Heritage Changes: A Look Back at the 2023 IDMS Events

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On 18 April 2023, the world celebrated the International Day for Monuments and Sites with the theme "Heritage Changes". 

This annual event, established by ICOMOS in 1982, provides an opportunity for heritage enthusiasts and organisations worldwide to come together and celebrate the importance of cultural heritage.

18 April 2023 on Social Media

ICOMOS used social media to share highlights of events and activities organised by its committees, members and partners around the world via the hashtags #18April #ICOMOS #HeritageChanges #heritage4climate #IDMS2023 #icomosIDMS2023. Virtual tours of historic sites, lectures and discussions on the role of cultural heritage in promoting climate resilience, community-led initiatives demonstrating the importance of traditional knowledge and practices in addressing climate change were organised to celebrate IDMS.


Contributions on Instagram by the ICOMOS Working Group OCD-RBA, ICOMOS Argentina, ICOMOS Macedonia,
ICOMOS Iran, ICOMOS Panama and ICOMOS Italy 

Highlights of 18 April Events

The celebration of IDMS 2023 included a variety of events and activities organised by ICOMOS, its partners and heritage enthusiasts worldwide. One of the key aspects of this year's IDMS theme was the integration of traditional, historic building conservation, adaptive reuse and energy efficiency of heritage buildings and landscapes. Innovative infrastructure development was also presented, showing how traditional knowledge, practices and cultural heritage can be part of the solution to fight climate change. 

Below is a non-exhaustive selection of 18 April 2023 events and publications.

ICOMOS Armenia

  • Scientific student conference with The National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia and Chair of Theory and History of Architecture and Heritage

ICOMOSArmenia IDMS2023recap








Photo credits: ICOMOS Armenia

ICOMOS Bosnia and Herzegovina

ICOMOS Canada x Heritage Montreal

  • Roundtable on a changing heritage and building and landscape protection [French]




ICOMOSChina IDMS2023Recap








Egypt | Abu Simbel Campaign - AH-CI | Egypt - MUST Uni

  • Visit of the Serapeum of Alexandria + discussion sessions, visit of the Museum of Fine Arts + panel discussion, seminar. Download the recap here.









Photo credits: Hamdy EL-Setouhy

ICOMOS Georgia x Heritage Resource Centre

  • Presentation by Geographer and Consultant in Environmental Issues Irakli Kobulia, panel discussion and documentary film screening

ICOMOSGeorgia IDMS2023








Photo credits: ICOMOS Georgia 

ICOMOS Germany

  •  «Second socialist modernism» (from 1955 until 1990) workshop and guided tours of monuments and sites of Eastern Modernism in Berlin-Brandenburg

ICOMOSGermany IDMS2023




        Watch the workshop recordings on YT




Photo credits : Dörthe Hellmuth - ICOMOS GERMANY 



  • Publication of "Resilient and Sustainable Development of Historic Areas and Precincts: Focus West Bengal"

ICOMOS India IDMS2023 Publication








Photo credits: ICOMOS India 


5 events and contributions by :

 International Conservation Center - Xi'an

  • Series of events comprising site tours, roundtables on cultural heritage and volunteering, collaborative competition of cultural heritage knowledge, creation and editing of graphic promotion materials, vlog shooting and production.

 InternationalConservationCenter China IDMS2023 







 Photo credits: International Conservation Center - Xi'an


ICOMOSKorea IDMS2023Recap









  • The nature component of the Cēsis Castle complex and its preservation [English/Latvian]









 ICOMOS Pakistan

  • Panel discussion on climate change and its impact on heritage

ICOMOS Philippines

  • Critical discussion on public memorializations in the Philippines : What constitutes 'legitimate heritage', and what do these choices reflect about our biases and ethical persuasions?


   Qatar Museums

  • Guided tours at UNESCO World Heritage Al Zubarah Archaeological Site accompanied by experts in archaeology, heritage protection, and conservation

Qatar Museums IDMS2023 






 Photo credits : Qatar Museums  

ICOMOS Slovenia

 ICOMOS Tunisia 

  • Open-debate and meeting with Dr Ridha Mejri to discuss the symbiosis between the traditional house and its natural environment

ICOMOSTunisia IDMS2023








Photo credits: ICOMOS Tunisia  

ICOMOS Uruguay

  • The active coastal zone as Uruguay's heritage [Spanish]









ICOMOS USA x Monuments Toolkit

  • "Controversial Monuments on Retrial"


 ICOMOS Venezuela


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