18 avril 2016 - Événements

Olympic stadium AmsterdamLe thème 2016 de la Journée internationale des monuments et des sites célébrée par l'ICOMOS le 18 avril est: Le patrimoine du sport 
«Le sport fait partie du patrimoine de tout homme et de toute femme et rien ne pourra jamais compenser son absence» - Pierre de Coubertin

Événements par pays 

Albanie - Allemagne Arabie Saoudite - ArgentineArménie - Australie - Bosnie-Herzégovine - Bulgarie - Chine - ChypreCosta Rica - Côte d'IvoireCroatie - ÉcosseEspagne - Etats-Unis d'AmériqueFrance - Grèce - Inde - IranIrlande - Italie - Japon - Lituanie - Luxembourg - Macédoine du nord- Malaisie - NépalNigeria - Portugal - République Démocratique du CongoRépublique TchèqueSerbie - Slovénie - Suède - TunisieTurquie - Venezuela

NB: The language of the descriptions is such as we received them. 

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Qui ? ICOMOS Albania in collaboration with University of Tirana (Archaeology and Culture heritage department) 
Quoi ? Heritage of Sports - sports in antiquity. The event will consist in visiting the new archaeological excavations of the site as well as discussion about the activities and sports in Amantia in ancient times. The event will be held in the 3rd century stadium of the ancient city of Amantia. Note: The ancient stadium of Amantia was built in the 3rd century BCE. It has 300 places designated for the spectators. The stadium is the best-preserved monument and situated about 150 metros outside of the surrounding walls of the city. Part of it was discovered in 1949 during an archaeological expedition. 
Quand ? from 14-22 April 2016-to be decided yet
Où ? Archaeological park of Amantia, Plloçë, Vlorë, Albania.
Contact officiel : edlira.caushi[at]gmail.com
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Qui ? ICOMOS Germany, together with the conservation department of Hessen and the city of Darmstadt
Quoi ? International Conference “A city, we need to build an entire city!” The Darmstadt Artists’ Colony on the Mathildenhöhe. The “Mathildenhöhe” is on the German Tentative List.
Quand ? April 17-19, 2016
Où ?
 darmstadtium, Darmstadt
Contact officiel : icomos[at]icomos.de
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Arabie Saoudite

Qui ? Saudi Heritage Preservation Society
Quoi ? Heritage & Art forum of Saudi Arabia. The forum will hold a Dialogue Session on the role of international organizations in the preservation and maintenance of museums and antiquities.
Quand ? from 17 to 20 of April 2016
Où ? King Fahad Cultural Centre in Riyadh


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Qui ? El Comité Argentino de ICOMOS, la Facultad de Arquitectura y Diseño de la Universidad Católica de La Plata (UCALP) junto al Colegio de Arquitectos Distrito 1, con el auspicio de la Fundación Ciudad de La Plata, la Cámara de Turismo Regional La Plata y UNESCO
Quoi ? Las 3ras Jornadas Latinoamericanas de Patrimonio y Desarrollo. ICOMOS Argentina y las instituciones organizadoras estamos trabajando en una serie de actividades que se desarrollarán entre los días 20 y 23 de abril, donde se cuenta con la conferencia del urbanista catalán Jordi Borja, distintas disertaciones de personalidades de la cultura y el patrimonio cultural y más de noventa ponencias enviadas desde distintos puntos del país.
Quand ? 20 y 23 de abril de 2016
Où ? La Plata
Site Internet officiel : http://icomos.org.ar/patrimonioydesarrollo/ https://www.facebook.com/icomosarg


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Qui ? ICOMOS/Armenia, ''Erebuni'' Historical & Archaeological Museum-Reserve
Quoi ? Exhibition ‘‘Lion and bull hunting in the Urartian state’’ dedicated to the lion and bull ritual hunting, which was original and unusual competition and included some sporty elements.
Quand ? April 18, 2016
Où ? Armenia, Yerevan, Erebuni 38str.
Contact officiel : +374 10 43 89 53 / +374 10 52 35 01
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1. The Jim Kerr Address on the International Day for Monuments & Sites
Qui ? Australia ICOMOS in association with the Sydney Opera House and the Heritage Council of NSW
Quoi ? The Jim Kerr Address pays respect to his legacy by perpetuating open inquiry into the understanding of place and the constant review of progress in conservation philosophy and practice. The guest speaker will be Joseph Skrzynski AO, with the title “From Griffin to Utzon and From “The Man from Snowy River” to “Go Back To Where You Came From”.
Quand ? 5pm, 18 April 2016
Où ? Utzon Room, Sydney Opera House, Bennelong Point, Sydney 2000
Contact officiel : Australia ICOMOS Secretariat, austicomos[at]deakin.edu.au
Site Internet officiel : http://australia.icomos.org/events/april-18/

2. Tour of Adelaide Oval, Adelaide
Qui ? Australia ICOMOS 
Quoi ? The tour will be run by one of Adelaide Oval’s expert volunteer guides. The tour will take you behind the scenes at Adelaide Oval and include access to restricted areas, such as the old scoreboard, media and player areas. 
Quand ? 10.00am, 10 April 2016
Où ? Adelaide Oval, Adelaide
Contact officiel : Australia ICOMOS Secretariat, austicomos[at]deakin.edu.au
Site Internet officiel : http://australia.icomos.org/events/april-18/

3. Australia ICOMOS / National Trust (VIC) conference: The People’s Ground
Qui ? Australia ICOMOS and National Trust (VIC)
Quoi ? The extraordinary Melbourne Cricket Ground – popularly “The People’s Ground”- is the inspiration for this conference. This acknowledges that heritage is for and about people and community. Whilst place is central to conceptions of heritage, is it not intangible values – stories, memories, connections, emotions – that reveal and sustain our heritage?
Quand ? 5-8 October 2016
Où ? Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne, Australia
Contact officiel : Conference Secretariat, bradley[at]ccm.com.au 
Site Internet officiel : http://thepeoplesground.com.au/


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Bosnie Herzégovine

Qui ? ICOMOS Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ilijaš Municipality, Local NGOs 
Quoi ? Sports on Dubrovnik old town walls. Sport activities in nature and on mountains 
Quand ? 17 April 2016
Où ? Bosnia & Herzegovina, Ilijaš Municipality area, Old town Dubrovnik and Kopošići


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Qui ? Bulgarian National Committee of ICOMOS and Architectural Heritage at Union of Architect in Bulgarian
Quoi ? The Amphitheater of Ulpia Serdica. At the meeting Mr. Zharin Velichkov, main archaeologist of the excavations will made a presentation and will be discussed the problems of this type of monuments in Bulgaria.
Quand ? 18 April 2016
Où ? Bulgaria, Sofia, 11, Krakra str. Union of Architects in Bulgaria
Contact officiel : ICOMOS Bulgaria, Bulgaria, Sofia, 11, Slaveykov sqr., 00359 2 980 60 50
Site Internet officiel : www.icomos-bg.org


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1. Dong Ethnic Village Traditional Mountain Climbing and Antiphonal Singing Festival
Qui ? Suining County World Heritage Nomination Preparation Office
Quand ? April 9, 2016
Où ? Shangbao Dong Village, Suining County, Hunan Province
Contact officiel : Wang Zaixu by +86 13973937476; Huang Yuandong by +86 13517397138

2. Beihai Imperial Park Exhibition on “Imperial Ice Sports” 
Qui ? Beihai Park Administration Center 
Quand ? two weeks around April 18
Où ? the Northern Bank of Beihai Park, Beijing

3. “Chinese Ancient Sports Carnival”
Qui ? Beijing University, School of Archaeology and Museology 
Quoi ? Main Activities: Reviving ancient Chinese traditional sports like “Cuju (Ancient Chinese football)”, “Touhu”(a noble game normally during feast in which the winner was decided by the number of arrows thrown into a distant pot)“Mushe” (a Bowling game-like ball game in Tang Dynasty), “Kongzhu”(diabolo), “Tuoluo (Spinning Top)” etc. through theme lectures, public education and carnival.
Quand ? April 2016
Où ? Beijing University 
Contact officiel : Mr. CHEN Fangjun by +86 10 62767077
Site Internet officiel : http://archaeology.pku.edu.cn

4. “Heritage of Sports at the Site of Jinsha”
Qui ? Museum of Archaeological Site of Jinsha
Quoi ? Main Activities: “Chinese Ancient Sports Related Cultural Relics Graphic Exhibition”, “Jinsha Site Cultural Heritage Conservation Photo Exhibition”, “Back to Jinsha Village, Experiencing Ancient Sports” 
Quand ? April 18- May 8, 2016
Où ? Jinsha Site Museum, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province
Contact officiel : HUANG Yujie at +86 15828080621
Site Internet officiel : http://www.jinshasitemuseum.com

5. “Heritage of Sports” Serial Public Promotion Events Celebrating the 4.18 International Day of Monuments and Sites
Qui ? Xi’an Beilin (Stele Forest) Museum
Quoi ? Main activities: public seminar, guided tour, printed handouts. Key Words: Xi’an Confucius Temple, Stele Forest, Conservation and Continuation
Quand ? April 18, 2016
Où ? the Museum Square

6. 4.18 International Day of Monuments and Sites Celebration and Promotion
Qui ? Shanxi Provincial Research Institute on Ancient Architecture Conservation
Quoi ? Main Activities: making posters and promotional brochures, raising public awareness on cultural heritage conservation
Quand ? around April 18
Où ? Important historic architectures including Foguang Temple, Nanchan Temple and other heritage sites

7. Lanting Xu (“Preface to the Poems Collected from the Orchid Pavilion" the work of the most famous Chinese Calligrapher Wang Xizhi in the year 353)Traditional Spring Folklore Exhibition 
Qui ? Liuchao (Six Dynasty) Museum)
Quand ? April 2, 2016/ March 3 on Chinese Lunar Calendar
Où ? Liuchao Museum, Changjiang Road No. 302, Nanjing City
Contact officiel : Ms. SONG Yan by +86 13851572504

8. Seminar “Activate Cultural Heritage”
Qui ? Shaanxi Provincial Cultural Heritage Academy 
Quoi ? Keynote Speaker: Professor DUAN Qingbo, Archaeologist, Deputy Director of Cultural Heritage School, Northwest University of China
Quand ? 9:30 am, April 17
Où ? Multifunctional Hall of the Academy


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Qui ? Europa Nostra Cyprus
Quoi ? 'Winners of EU Prize for Cultural Heritage/ Europa Nostra Awards from Cyprus' Symposium on the World Heritage Day 2016
Seminar: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yonca Kösebay Erkan (from Kadir Has University; Member of ICOMOS and Europa Nostra): Community Involvement in Cultural Heritage Conservation through EU Prize for Cultural Heritage/Europa Nostra
Tiziana Zennaro: Study, Assessment and Design for the Structural and Architectural Restoration of the Bedestan
Agni Petridou: The restoration of Famagusta Gate and The re-adaptation of the old Power house
Paolo Vitti: The restoration of the Armenian church and monastery
Athina Papadopoulou: Restoration of Omeriye Ottoman Baths
Gul Oztek: Architectural Heritage of the Buffer Zone in the Walled City of Nicosia
George Zissimos: Home for Cooperation: Educational Centre in the Buffer Zone of Nicosia
Christos Mitsingas: Lions Home, the restoration and re-adaptation to a multipurpose building in Nicosia
Nasso Chrysochou: Restoration of the monastery of panagia tou Sinti
Quand ? April 18th, 6pm
Où ? Armenian Monastery & Church Complex in Arabahmet Neighborhood- Nicosia


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Costa Rica

Qui ? ICOMOS Costa Rica
Quoi ? Día Internacional de los Monumentos y Sitios Históricos - El Patrimonio del Deporte

Quand ? Thursday 14 and Friday 15 April 2016, 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Où ?
 Parque La Libertad http://www.parquelalibertad.org/ 

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Côte d'Ivoire

Qui ? Messieurs Gonné Franck Privat et Gama Gnizako Junior, ainsi que Mesdemoiselles Yao Affoué Alphonsine et Lawani Alimatou. Association Benkadi Joie Production Section Côte d’Ivoire
Quoi ? Des visites du Stade Félix Houphouët-Boigny et le Palais des sports de Treichville.
Quand ? 18 Avril 2016
Où ? Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire
Contact officiel : +225 09 13 05 98/ 59 79 47 50
Pour pour d'informations : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stade_F%C3%A9lix_Houphou%C3%ABt-Boigny


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Qui ? ICOMOS Croatia 
Quoi ? Dialogues with Heritage (Dijalozi s bastinom), focusing on the Fortification Architecture in Croatia
Quand ? 22 and 23 April 2016
Où ? University of Rijeka


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Qui ? Historic Environment Scotland
Quoi ? Run by new heritage body, Historic Environment Scotland, the family-friendly event will give visitors the opportunity to be transported back to the Antonine Wall 1800 years ago, to see what it was like when the Romans first built it; or take a virtual tour of Maeshowe Neolithic chambered cairn in Orkney - using the latest in cutting edge virtual reality headset technology. For those who wish to try out their creative skills, there is a wide range of craft activities to take part in.
Quand ? Monday 18 April 2016, the event will run from 11am - 4pm and entrance is free and non-ticketed.
Où ? National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh
Contact officiel : For more information contact the World Heritage Coordination Team on 0131 668 8763 or email worldheritage[at]hes.scot
Site Internet officiel : http://www.historic-scotland.gov.uk/news_article.htm?articleid=48243


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Qui ? Spanish National Committee of ICOMOS (CNE) and Secondary School (IES) “Sánchez Cantón” – CGTD of Pontevedra, Mª Esther del Castillo who is a Member of the CNE and Teacher of History, and students of Geography of the second course of Bachillerato at the same School.
Quoi ? Didactic Approach of sportsmen to Sport Heritage –– IES Sánchez Cantón / CGTD Pontevedra (Spain). The ICOMOS CNE wishes to participate by organizing a didactic activity which may contribute to spread knowledge of the History of Sports among a group specially linked to this field as it is the case of the students of the Sánchez Cantón Institute that is ascribed to the Galician Centre of Sportive Technical Advance. The activity shall consist on the elaboration of publicity’s poster of the event and a power point presentation on the history of the sports and the historic heritage in this field. Just on 28 April 2016 an exhibit of commented images of the history of sport and its artistic and heritage representations in different cultures will be open at the virtual classroom of the centre. 
Quand ? 18 April 2016
Où ? Spain, Pontevedra, Padre Fernando Olmedo s/n.
Contact officiel : María Esther del Castillo. mestherdcf[at]yahoo.es
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Qui ? Spanish National Committee of ICOMOS (CNE)

Quoi ? On 18 April 2016, the International Day of Heritage devoted to the Sports, the ICOMOS Spanish National Committee (ICOMOS SPAIN) is planning to hold a commented visit to “La Zarzuela Hippodrome” (Hipódromo de Zarzuela) in Madrid, devoted to all our members and other interested persons. The visit shall be guided by qualified specialists of the said committee.
Quand ? 18 April 2016
Où ? Spain, Madrid. The La Zarzuela Hippodrome is located at Avenida Padre Huidobro s/n. 28023 Aravaca (Madrid), Km. 7.8 of the NW A-6.
Contact officiel : ICOMOS Spain icomoshispania[at]gmail.com
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États-Unis d'Amérique - Géorgie

Qui ? Master of Historic Preservation Program in the University of Georgia College of Environment and Design, University of Georgia Athletic Association, Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication, and University of Georgia Libraries
Quoi ? UGA – The Heritage of Support. A panel discussion celebrating the heritage of sport and its impact on the campus and community. There will be a short video presentation followed by a panel with Verne Lundquist, CBS Sports commentator, Tony Barnhart, newspaper columnist and broadcaster, Vince Dooley, legendary head football coach, athletic director and historian, and Danny Sniff, faculty member in the College of Environment and Design and former associate vice president for facilities planning at the University. The panel will be moderated by Loran Smith, a prolific author and noted sports broadcaster. A special one-day exhibit of photographs and memorabilia illustrating the heritage of sport at the University will be on display. A reception will follow. The event is free and open to the public.
Quand ? April 11, 2016, 4:00 pm
Où ? Richard Russell Special Collections Library Auditorium, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia USA
Contact officiel : James K. Reap, jreap[at]uga.edu
Site Internet officiel : www.ced.uga.edu
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Qui ? ICOMOS France
Quoi ? « L’architecture et la pratique sportive au centre d’une œuvre civilisatrice » ICOMOS France organise conférence suivie d’une table-ronde sur le rôle de l’architecture dans la formalisation des pratiques sportives à travers l’histoire moderne et contemporaine. L’événement fera intervenir différents spécialistes de l’architecture sportive : historiens de l’architecture, journalistes, architectes et architectes en chef des monuments historiques ayant travaillé sur des sites sportifs patrimoniaux. 
Quand ? 18 avril 2016, 14h
Où ? Stade Charléty, Paris 13e
Contact officiel : contact[at]icomosfrance.fr
Site Internet officiel : http://france.icomos.org
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Qui ? Co-organised by ICOMOS Hellenic National Committee, World Pangration Athlema Federation, Hellenic Pangration Athlema Federation, Wrestling Hellenic Federation and the Society for the Revival of the Nemean Games
Quoi ? 1. The meaning of the International Day on Monuments and Sites 2016: “The Heritage of Sport”. 2. Demonstration of Pangration and Wrestling Games at the ancient stadium of Nemea.
Quand ? Sunday, June 12 2016 
Où ? Ancient stadium of the archaeological site of Nemea, Korinthia Prefecture.
Contact officiel : ICOMOS Hellenic National Committee, Peireos 73, 10553, Athens Greece, icomoshellenic[at]gmail.com
Site Internet officiel : www.icomoshellenic.gr
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Qui ? Gudiyam Group
Quoi ? “In Search of Prehistory “ 1. Trek and Trip to prehistoric site India, Chennai, Gudiyam Caves, Goonipalayam, Tamil Nadu 602023 2. Documentary screening and lecture at - India, Chennai, Address - hall to be booked
Quand ? 16 April 2016 & 17 April 2016
Où ? India, Chennai
Contact officiel : +918939968399
Site Internet officiel : www.gudiyamcaves.in
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Qui ? Deshkal in association with various organisations like People Green Society
Quoi ? We have identified Kolkata-Dum Dum located on the bank of Holy Ganga river as our destination to be celebrated among local school children and youth. Once the said route was the main passage for European people like Portuguese, Dutch, French, Armenian and British for trade and commerce. Even Chinese travellers also used the same route to reach the birth place of Lord Buddha. Many monuments and heritage sites were constructed during the old days, some of them are still visible.
Quand ? 18 April 2016
Contact officiel : Shyamal Ghsoh, Editor, Deshkal deshkal_kol[at]yahoo.com

Qui ? Social Science Club, Dept. of Education, Aligarh Muslim University Malappuram, Kerala, India
Quoi ? Documentary Show and Open Forum on "The Heritage of Sport"
Quand ? 18/04/2016 at 14.30
Où ? Conference Hall, Dept. of Education, Aligarh Muslim University Malappuram, Kerala, India Official contact : 00-91-9447 677 960
Site Internet officiel : www.amu.ac.in/malappuram

Qui ? Wildlife Institute of India
Quoi ? A series of events for school students residing near two UNESCO World Heritage Sites (WHS) of India i.e Nanda Devi National Park, Uttarakhand and Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP), Himachal Pradesh. The target participants also included the students from National Institute of Visually Handicapped (NIVH) and WII staff and their family members. The celebration of the day was focused on giving awareness and exposure to school students through lectures, field visit, fun activities and cultural performances.
Quand ? 18 April 2016
Où ? Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun
Site Internet officiel : http://www.wii.gov.in/world_heritage_day_2016


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Qui ? Iran ICOMOS
Quoi ? The president, Dr Mahdi Hodjat began the event by delivering a welcome speech and an introductory statement on sports. Next, Negin Maleki, the secretary, recited the ICOMOS Statement on the 2016 theme, the heritage of sport. This was followed by two presentations. Mr Mohammadreza Riyazi, the first presenter, spoke about his book, The Precedence of Sports in Historic Art and Objects, and Dr Shahram Pazoki, the second presenter, gave a speech on “The Philosophy behind Sport.” The event was concluded by a reception.
Quand ? Sunday, April 17, 2016
Où ? Iran ICOMOS headquarters, the Qavamoldoleh House, a house from the Qajar era, located in the historic district of Tehran


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Qui ? ICOMOS Ireland Intangible Cultural Heritage National Scientific Committee to commemorate the UNESCO day of Culture and Sport. 
Quoi ? 'An illustrated History of Hurling'. Talk on April 12th with Paul Rouse on the History of Hurling. Hurling, along with the Uilleann pipes, is one of the aspects of our intangible heritage tentatively inscribed under the UNESCO Convention for Intangible Heritage which Ireland signed last December. Paul Rouse is a lecturer at the School of History in University College Dublin. His book Sport and Ireland: A History has just been published by Oxford University Press. He has written extensively on the history of the Gaelic Athletic Association and is currently writing a book on the creation of the modern game of hurling.
Quand ? At 1900hrs on April 12th
Où ?
 Helen Roe theatre, 63 Merrion Square. ICOMOS Ireland members and non-members are welcome to this outreach event. Donations will be invited on the night.

Contact officiel : Bairbre Ní Fhloinn (bairbre.nifhloinn[at]ucd.ie), Lecturer in Irish Folklore/Béaloideas Éireann, School of Irish, Celtic Studies and Folklore, University College Dublin, is convenor of the Irish NSC on Intangible Heritage.


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Qui ? "L'Osteria Volante"
Quoi ? A debate at the UNESCO site "Orto Botanico dell'Università degli studi di Padova" open for free to all citizens
Quand ? Monday 18 April 2016 from 20:30 to 23:30
Où ?
 Orto Botanico, Aula storica - Via Orto Botanico, 15, 35123 Padova, Italy

Site Internet officiel : https://www.eventbrite.it/e/biglietti-i-dialoghi-de-losteria-volante-il-patrimonio-culturale-e-di-tutti-24251856957


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Qui ? Japan ICOMOS National Committee
Quoi ? Japan ICOMOS Seminar on Yoyogi Gymnasiums by Kenzo TANGE. Prof. Toyokawa Saikaku, who got Japan ICOMOS Encouragement Award 2015 for his intensive research on Kenzo Tange, gives a lecture about Yoyogi Gymnasiums and their meaning among Tange’s works.
Quand ? 19th March 2016
Où ? Japan, Tokyo, Hitotsubashi 2-5-5-B1F, Chiyoda-ku
Contact officiel : Japan ICOMOS National Committee, jpicomos[at]japan-icomos.org


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Qui ? ICOMOS Lithuania and "Ekskursas" team: young architects, art historians, specialists on cultural heritage and historians from Kaunas. Volunteer initiative of 8 people.
Quoi ? "Ekskursas: Sport Heritage from Kaunas interwar period". "Ekskursas" name stands for concise, but qualitative excursion of 30 to 45 min. Excursions are free of charge, open to all citizens, however we ask people to register online in order to control the flow of people. First cycle of events was organised in 2015 October. "Ekskursas" celebrates an award of European heritage label to Kaunas interwar architecture. For 18 of April we have selected three objects within the Sports University campus. They are: the main campus building of Lithuanian Sports University, Kaunas Sports Hall and Darius and Girėnas Stadium. "Ekskursas" would organise three visits to each of the objects on the selected day. Visitors can choose time (12:00, 13:00 or 14:00) and one of the three objects to visit.
Quand ? April 17 - Sunday. 12:00-15:00.
Où ? Sport street 6, Kaunas, Lithuania.
Contact officiel : ekskursas[at]gmail.com
Site Internet officiel : www.ekskursas.ltwww.icomos.lt
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Qui ? ICOMOS Luxembourg
Quoi ? Une visite du Centre national sportif et culturel ("Coque") construit de 1984 à 2002 par l'architecte Roger Taillibert.
Quand ? 18 avril à 17h. Ouverte au public dans la limite des places disponibles.


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Macédoine du nord

Qui ? ICOMOS Macedonia
Quoi ? Press Conference with following Agenda: 
Importance of 18th of April
Present activities of ICOMOS Macedonia and planned activities in 2016
Planned activities of ICOMOS International in 2016
Quand ? 18 April 2016


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Qui ? Organizers: ICOMOS Malaysia, Melaka World Heritage Sdn. Bhd, George Town World Heritage Inc, National Visual Art Gallery Malaysia. 
Sponsors: Faber Castell, Rupajiwa Studio. 
Official Volunteer Platform: iM4U

Quoi ? The 'ICOMOS Malaysia Children Art Competition 2016' wishes to celebrate our love for Malaysia's heritage food. Children between the age of 7 to 12 are eligible to participate under two categories; Category A- age 7 to 9 and Category B- age 10 to 12. The competition does not require an entry fee. Entries are judged on originality, artistic merit and expression of the theme. Winners for each category will receive cash prizes, certificates of achievements, and Faber Castell's stationery.
Quand ? 17 April 2016, 9.30am-12.30pm
Où ? First Floor, National Visual Art Gallery Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Tukang Besi-Jalan Tukang Emas-Jalan Tokong, Melaka
Armenian Park, George Town, Pulau Pinang
Contact officiel :
Kuala Lumpur: Ridzwan, +603 282 0514 or admin[at]icomos.org.my
Melaka: Harith, +606 282 0514, melakawhsb[at]gmail.com
Pulau Pinang: Tan Kim Keat, +604 261 6606, imkeat[at]gwthi.com.my
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Qui ? Youth Awareness Environmental Forum, YAEF/Nepal
Quoi ? Running and interaction programme on the importance of heritage on 18 April 2016 in Lalitpur Godawari Area, which is the major water resources area and most important cultural heritage site in Kathmandu Valley. Radio Paryabaran 104.2 MHz established by Youth Awareness Environmental Forum is community-based radio. It will broadcast a heritage related slogan on 17th, 18th and 19th April 18 hour daily.
Quand ? 18 April 2016 at 8:00 a.m.
Où ? Lalitpur Godawari Area, Kathmandu, Nepal and Godawari 10 Badegaon, Radio Paryabaran 104.2mhZ
Contact officiel : yaefast[at]gmail.com. 977-1-5560782. Messages (well wishes) can be sent by Fax 5560782.
Site Internet officiel : www.yaefnepal.org.np

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Qui ? ICOMOS Nigeria
Quoi ? At the Headquarters of the Commission in Abuja, the launch of a book titled “The History of Sports in Nigeria” in partnership with the author of the book, the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) and the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports is planned along with a pictorial exhibition on the theme. The pictorial exhibition will focus on historic venues and sites related with Sports history in Nigeria as well as individuals and teams who have made remarkable contributions in the history of Sports in Nigeria.
In the other stations across Nigeria, various events and activities including exhibitions, public lectures, traditional sports competitions and mini sporting festivals are planned.
Quand ? 18 April 2016
Où ? Headquarters of the Commission in Abuja
Contact officiel : 'Dipo Alafiatayo, Secretary General, ICOMOS Nigeria
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Qui ? National Museum Maiduguri 
Quoi ? Borno traditional Boxing (Dambe) and Wrestling (Nguwa) competition and media chat with museum's, traditionalist and sports officials. 
Quand ? 18 April 2016
Où ? Nigeria, Maiduguri, Sports Centre
PMB 1029 Maiduguri, Borno State Nigeria
Site Internet officiel : www.nigheritage.ca

Qui ? National Museum, Esie
Quoi ? “Race, Match and Lecture”. Marathon race and Novelty match among different ethnic groups in the neighbourhood aimed at giving value to healthy living. Prizes would be awarded to winners of events. Later in the day a scholarly public lecture on our sub-theme: Sports: A health activity for a healthy Society would be delivered by a university don where an audience of one thousand listeners would be in attendance. 
Quand ? 18 April 2016
Où ? Esie – Kwara State, Nigeria
Contact officiel : esiemuseum[at]yahoo.com
Site Internet officiel : ncmm.gov.org
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Qui ? ICOMOS Portugal et Direction Générale du Patrimoine Culturel. L’ICOMOS Portugal et la Direction Générale du Patrimoine Culturel (DGPC), en partenariat, coordonnent toutes les années la célébration du 18 avril, impliquant dans cet évènement les mairies du pays.
Quoi ? Cette année plus de 750 évènements (réalisés entre 16-18 avril) sont réunis dans une seule plateforme digitale. La DGPC et l'ICOMOS Portugal organisent aussi un séminaire (18 avril) sur « Le Patrimoine du Sport au Portugal », qui permettra de connaître le travail de chercheurs liés au patrimoine du sport national, et notamment les stratégies sur la préservation de cet héritage, fait d’évènements, de personnes, de petits objets et de grandes architectures.
Quand ? 16, 17 et 18 avril (séminaire)
Où ? Dans des différents régions de Portugal ; Séminaire : Lisbonne, Faculté de Motricité Humaine, Estrada da Costa, Cruz Quebrada
Contact officiel : Direction Générale du Patrimoine Culturel : T. (351) 213 650 846 / 842 ; dims[à]dgpc.pt ; ICOMOS Portugal : T. (351) 917640131
Site Internet officiel : www.patrimoniocultural.pt, www.icomos.pt

Qui ? Angra do Heroísmo's Municipality
Quoi ? To celebrate the International Day for Monuments and Sites, the Angra do Heroísmo's Municipality has developed a guide for running lovers. The brochure, available in paper and virtual format, features four tracks with different characteristics. The runners have an oportunity to appreciate the historic Angra bay and its historic center, to enjoy the nature of Monte Brazil and to feel the pure air of the Rocha do Chambre and Mistérios Negros.
Où ? Angra do Heroísmo
Site Internet officiel : http://www.cmah.pt/residentes/ver.php?cat=107&id=17


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République Démocratique du Congo

Quoi ? Une conférence débat sur la mise en valeur et la protection du site de Kashusha. Le CN-ICOMOS/R.D.C interpelle à cet effet la conscience de toutes les parties prenantes au projet de construction et de développement de la Ville de Kashusha en tant qu'une ville de l'humanité, d'apporter leurs contributions pour assurer un avenir meilleur de cette Ville de Kashusha.
Quand ? 18 avril 2016
Où ? Kashusha, République Démocratique du Congo


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République Tchèque

Qui ? Czech National Committee 
Quoi ? Conference "The Heritage of Sports"
Quand ? Tuesday, 19 April 2016
Où ? Prague

Qui ? Co-organized by ICOMOS Czech Republic
Quoi ? A festive meeting of the mayors of historic cities, Ministry of culture, Chancellery of President of Republic, National Heritage Institute and other technical bodies that will celebrate the IHD.
Quand ? 18 April 2016
Où ? in Spanish Hall on Prague Castle


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Qui ? National Committee ICOMOS Serbia, Museum of Yugoslav History
Quoi ? Conservation and Presentation of the Falcon's Buildings in Serbia. The celebration of the International Day on Monuments and Sites will be focused on the specific type of heritage, the sports' facilities constructed mainly during the first half of the 20th century. Those were the so called Falcons' Buildings, named after the Sokol (the falcon) association, aimed to promote gymnastic physical exercises and moral values among Slavic nations. On April 18th the participants of the celebration will have a guided tour through the exhibition "To Be a Falcon Is to Be a Yugoslav" in the Museum of Yugoslav History. After that, a Round Table will be held on the topic "Architecture of the Falcons' Buildings - Conservation and Presentation". These buildings are characterized by very representative architecture and some of them are still in their original function, although the concept of sport has quite evolved. 
Quand ? April 18, 2016
Où ? Serbia, Belgrade, Botićeva Str. No 6, Museum of Yugoslav History
Contact officiel : icomos.serbia[at]gmail.com
Site Internet officiel : http://icomos-serbia.com/index-e.html
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Qui ? ICOMOS /National Committee Slovenia and University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Architecture
Quoi ? Symposium/Round Table: Buildings for sport in Slovenia: heritage, preservation and management. The main focus of the symposium will deal with the increasing specific problems concerning the sport infrastructure, their preservation, demands of heritage sites as well as their integration into the contemporary life. It will be presented through actual case studies of good and challenging praxis implemented in Slovenia.
Quand ? 18 April 2016 at 6 pm
Où ? University of Ljubljana, Faculty for Architecture, Zoisova cesta 12, Ljubljana
Contact officiel : info[at]icomos.si


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Qui ? ICOMOS Sweden
Quoi ? Visit to Stockholm Olympic Stadium 
This is the main arena for the Olympic Games in Stockholm in 1912. It is said to be the oldest Olympic arena still in use. The stadium was designed by the architect Torben Grut and built on a classical arena layout in a medieval style, in handmade, dark red bricks. Since 1912 it has hosted a variety of events, including the European Athletics Championships, and the Olympic Equestrian Event for the 1956 games in Melbourne, due to quarantine laws in Australia. A total of 87 world records have been set in the arena. Today it is also used for concerts and other events.
Quand ? 18 April 2016
Où ? Stockholm
Pour plus d'informations : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stockholm_Olympic_Stadium


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Qui ? ICOMOS Tunisie
Quoi ? Une manifestation pour célébrer la journée des monuments et sites: le patrimoine du sport, Al Naciriya comme exemple de patrimoine du sport dans la médina de Tunis. L'événement a lieu dans la plus ancienne salle de sport dans la médina de Tunis. Cette salle en activité depuis 1907 a joué un rôle dans la mémoire collective du quartier et de la Médina et a participé à la promotion des activités sportives dans la Médina et au développement des aptitudes des jeunes du centre ancien de Tunis, notamment dans la boxe.
Quand ? 18 avril 2016 à 14h30
Où ? 7, rue el Hafsia, Tunis
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Qui ? ICOMOS Turkey
Quoi ? Conference and Panel on “The Heritage of Sport”
Quand ? 15 April 2016
Où ? ITU Taskışla Building No: 109, Istanbul
Contact officiel : icomosturkiye[at]gmail.com
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Qui ? ICOMOS Turkey
Quoi ?
 Sport and Sport Heritage of Izmir’s Social Life within 20th Century. Within the context of this year’s 18th April theme “The Heritage of Sport”, Izmir’s historical values will be handled through discussing the relationship between city’s social life and sport. 

Quand ? 18 April 2016, 2 pm
Où ? Rectorate of Dokuz Eylül University, DESEM Red Saloon Alsancak, Izmir
Contact officiel : icomosturkiye[at]gmail.com
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Qui ? ICOMOS Turkey, Me.Ü. Restoration and Conservation Center, Hatay Metropolitan Municipality
Quoi ? 18 April 2016 International Day For Monuments and Sites, Conference and Panel on “Antioch's Urban Tissue And Sports Structures”
Quand ? 22 April 2016, 2-6 pm
Où ? Hatay Metropolitan Municipality Council Meeting Room, Antakya, Hatay
Contact officiel : icomosturkiye[at]gmail.com
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Qui ? ICOMOS Venezuela
Quoi ? Un artículo con motivo del Día Internacional de los Monumentos y Sitios 2016 y el tema del Patrimonio asociado al Deporte propuesto en esta oportunidad
Site Internet officiel : http://icomosdevenezuela.blogspot.fr/2016/04/18-de-abril-de-2016-dia-internacional.html


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Photo : © André / Flickr (Stade olympique d'Amsterdam)

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