Annual and Extraordinary General Assemblies 2022 – Preliminary Agendas and Working documents


The ICOMOS Annual General Assembly and Extraordinary General Assembly
will take place in Bangkok, Thailand on 28 October 2022 in hybrid format.

Annual General Assembly

The meeting will take place on 28 October 2022 – from 16:00 to 18:00 or 19:00 ICT/GMT+7.
The agenda of the Annual General Assembly will focus on receiving the reports of the ICOMOS President and Treasurer on the management by the Board and the health and financial situation of the association; approving the annual report and accounts and discharging the Board, as well as voting on next year’s budget, doctrinal texts and membership fees 

Below you can find the preliminary Working documents for the 2022 Annual General Assembly:
(last updated on 28/06/2022) 

Agenda item

Document  Download
2 to 6 Draft Resolutions English / French
2-2 Report of the Credentials Committee English-French
2-2-1 Report of the Credentials Committee - Annex English
2-4 Preliminary Agenda

English / French

2-5 Minutes of the AGA 2021 English / French
3-1 Report by the President of ICOMOS English / French
3-2 Report by the Treasurer of ICOMOS English / French
4-1 2021 ICOMOS Annual accounts English / French
4-1-1 Reports of the statutory auditor on the 2021 accounts English / French
4-1-2 Additional comments on the 2021 accounts English / French
4-2 Draft Triennal Budget 2023-24-25 English / French
4-2-1 Revised 2022 budget and draft 2023 budget English / French
4-3 Proposal of membership fee adjustment English / French
6-1 ICOMOS Antarctic Archeology Guidelines (IPHC – International
Scientific Committee on Polar Heritage)
English / French / Russian / Spanish  
6-2 ICOMOS International Charter for Cultural  Heritage Tourisme (ICTC – International Scientific Committee on Cultural Tourism) English-Spanish / English-French

Extraordinary General Assembly

The technical opening of the Extraordinary General Assembly will take 24h before, on 27 October, to ascertain the quorum. The meeting will reconvene on the next day, on 28 October 2022 – from 15:00 to 16:00 ICT/GMT+7.The agenda of the Extraordinary General Assembly will focus on the adoption of some minor amendments to the ICOMOS Statutes.

Below you can find the preliminary Working documents for the 2022 Extraordinary General Assembly:
(last updated on 28/06/2022)

Agenda item

Document  Download
2 and 3 Draft Resolutions English / French
2-4 Preliminary Agenda

English / French

3-1 Presentation of the proposed amendments to the ICOMOS Statutes English / French

Informations sur le vote

All ICOMOS members have the right to attend both General Assemblies and may be designated as voting members under the conditions provided for in articles 9-a and 13-d-4 of the ICOMOS Statutes.

The agenda includes all items that are part of the General Assembly. Items highlighted in grey will be dealt within the sessions, and items in white will be voted on only on the voting platform. Designated voting members will receive more information on how to vote closer to the meeting date.

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