2021 ICOMOS Annual General Assembly – Register now and consult the working documents

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The 2021 Annual General Assembly will take place in less than a month – it's time to register and study the working documents!

As you know, the General Assembly will be online on Monday 8 November 2021 – from 12h00 (noon) until 14h00 or 15h00 CET - Paris time. (In accordance with art. 9.c. of the ICOMOS Statutes, “should the voting members present and represented come from less than the required third of National Committees, the General Assembly shall be adjourned for one hour and reconvened, after which its decisions shall be valid regardless of the number of National Committees.”)


GO TO linkAll ICOMOS members wishing to attend the 2021 Annual General Assembly must register by filling out this online form by 5 November at the latest.

Working Documents and Voting

The General Assembly working documents and draft resolutions are available at this link.

The agenda includes all the items that are part of the General Assembly. Items blocked in grey will be addressed during the online session via Zoom and items in white will only be the object of voting on the voting platform (the same type that was used for the 2020 General Assembly). The voting platform will be open for 24 hours in parallel to the meeting session. Designated voting members will be provided with more information on the procedutres and voting, as well as the document presenting the online voting platform nearer to the date.

The results of the vote on the resolution will also be announced to all members via the Infor for Members newsletter.

Information session for members

The General Assembly will be preceded by an optional online Information Session in November:


ICOMOS International Secretariat


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