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Lichfield, Nathaniel
(The Rote of Economics in Conservation)

1. The Economic Impact of Historic Preservation Projects  [1029 kb]
    Brabec, Elizabeth

2. Economics in the Conservation Process: Several Experiences from Slovenia [379 kb]
    Curk, Iva

3. Governments Versus Competitiveness: A Checklist  [1075 kb]
    Denhez, Marc

4. The Urban Heritage as a Cultural, Social and Economic Asset [2305 Kb]
    van Dun, Peter and Docter, Robert 

5. Expanding Resources and Responsibility for Conserving the World's Cultural Sites and Monuments  [179 kb]
    Fleming, Arlene K.

6. State Intervention/or Conservation in a Mixed Economy: Policy and Practice in the United Kingdom 
    Golding, Francis

7. Russian Heritage a New Route Out of the Past [479 kb]
     Kalinichenko, Yuri and Fowler, Daryl

8. The Calwer Strasse in Stuttgart [470 kb]
    Kempter, Georg Friedrich 

9. Tax Incentives for Conservation Works on Heritage -Registered
Buildings and Structures,Australia 
[73 kb]
    Lyneham, Sonja 

10. Economic Life and Conservation Community Impact Analysis of Baixa Pombalina: A Case Study in Lisbon, Portugal  [2214 kb]
    Moreira, Margarida 

11. Update on U.S. Rehabilitation Tax Credits and the Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) [590 kb]
    Morton, Hamilton, Jr.

12. Sustainable Development and Monument Conservation Planning: A Case Study on Olympia  [3512 kb]
    Nijkamp, P. and Bithas, K.

13. Patrimoine Culturel et Tourisme en France [223 kb] 

    Vincent, Jean-Mari and Patin, Valery 

14. Centres Historiques et Systemes Territoriaux: Quelques Exemples  [868 kB]
    Petrôncelli, Elvira

15. Evaluation as a Decision Support System: An Interactive Multicriteria Approach [1146 kB]
    Rostirolla, Pietro 

16. Monuments Ouverts au Public  [565 kB] 
    Schmuckle -Mollard, Christiane and Mosser, Francoise 

17. Une approche nouvelle à la mise en valeur des régions rurales regions de patrimoine  [846 kB] 
    Varin, Francois 


18. A Proposed Methodology for Measuring the Economic Value of Cultural Monuments [458 kB]
    Wijesinghe, Thilan 

19. New Trends of Economics in Renewal of Old Historic Towns in West Hungary [1344 kB]
     Winkler, Garbon