Monuments and Sites: Hungary (1996)


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Introductory Studies
1. The Problems of Authenticity and Identity as Retlected by Archaeological Preservation of Monuments
Julius Gy. Hajnoczi

General Studies
2. Authenticity and Landscape Architecture
Ilona Balogh-Ormos
3. Building Materials and Structures Applied during the Era of Historism Problems Associated with their Restoration
Attila Déry
4. Les paysages culturels et patrimoniaux (Les intentions et la réalité)
Tamas Fejérdy
5. Preservation of Railway Buildings in Hungary
Mihaly Kubinszky
6. The Conservation of Architectural Values of Vinages in South Transdanubia
Tünde L6rincz-Szabo
7. Historic Towns in Hungary in the Second Half of the 2Oth Century
Andras Roman
8. New Technical Procedures in Developing Principles and Methods of Authentic Monument Restoration
Mihaly Zádor

Studies on individual cases
9. Reincarnations of the Western Portal at Jak, around the Turn of the Century
Alice Debreczeni-Mezei
Edit Szentesi
10. Modernization and Restoration of the Budapest Central Market Hall
Gergely Nagy
11. Restoration of the Provostal Ruins at Domos as Seen by a Practising Architect, in a "Bottom-Line View" of the Concept of Authenticity
Klara Nandori
12. Restoration of the Interior of the Saint Francis' Wounds Church in Buda
Tamas Toth

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