GA2020: Draft Resolutions - Guidelines for their presentation

Committees and members planning to submit a draft resolution to the 20th General Assembly are invited to take into account the following four articles of the Rules of Procedure, which refer to the early submission and processing of resolutions.

The role of the Resolutions Committee set up under Article 44 of the Rules of Procedure is to examine and report to the General Assembly on the presented draft resolutions according to the terms of Article 57. It shall have the right to coordinate and to evaluate the presented draft resolutions in order to obtain balance in substance and in form and may in this connection discuss the need for any draft resolution, or its text, with the member(s) or Committee(s) who submitted the draft resolution. In case of non-consensus between the Resolutions Committee and the member(s) or Committee(s), the different points of view are to be presented to the General Assembly.

In accordance with Article 57, 58 and 115:

Drafting and submission guidelines

Calendrier pictoICOMOS Committees and members wishing to submit draft resolutions are invited to send these to the International Secretariat at, by latest 3 October 2020.

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