Special Report on Spain 2006

Heritage at Risk in Toledo and Cáceres (Spain)


  • “Toledo and its Setting: World Heritage in Danger” by Michael Petzet, President of ICOMOS
  • Toledo in the paintings of El Greco
  • Toledo – images of the destruction of Visigoth remains
  • Newspaper article from “El Pais”, 9 July 2006 “El ladrillo amenaza la capital visigoda”
  • Newspaper article from “El Pais”, 24 July 2006, Interview with María Rosa Suárez-Inclán Ducassi, President of ICOMOS Spain “El valor de Toledo puede perderse irremediablemente
  • Newspaper article from “El Pais”, 27 July 2006"Freno a la destrucción visigoda"
  • Information on Toledo on the web pages of the UNESCO World Heritage Centre
  • Cáceres

  • “Construction of the Hotel Atrio in the Plaza de San Mateo of the Old City of Cáceres”by Prof. Dr. Antonio-J. Campesino Fernández, Vice President of ICOMOS-Spain
  • Plan drawings and photographs of the planned project
  • Information on Cáceres on the web pages of the UNESCO World Heritage Centre