The Southern Gate (venue of the welcoming ceremony), Xi'an

The Terracotta Warriors, Hanyangling

Exhibition on drum culture at the Drum Tower, Xi'an

The Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Xi'an


The 2005 Piero Gazzola Prize has been awarded to Mrs Ann Webster Smith (USA), Honorary member of ICOMOS international, Vice President of ICOMOS International (1981-1990, 1996-2002), Chair Emerita and Fellow of US ICOMOS.

The commemorative prize medal was handed over by Maria Pia Gazzola, daughter of Piero Gazzola, to John Fowler, Chair of US ICOMOS during the opening session of the General Assembly.

Click here for more information on Mrs Ann Webster Smith and the Gazzola prize here
[Mrs Ann Webster Smith passed away on 20 April 2006 in Washington, D.C. A Memoriam can be found on the US/ICOMOS Website]

On the same occasion, 9 ICOMOS members were made honorary members of ICOMOS, following nominations from their committees, for their distinguished service in the field of conservation, restoration and enhancement of historical monuments, sites, and groups of buildings :

Alberto Gonzalez Pozo, Mexico
Nobuo Ito, Japan
Vassos Karageorghis, Cyprus
Todor Krestev, Bulgaria
Victor Armando Pimentel Gurmendi, Peru
Sharon Sullivan, Australia
Sherban Cantacuzino, UK
Varazdat Harutiunyan, Armenia
Blanche Weicherding-Goergen, Luxembourg

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Updated on May 11th 2006