Round Table Water and Heritage, ICOMOS, Paris

On December 4th, at the international secretariat of ICOMOS near Paris, ICOMOS Netherlands organized a Round Table Water and heritage. In these times of climate change, it intended to highlight the importance of water management for the preservation of cultural and natural heritage under climate change

, and to discuss the relevance of water related heritage to adapt to climate change impacts. To honour and sustain our cultural and natural heritage, our cultural and natural  DNA, the awareness about  these historical values of heritage should be a source of inspiration to ensure a sustainable future; this is in line with the Statement of Amsterdam.

After a warm word of welcome by Marie Laure Lavenir (SG of ICOMOS Paris), Diederik Six (President ICOMOS Nl), presented the ICOMOS Nl film on Water and Heritage and an introduction on the topic Water and Climate. Erik Luijendijk (Board Member ICOMOS Nl) introduced the international conference on Water and Climate. Henk van Schaik (Ambassador Water and Heritage ICOMOS Nl) introduced the book Water & Heritage, material, conceptual and spiritual connections. Blanca Jimenez Cisneros (Director Global Water IHP Programme of UNESCO) presented the perspective on Water and Heritage of UNESCO.  After the break Henk van Schaik presented on behalf of Dr Nairizi (President of ICID) the World Heritage Systems programme of the WWC and ICID and the message of the President of ICID. Lastly, Mrs Heidi Jonker presented the concerns of water affecting cultural heritage in the city of Gouda. 

The Round Table was attended by Diederik Six, Robert Quarles van Ufford, Jurn and Dunya Buisman, Erik Luijendijk and Henk van Schaik (all ICOMOS Nl), Marie Laure Lavenir (ICOMOS, Paris), Blanca Jimenez Cisneros (UNESCO), Andrew Potts and Cristina Banahan (US ICOMOS), Mascha Wisman (Netherlands Embassy), Heidi Jonker, activist in Gouda and Burak Goraler, Merve Aytas and Arvind Khoenkhoen, students. 


Water & Heritage Material, conceptual and spiritual connections Edited by Willem J.H. Willems (✝) & Henk P.J. van Schaik | 2015.
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