Launch of the first ever UNESCO-IPCC-ICOMOS meeting to strengthen synergies between culture, heritage and climate change

ICSM CHCA virtual international meeting, co-sponsored by the IPCC, UNESCO and ICOMOS will be held during the week of 6 December 2021 and bring together researchers, knowledge bearers and practitioners from around the world to discuss the intersections of culture, heritage and climate change

A series of public panels with international experts will take place on 6, 8 and 10 December. This is an opportunity to take stock of the state of knowledge regarding connections of cultural and natural heritage with climate and explore different perspectives on the risks, changes and challenges facing our heritage. Together we will explore how our heritage can be part of building a more resilient future. To stream these public events live and explore the meeting website, visit:

The International Co-sponsored Meeting on Culture, Heritage and Climate Change represents a milestone in the longstanding efforts by ICOMOS to enhance the incorporation of culture and heritage into climate science in general and the work of the IPCC in particular.



Read more about the themes and aims of the Meeting in the attached press release.

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