International Day for Monuments and Sites - 18 April 2023 - Events

Logo18 April IcomosDiscover below more than 20 events planned for the 2023 edition of the International Day for Monuments and Sites, celebrating the theme of Heritage Changes.


Events in alphabetical order

Armenia    Austria    China    Chinese Taipei    Egypt    Ethiopia    Georgia    Germany    IFLA-ISCCL    Italy    Korea    Mali    Mexico    Nigeria    OCD/RBAWG-ICOMOS Ireland    Pakistan    Philippines    Portugal    SDGWG    Slovenia    Spain    Tunisia    Uruguay    USA    Venezuela    Other


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Title of the eventArmenian Architectural Heritage: Tradition and Modernity

Who? ICOMOS Armenia, The National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia, and Chair of Theory and History of Architecture and Heritage

What? Scientific Student Conference

When? From 5 April to 5 June 2023

Where? 105 Teryan Street, Yerevan, Republilc of Armenia

Official contact: Mrs. Emma Harutyunyan

Official website


AustriaPoster 041516

Title of the event: Cultural Bike Ride

Who? ICOMOS Austria

What? The Wachau is a valley in central Europe along the Danube River, known for its breathtaking river landscape and outstanding cultural and historical value. It features medieval towns and villages nestled among vineyard terraces, which have developed harmoniously over time. The area is also known for its rugged cliffs and undisturbed riparian forests. The Emerging Professionals of ICOMOS Austria are excited to explore the Wachau valley sustainably by bike on April 15th, as part of this year's IDMS. World Heritage Site's unique features, cultural landscape, development of tourism in the region, and climate adaptation measures using the example of Danube flood protection are part of the programme.

When? 15 April 2023 at 12:00PM CEST (local time)

Where? Spitz an der Donau - Train station, Austria

Official contact

Official website



Title of the event:  International Day for Monuments and Sites

What? In order to continue the spirit of openness, innovation, transboundary and intergenerational exchange, andICOMOS CHINA to discuss the dramatic changes that have taken place in the world we live in over the last years as well as their impact, ICOMOS China is addressing the theme of "Cultural Heritage in the Midst of Change".

Who? ICOMOS China

When? Between 15 April to 30 June 2023

Where? China



Chinese TaipeiPoster 041516

Title of the event:  International Forum 2023 on Disaster Risk Management for Cultural Heritage

What? Chinese Taipei has long been committed to promoting participation in international non-governmental organisations (NGOs) such as ICOMOS, IFLA, ICOM, ICA, and Blue Shield International. They invite international experts and scholars, domestic museums/art galleries, and NGOs related to cultural properties to attend a forum aimed at exchanging practical experience and knowledge in addressing man-made and natural disasters that threaten cultural heritage.

When? 15 - 16 April 2023

Where? Chinese Taipei

Watch online


EgyptPoster 041516

Title of the event:  Heritage Changes: Discussing our Responsibility

What? Cultural trip and seminar.

Who? "Abu Simbel 50 Campaign", "Architectural Heritage - Cultural Identity Egypt", and held under the auspices of the Faculty of Engineering at Misr University for Science and Technology "MUST". In partnership with the Museum of Fine Arts of the Egyptian Ministry of Culture.

When? 29 April 2023 at 6:00 PM (local time)

Where? Museum of Fine Arts in Alexandria, Egypt



Official contact 


Title of the event:  Heritage Changes: Promoting Awareness and Appreciation on Indigineous and Traditional Knowledge

What? Seminar 

Who? ICOMOS Ethiopia

When? 18 April 2023 at 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM (local time)

Where? ARCCH Hall, Amist Kilo, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia





Title of the event: Cultural Heritage in the Context of Climate Change

What? 'Cultural Heritage in the context of Climate Change" presentation, panel discussion and documentary screening.

Who? ICOMOS Georgia

When? 18 April 2023 at 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM GMT+4 (local time)

Where? Heritage Resource Centre, Tbilisi, Georgia

Official contact: Mariam Khurtsilava 

Official website



GermanyPoster 041516


Title of the event: Workshop “Socialist Modernism in Central and Eastern Europe”

What? The focus of the English-language workshop is the legacy of the "second socialist modernism" (1955-1990) in architecture and urban planning. The aim is to offer experts a cross-border platform for critical exchange. Guided tours to monuments and sites of Eastern Modernism in Berlin-Brandenburg will round off the workshop program.

Who? ICOMOS Germany, Max-Lingner-Foundation, BTU Cottbus, Landesdenkmalamt Berlin, Helle Panke, Hermann-Henselmann-Stiftung

When? 18 - 20 April 2023

Where? Berlin Max-Lingner-Haus, Germany

Official contact: Dörthe Hellmuth

Official website

Watch Online



 Initiatives by ICOMOS Italy / Italian members of CIF, ICORP, CIPA, EPWG Italy


Title of the event: Revisiting Traditional Knowledge to cope with Climate ChangePoster 041516

What? As part of the IDMS commemorations, the Committee on Climate Change and Heritage (ICOMOS Korea) organises a seminar on the "Prospectiveness of Ecological Knowledge in Traditional Villages and Forests, and Traditional Geospatial Knowledge (Pungsu)" for reducing the impacts of natural disasters. This event will explore the crucial role of traditional ecological knowledge in mitigating the effects of climate change on our cultural heritage. Don't miss this opportunity to learn about innovative approaches for conservation and sustainability.

Who? ICOMOS Korea, NSC on Climate Change and Cultural Heritage

When? 3:00 PM - 5:15 PM KST (local time)

Where? UNESCO House, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Official contact

Official website


Title of the event: Utilising Local Knowledge for Climate Resilience in Mali and Sahel

What? A conference-debate, co-hosted by the Agency for Environment and Sustainable Development and ICOMOS Mali, will be held to discuss the use of culture and local knowledge for mitigating the risks of the climate crisis and promoting sustainable development in Mali and the Sahel.

Who? ICOMOS Mali and Agence de l'Environnement et du Développement Durable (AEDD)

When? 18 April 2023 at 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM (local time)

Where? National Park of Bamako, Mali

Official contact: Lassana CISSE



ICOMOS MEXICO is organising events to celebrate the IDMS across all its representations in each of the states of Mexico, with the following:

  • Michoacan Committee
  • San Luis Potosí Committe
  • Hidalgo Committe
  • Guerrero Committee
  • Tlaxacala Committee
  • Puebla Committee

1. Title of the event: Día Internacional de los Monumentos y Sitos: Patrimonio y Medio Ambiente (Capítulo Michoacán)Poster 041516

Who? ICOMOS Mexico

What? Join us in celebrating the International Day of Monuments and Sites 2023 with four exciting activities organised by Mexican ICOMOS state coordinations in Michoacán, Guanajuato, San Luis Potosí, and Hidalgo, all of which are part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. These activities showcase the rich cultural heritage of Mexico and the efforts of ICOMOS to preserve and protect it.

When? 18 April 2023 at 8:30 AM - 2:30 PM (local time)

Where? Michoacan Regional Museum, Morelia

Official contact



2. Title of the event: Día Internacional del Monumento: Patrimonio y CambioIDMS ICOMOS MEXICO page 0002

Who? ICOMOS Mexico

What? A conference on the IDMS which aims to highlight the importance of cultural heritage in different countries, as well as the wide diversity and worldwide efforts made for conservation and promotion. This seeks to call attention to the fact that the conservation of cultural heritage requires a critical examination of the past that should not exclude anyone or erase controversial stories.

When? 18 April 2023 at 9:30 AM - 6:00 PM (local time)

Where? Exconvento de San Agustín Andrés Delgado, Centro, 36700 Salamanca, Gto

Official contact



3. Title of the event: Rescate del patrimonio y participacíon de las comunidades resilientes Y Cómo losIDMS ICOMOS MEXICO page 0002 saberes ancestrales hacen frente a la accíon del cambio clímatico

Who? ICOMOS Mexico

What? The conference will focus on the rescue of heritage and the participation of resilient communities, highlighting how ancestral knowledge copes with the action of climate changes.

When? 20 April 2023 at 10:00 AM (local time)

Where? Virtual conversation

Participate online





4. Title of the eventDía Internacional de los Monumentos y Sitos: Patrimonio y Medio AmbienteIDMS ICOMOS MEXICO page 0004 (Capítulo Hidalgo)

Who? ICOMOS Mexico


18 April: In the 8th Congress "Let's talk about Architecture" organised by the School of Architecture of the Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo, Maria Elena Sanchez Roldan and Boris Vladimir Tapia Peralta will present the paper titled "Impact of mining works on the Landscape of Pachuca de Soto, Hidalgo, Mexico."

21 April: The Historical Archive and Museum of Mining, A.C. and the National Committee of ICOMOS Mexico in Hidalgo are pleased to present an academic and cultural program in celebration of the International Day of Monuments and Sites.

When? 18 and 21 April 2023 at 5:00 PM (local time)

Where? Pachuca de Soto, Hidalgo

Official contact



Title of the event: How Cultural Heritage Conservation in Nigeria Can Drive Climate Action

What? Explore the intersection of cultural heritage conservation and climate action with ICOMOS Nigeria. This event will feature a lecture on the topic, followed by an exhibition showcasing the restoration of St Bartholomew Church in Wusasa, Kaduna State, Nigeria - a prime example of earthen architectural heritage in Northern Nigeria. Also, learn more about the importance of preserving cultural heritage in the face of climate change.

Who? ICOMOS Nigeria

When? 18 April 2023 at 10:00 AM (local time)

Where? FCT, Abuja – Nigeria

Official contact: ICOMOS Nigeria


1. Title of the event: Celebrating International Day for Monuments and Sites 2023

What? From April 17th to 21st, our social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram will post a short video of a heritage academic/professional/enthusiast or student, where they introduce a heritage site or monument and discuss how that site represents an issue (such as climate change/traditional skills/disaster recovery/etc) with a link to more information on the site.

Who? ICOMOS SDG WG and MSc Conservation Program at the University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Architecture, Division of Landscape

When? 17-21 April 2023 at noon GMT+8 (local time)

Where? Online

Official contact

Official website





2. Heritage Changes: Vernacular Settlements & Climate Action

Title of the event: Vernacular Installations and Climate ActionIDMS CYPRUS

What? A webinar

Who? ICOMOS SDGWG, Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Urban Research and Development Centre (URDC)

When? 18 April 2023 at 17:00 GMT+2 (local time)

Where? Famagusta, Cyprus (Online)

Official website

Participate online



Title of the eventA panel discussion on Climate Change and its impact on HeritageIDMS PAKISTAN

What ? Panel discussion

Who? ICOMOS Pakistan

When? 18 April 2023 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM GMT+5 (local time)

Where? Pakistan

Official contact

Participate online



Title of the event(De)Commemoration Without Decolonization? The Peculiar Case of The PhilippinesIDMS Philippines

What The International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) Philippines joins the celebration of the International Day for Monuments and Sites this coming April 18th with a critical discussion on public memorializations.

What does the Philippine state consider to be worthy of commemoration? The pantheon of heroes and their narratives suggest how our heritage gatekeepers negotiate what we honor and what will be remembered.

In this talk, Lila Ramos Shahani questions pre-conceived notions of commemoration, leading to a deeper discussion on memory, specifically in the form of public memorializations. What constitutes legitimate 'heritage,’ and what do these choices reflect about our biases and ethical persuasions? The discourse needs to be widened, and Shahani argues for ways to memorialize for a more equitable future.

Who? ICOMOS Philippines

When? 22 April 2023 at 10:00 AM GMT+8 (local time)

Where? Philippines

Contact officiel

Register here




Title of the event:  International Day for Monuments and Sites 2023ICOMOS PORTUGAL

What? The Directorate-General for Cultural Heritage (DGPC), in collaboration with ICOMOS Portugal, is promoting the dissemination of this theme with the aim of following up on the concern expressed by ICOMOS and expressed in the declaration of Climate Emergency in 2020, thus continuing to promote the potential of heritage on the path to inclusive, transformative and fair climate action.

The Directorate-General for Cultural Heritage invites you to register the initiatives you intend to organise under this theme, by April 17 at the latest.

Who? ICOMOS Portugal and The Directorate-General for Cultural Heritage

When? 11 - 22 April 2023

Where? Portugal

Official contact



Title of the event:  : Dediščina se spreminja – Heritage changesIDMS ICOMOS SLOVENIA page 0001

What? Symposium with the round table about the possibilities of comprehensive remediation of the consequences of the devastating fire on the Karst in July 2022.

Who? ICOMOS Slovenia, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Architecture, Institute of the University of Ljubljana for Sustainable heritage

When? 12 April 2023, 5:00 PM (local time)

Where? Zoisova 12, Ljubljana and online (hybrid)

Participate online

Official contact: Sonja Ifko

Official website

Promotion film






1. Title of the event:  Campaigns and Activities to Promote Cultural Tourism within the Framework ofIDMS ICOMOS SPAIN page 0001 European H2020 Projects

What? ICOMOS Spain is organising a national activity in Madrid, Spain. The event will be held in both English and Spanish, with interpretation provided by the EU project SMARTCULTOUR. The conference will feature presentations by experts from national and international cultural tourism organisations, including the President of ICOMOS Spain, Jordi Tresserras, as well as the Vice Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Community of Madrid, a UNESCO expert, the Secretary General a.i. of the Spanish Commission for UNESCO, and a Cultural Tourism Policy Officer of the European Commission.


When? 18 April 2023 from 8:30 AM to 2:00 PM (local time)

Where? Madrid, Spain

Official contact: Alun Johnes



2. Press Release about the Publication of the ICOMOS-Spain Charter for the Integrated Management of Rock Art

What? ICOMOS-Spain presents the ICOMOS-Spain Charter for the Integrated Management of Prehistoric Rock Art and its Landscapes, drafted by the National Scientific Committee on Rock Art (CCNAR) and approved by its General Assembly in Alicante on 11 March 2023. This document is closely aligned with the objectives of the ICOMOS Global Research and Action Agenda, proposing heritage management alternatives that pursue climate resilience and strengthen sustainable development, through ambitious changes in management models, towards a more effective "integrated and integrative management".

Who? ICOMOS Spain and CCNAR

When? 18 April 2023

Press Release



Title of the event:  La maison traditionelle en symbiose avec son environnement naturelIDMS ICOMOS TUNISIA page 0001

What? Open-debate and meeting with Dr Ridha Mejri to discuss the symbiosis between the traditional house and its natural environment

Who? ICOMOS Tunisia and ASM de Tunis

When? 18 April 2023 at 9:30 PM (local time)

Where? Dar Lasram, 24 rue du Tribunal, Tunisia

Official contact






Title of the event:  The active coastal zone as heritage of Uruguay

What? The conference stresses the extremely important role that cities and coastal towns play in promoting development that is resilient to climate change. The construction of building and urban infrastructures on the coast may suggest important impacts on the coastal ecosystem. The policies for the development of the uruguayan coast must be discussed in a holistic way and contextualized in temporary scenarios, in the short, medium and long term, because it is important to make explicit what is being transformed and for what, and with this question, expose possible situations of state of the coast at a socioeconomic, cultural and ecosystem level.There is a complex regulation on the national coastal space, however, its partial and/or biased application leaves the coastal public heritage in a very vulnerable situation.

Who? ICOMOS Uruguay

When? 18 April 2023 at 6:00 PM (local time)

Where? Online

Official contact 

Watch online


United States of America

Title of the event:  Heritage Changes: Controversial Monuments on Retrial

What? This webinar is organised by the U.S. National Committee's Monuments Toolkit Project regarding reassessment of monuments in public spaces


When? 18 April 2023 at 3:00 PM EST (local time)

Where? Online

Official contact

Register here

Official website



Title of the event:  Cultural Landscapes' Critical Role in Responding to Climate ChangeEN FLYER IMDS BRABEC EVANS BAJCURA page 0001

What? A one-hour webinar that explores the role that cultural landscapes play in local efforts to respond to climate change

Who? ISC on Cultural Landscape (ISCCL) and IFLA

When? 18 April 2023 at 9:00 EDT

Where? Online

Official contact

Register here

Official website



Title of the event:  What Does Carbon Neutrality Mean to You - Personally and ProfessionallyIDMS ICOMOS IRELAND?

What? Sustainability is developing a responsible practice toolkit helping ICOMOS members in the necessary transition and adaptation. How can we, through our individual choices and actions, make ICOMOS an international role model in climate action, increasing inclusion, diversity, engagement and sustainability?


When? 26 April 2023 at 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM CET (local time)

Where? Online

Register here




Title of the event: Chronological review of cases of buildings protected as Properties of Cultural Interest or National Historic Monuments

What? The Venezuelan Committee, we have published and developed in the Committee's blog,IDMS VENEZUELA a chronological review of cases of buildings protected as Properties of Cultural Interest or National Historic Monuments, in which restoration processes were articulated with adaptive reuse for new uses, when the original functions had been extinguished by socio-cultural, functional, economic, political, religious, or other dynamics.

The important thing to emphasize is that the adaptive reuse must be respectful and subordinate to the conservation criteria, which are the ones that set the guidelines, so that the result preserves the potential unity of the property and its values, and in the design process the demands of the new use are not imposed by altering the image and its composition, nor its volumetric, spatial and constructive properties.

Who? ICOMOS Venezuela






1. Global Philadelphia

Title of the event: International Day of Monuments and Sites

What? This event will offer visitors the opportunity to explore some of Philadelphia's most iconic landmarks and learn about the city's important role in American history.

Who? Global Philadelphia

When? 18 April 2023

Where? Philadelphia, USA

Official website


2. Nepal

Title of the event: The Earth Series ProjectProject Profile for ICOMOS page 0004

What? The Earth Series Project is a photography, mapping and storytelling initiative which covers post-quake heritage reconstruction in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. Following the Gorkha Earthquake of April 2015, extensive rebuilding works were started - many of which are reaching completion now. The Project covers many temples and heritage sites in Kathmandu as they get much-needed refurbishment and reconstruction. It is an independent, citizen media project which follows a tactical media approach. A project portal has been built comprising photographic galleries, digital maps and first-person narratives/perspectives on the reconstruction efforts. An exposition at Tara Gaon Museum in Kathmandu is planned for 2023 as the rebuilding works reach completion. Needless to say, traditional and cultural Nepalese architecture and infrastructures are vital to a re-invigorated climate response.  

Project profile

Personnal contact: Veneeta Singha


3. Qatar Museums

Title of the event: Walk on the streets of Al ZubarahIDMS QATAR MUSEUMS 1

What? Guided tours at the UNESCO World Heritage Al Zubarah Archaeological Site accompanied by experts in archaeology, heritage protection, and conservation.

Who? Qatar Museums

When? 18 April 2023 at 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM GMT+3 (local time)

Where? UNESCO World Heritage Site Al Zubarah Archaeological Site, Al Shamal, Qatar

Official website

Official contact 

Register here




4. ICOMOS Member (Argentina)

Title of the event: Cultural Heritage and Person with Disability

What? People with disabilities build from their position, a cultural identity that must be respected and consolidated. Access to cultural assets from the urban planning point of view is the first step, and the effective participation of people with disabilities must also be guaranteed.

Who? Dr. Susana Parés (Member of ICOMOS Argentina. Law Professor at University of Córdoba)

Paper (in Spanish)

Contact person: Susana Parés


5. The Cosmological Axis of Yogyakarta Management Unit

Title of the event:  Webinar Challenge for Yogyakarta as A World Heritage Nominee From Indonesia

IDMS Indonesia

What? Yogyakarta has been listed on UNESCO's tentative list since 2017 and ICOMOS' technical evaluation in 2022. Currently The Cosmological Axis of Yogyakarta and Its Historic Landmarks is on the waiting list for the UNESCO session. This process is a determining stage prior to the UNESCO annual meeting which will be held in September 2023. The results of the meeting will have an impact on the management of the Cosmological Axis Area as a World Cultural Heritage, which forms the basis of the Webinar’s theme. The event was held to coincide with the Commemoration of World Heritage Day.

Who? The Cosmological Axis of Yogyakarta Management Unit - Department of Culture Affairs of Special Region of Yogyakarta

When? 18 April 2023 at 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM GMT+7 (local time)

Where? Department of Culture Affairs of Special Region of Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Online participation in Indonesian (see programme)


Official contact 

Official website

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