European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018: How to Request the Label of the Year

EYCH2018 Logos Green EN 722018 is the European Year of Cultural Heritage (EYCH 2018). The overall objective of the Year is to encourage the sharing and appreciation of Europe’s cultural heritage, to raise awareness of our common history and values, and to reinforce a sense of belonging in a common European space.

The Year has its own visual identity, comprising a logo, a slogan and a hashtag:


As one of the official “stakeholders” for the European Year, ICOMOS has received the right to use the label for our activities in 2018. More importantly, ICOMOS is entitled to grant the EYCH label to European projects implemented by its members, National Committees, International Scientific Committees, institutional members or partners.

You can apply to ICOMOS for the EYCH 2018 label if you are a member, National Committee, International Scientific Committee, institutional member or partner of ICOMOS AND you are implementing a cross-border project that responds to the objectives of the EYCH 2018.

Please note:
If you are implementing a cross-border project that is EU-funded, you should apply to the European Commission.
If you are implementing a national, regional or local project, you should apply to the national coordinator for the EYCH in your country. Click here to download the list of national coordinators.

The Label Request document (click to download) explains how to request the label of the year from ICOMOS and includes the request form to submit to the ICOMOS International Secretariat via email at eych2018[at] at least 1 month prior to the event.
The International Secretariat will inform ICOMOS National Committees of accreditation requests for events taking place in their country. If the event is not organised by the National Committee, the NC will be asked to respond to the International Secretariat within 2 weeks of receipt of information. After two weeks, a lack of response from the National Committee will be interpreted as a positive response.

Europe Group Presidents are encouraged to translate the Label Request document in your own language and to share it with members of your National Committee.

To ensure the registration of your event for the national and/or European calendar, contact the national coordinator for the EYCH in your country or visit the national website (

If you have obtained accreditation from your national coordinator or the European Commission for an event, please inform the ICOMOS International Secretariat of your accredited events at eych2018[at] so that they can be added to the ICOMOS Online Calendar at

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