Loans and services

Documents are not available for loan, but only for consultation at the Centre.


 Copying / Scanning services
Visitors can photocopy articles from journals and chapters from books if their state of conservation allows it, and subject to the limits of copyright legislation. For users abroad, who are unable to visit the Centre, we can scan documents and send them by email.
Contact: documentation[at]

 Documents held by the library may be photocopied:

    - without limitation if they are in the public domain (70 years after the author's death).

    - with the following limitations if they are not free, according to the French Centre d'exploitation du droit de copie (CFC):
        * in the case of books up to 10% of the number of pages of the book.
        * in the case of periodicals: maximum of 30% of the editorial content of the publication.

Photocopying charges
Free for
ICOMOS members
0,20 €/page (non-members)

 Scanning charges
Free for ICOMOS members
0,50 €/page with a minimum of 5 € for every scanning.

Sale of publications
All the available ICOMOS publications and those of some ICOMOS Committees are for sale at the Documentation Centre.
Pre-payment is required by cheque in Euros (France only), PayPal, credit card or bank transfer. 
Postage will be charged according to the weight, distance and specific requests (air mail, etc).

Catalogue of publications for sale

Free publications list