Monuments and Sites: Australia (1996)

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1. People and Places; Sandy Blair, Penny Cook, Peter Forrest & Marilyn Truscott
- Case studies
Hyde Park Barracks, Sydney, NSW; Historic Houses Trust of NSW
Port Essington, NT; R. Ian Jack
Homebush Mission Hall, Mackay, Qld; Penny Cook
Clarendon, Evandale, Tas; Katrina Proust

2. Australian Heritage Places; Sarah Colley & R. Ian Jack
- Case studies
Lake Mungo, NSW; Sarah Colley
Milingimbi, NT; Peter Forrest
Palmer Goldfield, Qld; Jillian Comber
Joadja, NSW; R. Ian Jack

3. The Role of Communities and Government in Heritage Conservation; Duncan Marshall & Marilyn Truscott
- Case studies
Norfolk Island; Peter McLaren
Bow Truss Wool Store, Geelong, Vic; Duncan Marshall
East Perth Cemeteries, WA; National Trust of Australia (WA)
Belmont Garden, Beaufort, Vic; Ashley Russell
Bunda Dibandji, Bare Hill, Qld; Barry Hunter & Nicky Horsfall

4. Identifying the Cultural Resource

4.1. Heritage Evaluation Criteria; Richard Mackay & Michael Pearson
- Case studies
The Great North Road, NSW; Michael Pearson
The Mills Cottage, Port Fairy, Vic; Miles Lewis
Shearers' Strike Camp, Barcaldine, Qld; Brian Egloff & Juliet Ramsay
The Rocks, Sydney, NSW; Richard Mackay

4.2. Conservation Philosophy and Methodology; Meredith Walker
- Case study
Town of Burra, SA; Katrina Proust

5. Managing the Cultural Resource

5.1. Legislation and Administration; Peter James
- Case study
Wreck of the Vergulde Draeck, WA; Graeme Henderson

5.2. Conservation Practice; Jan Stapleton

5.3. Conservation Planning; Jocelyn Colleran
- Case studies
Shire of Maldon and Carlton, Vic; Nigel Lewis
Walter Burley Griffin House, Sydney, NSW; Sheridan Burke

6. Conservation Education; Judith Brine & Carol Edds
- Case Study
Graduate Diploma in Cultural Heritage Management, University of Canberra; Linda Young

7. Australia in the Asia-Pacific Region; Colin Pearson
- Case study
Tam Ting Caves Conservation Project, Lao Peoples Democratic Republic; Brian Egloff & Benita Johnson

8. Current Issues in Heritage Conservation

8.1. Cultural Diversity and Living Traditions - Conflicting Cultural Values; Joan Domicelj
- Case study
Old Swan Brewery Site, Perth, WA; Katrina Proust

8.2. Cultural Div~rsity and Living Traditions - Social Value; Chris Johnston
- Case studies
Lake Condah, Vic; Chris Johnston;
Mount Lyell Mine, Tas; Richard Mackay

8.3. Cultural Landscapes and the Natural Environment; Sandy Blair & Sarah Titchen
- Case studies
Uluru-Kata Tjuta Cultural Landscape, NT; Sarah Titchen
Melbourne's Water Supply, Central Highlands, Vic; Joy McCann

8.4. Heritage Interpretation; Linda Young
- Case studies
The Rock Art of Kakadu, NT; Peter Forrest
The Cascades Female Factory, Hobart, Tas; Julia Clark

8.5. Economics of Conservation; Ray Tonkin
- Case study
Princess Theatre, Melbourne, Vic; Ray Tonkin

8.6. Adaptation and Reuse; Peter McLaren
- Case study
The Old Tannery, Lobethal, SA; Katrina Proust

8.7. Material Culture in a Museum Context; Elspeth Wishart
- Case studies
The Blacksmith's Workshop, Launceston, Tas; Elspeth Wishart
Rouse Hill and Elizabeth Farm, NSW; James Broadbent

8.8. Remote Heritage; Peter Forrest
- Case studies
Wave Hill Walk-off Sites, NT; Peter Forrest
Mawson's Huts, Australian Antarctica Territory; Michael Pearson

-The Burra Charter and its Guidelines

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