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The Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Xi'an

Candidates standing for election to positions as officers and for the Executive Committee of ICOMOS

List of nominations received up to 31 May 2005
15th General Assembly of ICOMOS, Xi’an, October 2005

At the 15th General Assembly of ICOMOS (Xi’an, China, 17 to 21 October 2005) the ICOMOS members, present at the General Assembly and delegated by their eligible National Committees to vote, will elect the officers and the ICOMOS Executive Committee for the 2005 – 2008 mandate (1 President, 1 Secretary General, 1 Treasurer General, 5 Vice Presidents and 12 Executive Committee members).

Following a call for candidatures, posted and e-mailed to all National and International Committees, and published in the last ICOMOS News (Vol.15, n° 1 January 2005), the ICOMOS International Secretariat, by 31 May 2005, received the nominations listed below (2 for President, 2 for Secretary General, 2 for Treasurer General, 8 for Vice President and 15 for the Executive Committee). One candidate, Ray Bondin - Malta, is standing simultaneously for two positions (Secretary General and Vice President). All candidates to a position of officer which are not elected to one of these can automatically also stand for the Executive Committee.

In accordance with Article 12 of the ICOMOS Statutes, this list is herewith forwarded for information to all ICOMOS members before the date of the General Assembly. As stipulated in Art 54.1 of the Rules of Procedure of the General Assembly (RoP) candidatures remain open until 5 pm on the first day of the General Assembly, after which all candidature files will be handed over to the Candidatures Committee for verification.

All candidates have been invited to address the ICOMOS membership with a short statement on their vision and ambitions for ICOMOS. These statements, as well as the candidate’s photograph and a short note on their current or most recent professional position, academic titles and current or previous positions within ICOMOS will be published in the ICOMOS Newsletter. This information is only available subject to the candidates providing it and in the languages versions they supplied.


- Nikos Agriantonis – Grèce / Greece
- Michael Petzet – Allemagne / Germany


- Ray Bondin – Malte / Malta
- Dinu Bumbaru - Canada


- Bénédicte Selfslagh – Belgique / Belgium
- Giora Solar – Israël / Israel


- Gustavo Araoz – Etats-Unis / United States
- Ray Bondin – Malte / Malta
- Kristal Buckley – Australie / Australia
- Tamas Fejerdy – Hongrie / Hungary
- Aimé Gonçalves - Bénin
- Guo Zhan – Chine / China
- Carlos Pernaut – Argentine / Argentina
- María Rosa Suárez Inclán Ducassi – Espagne / Spain

- Vadim Abyzov – Ukraine
- R. C. Agrawal – Inde / India
- Sofia Avgérinou Kolonias – Grèce / Greece
- Rosa Anna Genovese – Italie / Italia
- Andrew Hall – Afrique du Sud / South Africa
- Donald Hankey – Royaume Uni / United Kingdom
- Murillo Marx – Brésil / Brasil
- Axel Mykleby – Norvège / Norway
- Gilles Nourissier - France
- Yasuyoshi Okada – Japon / Japan
- Angela Rojas - Cuba
- Hristina Staneva - Bulgarie / Bulgaria
- Lazar Sumanov – Macédoine / Macedonia
- Boguslaw Szmygin – Pologne / Poland
- Michel van der Meerschen – Belgique / Belgium
- Javier Villalobos – Mexique / Mexico
- Werner von Trützschler – Allemagne / Germany


Dernière mise à jour: October 3rd 2005