Latin American Forum on Heritage at Risk in a People Centered Approach  

flyer PerúThe Latin American Forum, organised by ICOMOS Peru and ICOMOS Latin American and the Carribean (LAC) group, focuses on People during a discussion on 31 July 2021 (in Spanish).


All specialists in heritage conservation assure that the main support for the protection of the historical and cultural assets is the ability of citizens and institutions to value the preservation of those assets.

At the international level, ICOMOS has made documents available to alert the situation of those heritage assets that are in danger through the "Heritage Alerts" and other mechanisms.

In particular, this Latin American forum aims to address cultural heritage at risk in Latin America from a perspective focused on people and the communities in which they live in order to find continuous and politically sustainable ways of prevention and intervention.



The approach to cultural heritage at risk supposes an inclusive and dialogical look without neglecting the diversity of points of view that enrich the conceptualization of the phenomenon and guide new comprehensive actions from all possible actors.

Special emphasis will be placed on the processes of mediation and conciliation of interests to ensure the right of individuals and communities to enjoy their heritage as a tool for sustainable development.



The tool of the Latin American Forum of Heritage at Risk focused on People is proposed on a permanent basis as an aid to visualize, disseminate and guide prevention, intervention and conservation actions of Latin American cultural heritage that is at risk.


Expected outcomes


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