Archives et résultats des événements

Istanbul 2016 IMG 3416 rezsizeDans cette section vous trouverez une liste des réunions passées du Groupe Europe de l'ICOMOS et des groupes sous-régionaux et, lorsqu'ils sont disponibles, leurs résultats.

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ICOMOS Europe Group Meetings 

3-6 June 2017, Berlin, Germany

On ICOMOS Europe Group Annual  Meeting in Berlin participated 48 members from 27 countries. The main topics discussed were European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018; Reflection Group on EU & Cultural Heritage; initiatives like Our Common Dignity and Culture-Nature Journey; ICOMOS activities in European Heritage Alliance, Sustainable Development Goals, the New Urban Agenda and European Heritage Label; European Regional Development Fund; cooperation with Europa Nostra; the question of multilingualism in ICOMOS and World Heritage issues. 

The meeting was followed by the Scientific Colloquium “Border Areas – Encounter Areas.

Neighbourhood Conflicts and Neighbourhood Cooperation in Europe” and Preparatory Colloquium for the European Cultural Heritage Year (ECHY) 2018 organised by ICOMOS Germany, in cooperation with the Berlin Wall Memorial.

téléchargement Research report "Scientific Symposium: Preparing the European Cultural Heritage Year (ECHY) 2018":


→ 17th October 2016,  Istanbul, Turkey

On ICOMOS Europe Group Meeting at GA 2016 in Istanbul participated 40 participants from 23 countries. The main topics discussed were European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018; Illicit Traffic and involvement of Young Professionals.


Sub-regional meetings

→ Nordic-Baltic/ICLAFI meeting 12.-13. October 2016, Tallinn, Estonia

Nordic-Baltic National Committees had a joint meeting with ICLAFI Scientific Committee in Tallinn. The scientific conference Historical Perspective of Heritage Legislation. Balance Between Laws and Values was followed by work meetings and common study tour.   



Photo: © ICOMOS Turkey; ICOMOS Europe group meeting in Istanbul, October 2016