an expression of interest to participate in the call for tender of this project.

For both projects above, the tender is expected to open before 2014.

Furthermore, ICOMOS is exploring ways to benefit from the upcoming EU 2014-2020 financing opportunities, namely Creative Europe and HORIZON 2020. Representatives of the International Secretary will be present at the official presentation event in Paris on 12/11/13 and in follow-up events in Brussels.

The main objective is of course also to involve and develop opportunities for ICOMOS Committees as much as possible.

In some cases, your Committee may also be approached directly by competing consortia. Close two-way communication between the International Secretariat and ICOMOS Committees is therefore essential to avoid problems of ICOMOS participating in competing groups and to ensure that both the interests of the Committees and the International Secretariat are respected.

The International Secretariat will inform the ICOMOS Committees as early as possible of any such bids it is pursuing and we would like to ask you in turn to please contact us if you are approached as ICOMOS Committees for any such bids.

Please have a look at the ICOMOS web-site for reference (registered users):

You also have the possibility to add on this web-page the project(s) of your committee is involved in.

In addition, we would like to encourage you to consult our new list of European stakeholders involved in heritage. This unique source of information regroups names and addresses of public and private entities acting at regional level:

Contact details and specific information on these stakeholders are available for ICOMOS members upon request to the International Secretary.

With thanks in advance
Yours sincerely
Gaia Jungeblodt