Review ICOFORT Final Draft Charter

Graffiti at the basis of the fortificationICOFORT, the ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on Fortifications and Military Heritage, is asking ICOMOS Committees and members to review its version number 4 dated 20 August 2019 of the ICOFORT Final Draft Charter on Fortifications and related heritage; guidelines for protection, conservation and interpretation.


 Download version 4 of the draft Charter in English, French and Spanish.

This version takes into accounts comments received to version 1 (July 2017), version 2 (October 2017), and version 3 (September 2018).

We thank all that have taken the time to read and provided with feedback on previous versions and encourage to once again provide with any additional comments or suggestions you may have by no later than 4 September 2019.

Please send to: MilagrosFloresIcofort[at]


Photo: Graffiti at the basis of Forticication, © Nicolas Faucherre / ICOMOS

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