H@R! : Heritage at Risk



Producing a first World Report on Heritage@Risk is a major task that ICOMOS undertook with success in a very short time frame. Achieved in continuity with ideas of our former president, Roland Silva, this accomplishment is the result of efforts by many different people around the world. ICOMOS and its H@R Taskforce would like to express their gratitude to all those people.

ICOMOS is a network of expert members. The Heritage@Risk initiative and report benefited from the input and submissions of ICOMOS National and International Scientific Committees. Other contributions came from individual experts or related organisations. Other information was collected and assembled by the Taskforce.

We would like also to thank the experts who participated in the Munich meeting in July 2000. Through their review of the survey’s preliminary results, they gave a global and critical perspective and reinforced the intellectual bases for this ongoing ICOMOS initiative.

The actual production of the report required countless hours of work. It owes a lot to the impressive efforts of an editorial team made of Marilyn Truscott, past president of Australia ICOMOS who generously dedicated the best part of her sabbatical in Paris to helping this exercise, and John Ziesemer, with the help of Hannelore Puttinger from ICOMOS Germany. Gustavo Araoz, director of US/ICOMOS helped with clever suggestions and translation. We do not want to forget the essential and discreet support of the staff of the ICOMOS Secretariat in Paris.

In the name of ICOMOS, the members of the Heritage@Risk Taskforce would like to express their gratitude to all these individuals for their precious and generous contributions and their work.

The Taskforce

Michael Petzet (Germany)
Sheridan Burke (Australia)
Dinu Bumbaru (Canada)

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