Alerte patrimoine : Bâtiment administratif du Sanctuaire Izumo, Shimane, Japon

Heritage Alert Temple 12092016Le Comité scientifique international de l'ICOMOS sur le patrimoine du XXe siècle (ICOMOS ISC20C), a exprimé ses préoccupations au sujet de la situation du bâtiment administratif du Sanctuaire Izumo, à Shimane (Japon).

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The ICOMOS ISC20C believes that a solution to the Shrine Administration building's problem could also be found if given further expert assessment. The Committee has strongly encouraged Shrine authorities to seek a positive conservation outcome for this item of Japan's modern heritage. The enduring architectural significance of the building has also been recognized by heritage authorities such as Docomomo Japan, which in 2005, identified the Administration Building of the Great Shrine of Izumo as one of the 100 most important buildings representing modern architecture in Japan. The architectural and artistic merit of the building, as well as its historical significance is uncontested, however the building has not yet been well documented. The ICOMOS ISC20C has asked that the Shrine seek an improved technical solution to the problem that would allow the building to remain and continue in a useful purpose for the Shrine.

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Image: The Administration Building, Izumo Shrine, Shimane, Japan @ ICOMOS ISC20C