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Roland Silva

Ethics and doctrine

- Ethics and Aesthetics in Conservation, John Warren
- Conservation Techniques: Buildings, Herb Stovel
- ICOMOS New Zealand Charter for the Conservation of Places of Cultural Heritage Value
- Guidelines for the Recording of Monuments, Groups of Buildings and Sites -draft
- Diversity, Place and the Ethics of Conservation, Joan Domicelj in collaboration with Duncan Marshall
- 'To Know the Place for the First time': Consideration of Diverse Values for an Australian World Heritage Site, Isabel McBryde
- The Meaning of Cultural Conservation in Muslim Societies, Mohammed Arkoun
- Quelle doctrine de sauvegarde pour demain?, Raymond Lemaire
- La notion d'authenticité dans son contexte et dans sa perspective, Jean Barthélémy
- Authenticité: patrimoine véritable ou illusion désincarnée, Dinu Bumbaru
- Notes on Authenticity, Herb Stovel
- Question about Authencity, Jukka Jokilehto
- Appendix: extracts from Management Guidelines for World Cultural Heritage Sites, B M Fie/den and J Jokilehto

Post-totalitarian Eastern Europe

- Architecture and Conservation in Post-totalitarian Romania, Peter Derer
- Conservation et valorisation du patrimoine architectural en république de Bulgarie, Todor Krestev

Cultural heritage at risk

- Report on Round Table on Cultural Heritage at Risk held at ICOMOS Headquarters in Paris, 8 & 9 October 1993, Dinu Bumbaru
- Analysis of Findings from the Post-War reconstruction Campaigns in Basrah and Fao, Iraq, Sultan Bakarat
- Methods of Surveying Dubrovnik's Architectural Heritage, Svetislav Vucenovic

Restoration and development in world heritage sites

The Historic Centre of Mexico City, Jorge Gamboa de Buen
- Introduction
- San lldefonso Museum
- Town House on Seminario XII
- Ministry of Public Education
Westminster, London: the New Parliamentary Building
- Architectural Conservation and the Getty Grant Program, Timothy P Whalen