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Sub-Zone 1.

Morocco - Mauritania - Western Sahara 

- Sous zone 1: Maroc / Sahara atlantique marocain - Mauritanie
Abdellah SALIH 

- Sub-Zone 1: Mauritania - Western Sahara

Sub-Zone 2. 
Algeria - Tunisia

- Sous zone 2: Algérie - Tunisie
Christian DUPUY

Sub-Zone 3. 
Niger - Mali - Chad

- Sub-Zone 3: Niger

- Sous zone 3: Mali / Adrar des Iforas
Christian DUPUY

- Sous zone 3: Tchad
Roberta SIMONIS, Adriana SCARPA FALCE et Donatella CALATI

Sub-Zone 4. 
Libya - Egypt - Northern Sudan

- Sous zone 4: Libye / Plateau du Messak
Axel et Anne-Michelle VAN ALBADA

- Sous zone 4: Libye - Égypte - Nord du Soudan

Rock Art in Sahara and North Africa: Conclusions


I - ICOMOS Brief for Contributors

Orientations de l'ICOMOS à l'attention des contributeurs 

II - Illustrations 

Anita Smith and Kevin L. Jones

December 2007

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Part 1: Foreword
Susan Denyer

Part 2: Context for the Thematic Study
Anita Smith
- Purpose of the thematic study
- Background to the thematic study
- ICOMOS 2005 ?Filling the Gaps - An Action Plan for the Future?
- Pacific Island Cultural Landscapes: making use of this study

Part 3: Thematic Essay: The Cultural Landscapes of the Pacific Islands
Anita Smith

The Pacific Islands: a Geo-Cultural Region
- The environments and sub-regions of the Pacific
- Colonization of the Pacific Islands and the development of Pacific Island societies
- European contact, the colonial era and decolonisation
- The ?transported landscapes? of the Pacific
- Principle factors contributing to the diversity of cultural Landscapes in the Pacific Islands
Organically Evolved Cultural Landscapes of the Pacific
- Pacific systems of horticulture ? continuing cultural landscapes
- Change through time in horticultural systems - relict horticultural and agricultural cultural landscapes
- Arboriculture in the Pacific Islands
- Land tenure and settlement patterns
- Social systems and village structures
- Social, ceremonial and burial places
- Relict landscapes of war in the Pacific Islands
- Organically evolved cultural landscapes in the Pacific Islands: in conclusion
Cultural Landscapes of the Colonial Era

Associative Cultural Landscapes and Seascapes
- Storied landscapes and seascapes
- Traditional knowledge: associations with the land and sea
Part 4: Cultural Landscape Portfolio
Kevin L. Jones

Part 5: The Way Forward
Susan Denyer, Kevin L. Jones and Anita Smith
- Findings of the study
- Protection, conservation and management
- Recording and documentation
- Recommendations for future work


Annex I - References
Annex II
- Illustrations
- Illustrations Part 3
- Illustrations Part 4

Underwater cultural heritage at risk: 
Managing natural and human impacts

Heritage at Risk - Special Edition
Edited by Robert Grenier, David Nutley and Ian Cochran
(April 2006)

Underwater cultural heritage at risk: 
Managing natural and human impacts 

Patrimoine culturel subaquatique en peril:
Gérer les impacts naturels et humains 

Patrimonio cultural subacuatico en peligro:
Gestion del impacto natural y humano 

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Edited by Jörg Haspel, Michael Petzet, Anke Zalivako and John Ziesemer
(April 2006)

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The Heritage at Risk Special Edition "The Soviet Heritage and European Modernism" is available for download in PDF format. You can either download the full version (PDF, 11.3 MB)or the individual articles below. In order to open the documents, you need to have the Adobe Reader software installed on your computer. If not otherwise noted, the texts are in English.


The Soviet Heritage and European Modernism

Initial Statements

I. The International Day for Monuments and Sites 2006 in Moscow - a Summary

II. Heritage Saved from Risk - Case Studies from Moscow and the Former Soviet Union

III. "Heritage at Risk" & Case Studies from Moscow and the Former Soviet Union

IV. World Heritage Sites of the 20th Century � German Case Studies

V. Moscow - Berlin: Interchanges and Heritage of the 20th Century

ICOMOS Germany



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