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ICCROM Library catalogue

The ICCROM Library contains the world's most extensive collection of resources, in a wide variety of languages, on every aspect of heritage conservation.There are currently more than 100,000 entries in the catalogue. The main subject areas are: conservation and preservation of historic buildings, towns, landscapes and archaeological sites; movable heritage of all kinds and library or archival materials; history and philosophy of conservation; technology of materials; analytical techniques; museology; training; legislation.

Getty Conservation Institute

The Getty Research Institute library collections include over one million books, periodicals, study photographs, and auction catalogs as well as extensive special collections of rare and unique materials. Focusing on art history, architecture, and related fields, they begin with the archaeology of prehistory and extend to the contemporary moment.

Smithsonian Centre for Materials Research and Education (SCMRE)

Les collections de la bibliothèque Smithsonian contiennent plus de 1,2 millions de volumes dont 15 000 titres de revues, des livres rares et des manuscrits dont une partie porte sur le design et l'art décoratif, l'étude des musées et les sciences de la conservation.

Conservation Information Network (CIN)

The Conservation Information Network (CIN) is the product of international collaboration. It is intended to facilitate the retrieval and exchange of information concerning conservation and restoration of cultural property.
The Bibliographic Database of the Conservation Information Network (BCIN) provides access to over 190,000 bibliographic citations for conservation literature.


The Collections situated at ICOM headquarters
ICOM and its Committees’ publications, ICOM’s archives, the International Museums Office (IMO), UNESCO publications related to the protection of cultural heritage; national legislations on the protection of cultural heritage; international, national and museum-related directories; illicit traffic-related publications and reports as well as endangered heritage and emergency contexts, photos and slides about ICOM are all situated at the UNESCO-ICOM Information Centre.
More than 2,000 references of these collections are presented in the ICOM website database.
Off-site Collections
Monographs, periodicals, museums catalogues are at the public disposal at the Documentation Centre of the Direction générale des patrimoines - Service des Musées de France and are available for consultation on the website




World Heritage List

For every property, an associated 'documents' tab displays nomination file, advisory body evaluation, management plan (if released), mission reports, World Heritage Committee decisions.

Database of National Cultural Heritage Laws - Unesco

The database offers access to national legislation relating to the cultural heritage in general, in other words the laws on the following main categories of heritage:

cultural heritage:
-tangible cultural heritage:
           ->immovable cultural heritage (monuments, archaeological sites, etc.)
           ->movable cultural heritage (paintings, coins, archaeological objects, etc.)
           ->underwater cultural heritage (shipwrecks, underwater cities, etc.
-intangible cultural heritage (oral traditions, performing arts, rituals, etc.)

natural heritage (natural sites, physical, biological or geological formations, etc.).

Council of Europe/ERICarts, "Compendium of Cultural Policies and Trends in Europe

42 countries currently participate in the Compendium Community. Its aim is to include all 50 member states co-operating within the context of the European Cultural Convention. Clicking on a country will direct you to quick facts and figures, cultural policy profiles and updates, key documents, profiles of the national experts, partner resources (LabforCulture and IFACCA).

- GCI page: Cultural Heritage Policy Documents

Sorted chronologically, an exhaustive list of cultural heritage protection standards (conventions, recommendations...) from the 19th century to contemporary area.

UNESDOC Database

Contains over 130 000 free downloadable documents in six official languages covering all UNESCO fields of competence since 1945 and publications edited by the Organization.



 National Institutions' collections


Canadian Conservation Institute library

The CCI Library has one of the largest conservation and museology collections in the world. The collections are regarded as an important source for conservation and museology literature on a wide variety of topics, such as preventive conservation, industrial collections, architectural heritage, fire and safety protection, museum planning, archaeological conservation, preservation in storage and display, exhibition design, disaster preparedness, and museum education. The holdings include a large selection of books on textiles, furniture, paintings, sculptures, prints and drawings, and archaeological and ethnological objects


The library at the English Heritage Archive

The library includes extensive collections on archaeology and architecture, and smaller sections on topics such as maritime studies, industrial archaeology, archive preservation and management, aerial photography and place-name studies. Around 1000 new titles are added each year and we also have around 400 current journal subscriptions 

Institut du Patrimoine library

(France) - The library collections reflect courses taken by the students of the Master "heritage restorers": theoretical knowledge (art history, iconography, history and ethics of restoration); artistic and technical knowledge; scientific knowledge: Physical and chemical properties of art works components and those used in restoration, risk of alteration of the works, research laboratories analytical methodology, equipment, tools and materials used in restoration, curative and preventive conservation,  aesthetic restoration measures...