GA2020 | Coronavirus COVID-19 Statement 3

ICOMOS GA2020 StackedLargeSizesICOMOS has received the following statement from Australia ICOMOS, advising that owing to present restrictions and future uncertainties resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, they are unable to host the General Assembly in Sydney in October 2020.

The Board has accepted this decision and fully understands the reasons for it. It wants to express again its great thanks to the Sydney GA 2020 team for the huge preparation work that has already been accomplished but cannot, sadly, be brought to completion.

The Board and Secretariat are therefore actively investigating other ways in which the statutory requirements for the 2020 General Assembly can be met. An announcement will be made to members as soon as the Board and Secretariat have identified the most suitable way to proceed.


GA2020 Coronavirus COVID-19 Statement 3

Australia ICOMOS and the GA2020 team continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and extend their best wishes to ICOMOS members, their families and to the global cultural heritage community.

Australia ICOMOS is regrettably not able to host the ICOMOS General Assembly in Sydney in October 2020.

The Australia ICOMOS Executive Committee has reluctantly reached this decision in view of current restrictions and uncertainties about when social and economic life and international travel will return to normal in Australia and worldwide.

Australia ICOMOS will host a ‘marker’ event in October 2020 to acknowledge the enormous support and goodwill shown towards planning GA2020. The form of this event (which may occur online) is yet to be determined.

Australia ICOMOS is currently considering whether it can offer to host the General Assembly in 2023. This is a complex exercise and a final decision will be made and announced during May 2020.

In the meantime, the GA2020 registration process has been suspended, interested parties are being advised, and preparatory activities for 2020 have now ceased.

Australia ICOMOS acknowledges the difficulties that ICOMOS faces in holding its required statutory meetings in 2020, and also that these difficulties will need to be resolved at the International level.

Australia ICOMOS will continue to place the health and safety of delegates and ICOMOS and venue staff at the forefront of our decision making. We will continue to follow the advice of the World Health Organisation and to comply with the requirements of the Australian Government.

Australia ICOMOS remains committed to supporting and enriching the global work of ICOMOS.

The image of the Sydney Opera House is used under licence from the Sydney Opera House Trust

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