Why join ICOMOS?

ICOMOS has over 10,500 members in over 150 countries. It is the largest global organisation of its kind, and includes professionals working in all of the disciplines associated with cultural heritage places. ICOMOS is an Advisory Body to the UNESCO World Heritage Committee.

Members of ICOMOS become part of an international professional network and can participate in expert meetings, professional workshops, scientific exchanges, site inspections and training programs all over the world.

Other membership benefits include:


Membership categories

The primary aim of ICOMOS is furthering the conservation of cultural heritage in its tangible and intangible aspects. It has four categories of members:

Some National Committees of ICOMOS have additional local categories of membership.


 How to become a member

Most ICOMOS members belong to the ICOMOS National Committee within their country. Where there is no National Committee in a country, members can belong to a Transnational Committee if one exists, or can belong to the International organisation directly through its headquarters in Paris.

If you wish to become a member of ICOMOS, you should therefore submit a membership application to your  National Committee or Transnational Committee if one exists.

If there is no National or Transnational Committee in your country, you can apply to join ICOMOS through the ICOMOS International Secretariat.

If your application for membership is rejected, or you receive no response to your application, you can appeal directly to the ICOMOS International Board. The appeal procedure is set out in Articles 18 and 86 of the Rules of Procedure.