Monuments&Sites VIII - Cultural heritage in the Arctic and the Antarctic Regions.

m-and-s8Compiled and edited for the International Polar Heritage Committee of ICOMOS by
Susan Barr and Paul Chaplin


78 pages 

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- Paul Chaplin and Susan Barr - An overview of polar heritage sites

- Susan Barr - Polar monuments and sites – An introduction

- Paul Chaplin - Polar Heritage sites at risk – Politics, principles and practical problems

- Janet Hughes - Deterioration of Antarctic historic sites – Effects of Antarctic climates on materials and implications for preservation

- Roberta Farrell, Robert Blanchette (et al) - Scientific Evaluation of Deterioration in Historic Huts of Ross Island, Antarctica

- Michael Pearson - Artefact or rubbish – A dilemma for Antarctic managers

- Geoff Ashley and Richard Mackay - Mawson’s huts historic site, Antarctica: The conservation management plan as a decision making tool

- Doug Olynyk - Canada’s Yukon territory – Heritage at the edge

- Glenn W. Sheehan and Anne M. Jensen - When the indigenous tradition and the scientific tradition merge: Ukpeagvik Iñupiat Corporation’s Science Center in Barrow, Alaska

- Jean-François Le Mouël - Heritage in the French sub-antarctic territory: Between urgency and emergency

- Cornelia Lüdecke - German meteorological and magnetic base station on the Kerguelen Islands (1901-1903)

- Ruben Stehberg - Archaeologists document historical heritage in the South Shetland Islands

- Louwrens Hacquebord - Dutch cultural heritage in the Arctic