ISC Historic Gardens and Sites




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International Committee on Historic Gardens and Sites 

1. Among Asia's Earliest Surviving Gardens: the Royal and the Monastic Gardens at Sigiriya and Anuradhapura 
      Senake Bandaranayake

2. The Gardens of the Far East, the Garden of Stones and Water: the Translated Landscape of nature 
      Sue -Hee KIM

3. Islamic Gardens in Iran 

4. Gardens of India 
      Prabhkar B. Bhagwat

5. The Origin of the Patios and Gardens of the Islamic Period in Spain and Portugal 
     Ilidio A. De Araujo

6. The History of Gardens and the Evolution of the Environment 
     Elena Micoulina

7. Bulgarian Garden Art -Past and Present 
     D. T. Sougarev

8. Landscapes and Monuments in Moscow and their Use 
     I. N. Voscresensky

9. FormaI Characteristics of the InformaI Garden 
      Sven- Ingvar Andersson

10. Beloeil 

11. The Gardens of Antonio Gaudi 
      Juan Bassegoda Nonell

12. "Lunuganga -The Story of a Garden  "
      David Robson

13. Private Gardens of London: A Victorian Garden 
      Arabella Lennox-Boyd

14. Private Gardens of London: Lut yens Revisited 
      Arabella Lennox-Boyd

15. The Conservation of English Landscape Gardens of the National Trust 
      John Sales

ICOMOS IFLA -Florence Charter -21 May 1981 

UNESCO Preservation and Restoration Projects
Master Plans:

1. Sukhothai Historical Park Development Project 
      Fine Arts Department and Ministry of Education, Govemment of Thailand

The Sukhothai Historical Park Development Project 
Present Conditions in Ancient Sukhothai 
Components of the Sukhothai Historical Park Development Project 
Project expenses 
Investment Returns 
Outline of management 

2. Shalamar Gardens 
     Mohammed Istiaq Khan
Department of Archaeology, Govemment of Pakistan 1973



Buildings of the garden

The Surrounding

Measures for Preservation and Restoration

Improvement of Gardens

Acquisition of Land and Illumination

Abstract of Cost.