15 May 2009

In memoriam:

Michel Parent

Michel Parent

President of ICOMOS 1981 to 1987


All members of ICOMOS across the globe join me in mourning the death of my predecessor, our esteemed 3rd President, Michel Parent of France. Those members of ICOMOS fortunate enough to have met him and worked with him will remember and cherish his dedication to ICOMOS during our pioneer days. Those who did not know him must be aware and ever grateful that he was one of the giants who helped build and shape the great organization that we have inherited. Michel Parent will always live in ICOMOS as an example of dedication, professionalism and rectitude.

To his family and to all our friends and colleagues in ICOMOS France, I convey our warmest feelings of sympathy as well as assurances that we share in this deep loss.

Gustavo F. Araoz
7th President of ICOMOS




Michel Parent has left us...

Warm, humanist, a man of great learning, finesse and delicacy, sparkling with mirth and intelligence, but not inclined to mince his words nor set aside his convictions, Michel Parent was a leading figure in the field of World cultural heritage, and a worthy representative of France.

The incarnation of ICOMOS’ spirit of openness, he covered all the fields of cultural heritage as we represent them, working in turn as Inspector, then Inspector General of Sites, Conservateur des Bâtiments de France, Inspector General of Historic Monuments, Director of the Centre for Research on Historic Monuments. He was also involved in the field of intangible heritage: besides having authored many books on architecture, history, military and vernacular heritage, he also wrote numerous plays and was the Founding President of the Burgundy Nights Festival.

Having acted as UNESCO expert, in particular for Aswan, he later chaired UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee, and became President of ICOMOS from 1981 to 1987.

He had just celebrated his 93rd birthday and leaves behind many friends throughout the world.

Pierre-Antoine Gatier
President of ICOMOS France




The religious ceremony will be held on Monday 18 May 2009, at 10:30, Notre Dame des Champs, Paris.

You can send messages of condolence via: icomos.france@wanadoo.fr

See the communiqué by Christine Albanel, French Minister of Culture:


Michel Parent