Info for Members n°89: Apply to the ICOMOS Culture-Nature Prize by 31 May! / Climate Risk and Resilience in Petra: Report Launch Event on 26 April / International Scientific Committee on Twentieth Century Heritage: Heritage Practice Survey announcement

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ICOMOS INFO FOR MEMBERS n°89 – 23 April 2024

Apply to the ICOMOS Culture-Nature Prize by 31 May!

Callforapplications CNP2024 Articlethumbnail ENThe ICOMOS Culture-Nature Prize will be awarded to support the most promising Culture-Nature initiatives undertaken by ICOMOS members, Committees or Working Groups. Entries can be related to tangible or intangible heritage, their scope can be ranging from small to large, from local to international. 

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Climate Risk and Resilience in Petra: Report Launch Event on 26 April

Petra Report Event LaunchPetra National Trust, the Petra Development Tourism Regional Authority and the Preserving Legacies Project cordially invite you to attend the virtual launch of the report, ‘Climate Risk and Resilience in Petra’. This report is the product of climate risk assessment undertaken at Petra in 2023 as part of the Preserving Legacies project.

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International Scientific Committee on Twentieth Century Heritage (ISC20C) Initiative Announcement: Heritage Practice Survey

photo newsletter 89 ISC20CThe ISC20C is preparing to launch a survey in the coming weeks aimed at all National Committees of ICOMOS to gain a deeper understanding of the current state of conservation globally about caring for Twentieth-century heritage.

This survey follows up on the MAP20 study conducted from 2001-2004, which identified key issues in Twentieth-century heritage preservation. Now, two decades later, ISC20C seeks to assess how the field has evolved and identify the most pressing challenges that are now evident. The survey will gauge the awareness and effectiveness of ISC20C guideline documents, explore the availability of resources and literature in different countries, and pinpoint common trends, challenges, and opportunities faced in caring for Twentieth-century heritage internationally.

The results will shape the ISC20C work plan ahead and be shared on its website to inform the work and research of others. National Committee Presidents are the primary recipients of the survey, with support made available from national or regional members of ISC20C to assist in preparing the responses. The timely contribution of National Committees to this survey is greatly appreciated and will significantly contribute to advancing the understanding of Twentieth-century heritage conservation worldwide.

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