ICOMOS x CHARTER Emerging Professionals Interviews

Charter ITW 2023 ThumbnailA selection of European member profiles from the ICOMOS Emerging Professionals Working Group has been featured in a series of interviews coordinated by CHARTER. This new generation of heritage professionals offer a glimpse into their perspectives on the heritage sector as they take their first professional steps.

Meet young heritage professionals from Germany, Ireland, Spain and more...! Learn about their studies and first experiences in the heritage field.


Philipp Hesse Charter ICOMOS

1) Philipp Hesse / Germany / 32 years old

Philipp is an architect, owner of a Danish architecture office and part-time teacher at an architecture school in Germany for historical building construction and building registration.

He graduated with a Master of Arts (architecture/engineer).



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Sinead Scullion Charter ICOMOS

2) Sinéad Scullion / Ireland / 29 years old

Sinéad is an architect for an English company specialising in built heritage.

During her time as a student, Sinéad completed a BSc in Architectural Science and a Masters of Architecture, before receiving a scholarship from the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB), and graduating with a PDip (Professional Diploma) in Architectural Practice. 

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Roger Negredo Charter ICOMOS 3) Roger Negredo / Spain / 27 years old

Roger is a research assistant at HUMcore - Humanitarian Corridors, provides assistance with the World Heritage Leadership Programme at ICCROM in the LAC region at the Faculty of Communication and International Relations at the University of Blanquerna and handles social media for ICOMOS Spain.


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Clara Villalba Montaner Charter ICOMOS

4) Clara Villalba Montaner / Spain / 34 years old

Clara works as an architect at the Cultural Heritage Department of the regional government of Aragón, Spain.

She graduated with a Masters of Sciences in the Conservation of Monuments and Sites.



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Hector Manuel Aliaga de Miguel Charter ICOMOS

5) Héctor Manuel Aliaga De Miguel / Spain / 34 years old

Héctor is a PhD Candidate in the UNA-HER-DOC programme (European doctoral programme in cultural heritage), a European project technician and a travel guide specialised in architecture, urbanism and cultural heritage.

He graduated with a Masters on Cultural Heritage Management and Research.

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Laure Marique CHARTER ITW series
6) Laure Marique / Belgium / 32 years old

Laure is a cultural project officer and a member of the ICOMOS Belgium Board. She is also actively indvolved in 4 differents ICOMOS Working Groups, as well as in the International Scientific Committee ICORP (Risk Preparedness).

She graduated with a MA in interior architecture, a MA DYCLAM+ (Master Erasmus Mundus) and a MA in International Relations and Cultural Diplomacy.

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Meet The Young Cultural Heritage Professionals Marie Sophie de Clippele

7) Marie-Sophie de Clippele / Belgium / 35 years old

Marie-Sophie is an Assistant Professor in Law and a chair in Nature and Cultural Law. She is also active as expert in several heritage associations and takes part in the public debate around heritage matters.

She graduated with a Doctor in Law.

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Brandi Hall Crossgrove CHARTER
8) Brandi Hall-Crossgrove / US-UK / 41 years old

Brandi is a World Heritage Site Coordinator for Ironbridge Gorge and coordinates the management and protection of the site. She is currently finishing a PhD in World Heritage Management.

She graduated with a BA in International Studies, a MA in Comparative History and a MA in Heritage Management.

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