Seminar on 20th century heritage / Séminaire sur le patrimoine du XXème siècle

 Helsinki 18-19 -VI-1995


110 pages

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I. Presentation -Mr Jean-Louis LUXEN -

II. Outline programme

III. Position paper -Mr Jean-Louis LUXEN -Mme Fran?oise DESCAMPS -

IV. Conclusions
-Conclusions of the ICOMOS Seminar on 20th -century Heritage, in cooperation with UNESCO (WHC) and ICCROM
"Principles for the conservation and enhancement of the architectural heritage of the twentieth century" -
"appendix to Recommandation n?R(91)13"(Council of Europe)
French text

V. List of participants

VI. Presentations by
-Mr. Andrea BRUNO -Director Centre for Preservacion -Leuven
-Mr. Xavier COSTA -DOCOMOMO Iberico
-Ms. Regina DURIGHELLO -Assistant World Heritage coordination ICOMOS
-Ms. Natalia DUSHKINA -The Moscow Institute of Architecture
-Sir Bernard FEILDEN
-Mr. Ove HIDEMARK -University Professor
-Ms Nobuko INABA -Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan
-Mr Thomas JESTER-Tecnical Assistance Division, National Parks Services USA
-Ms. Maija KAIRAMO -Architect
-Mme. Marieke KUIPERS -DOCOMOMO Nederland
-Ms. Riitta NIKULA -University of Helsinki
-Mr. Andrew SAINT -English Heritage
-Ms. Kaija SANTAHOLMA -Chief Architect
-Ms. Galia SAOUMA-FORERO -Senior programme specialist, UNESCO
-Mr. Timo TUOMI -Art Historian, Director of Research
-Ms. Laura TUOMINEN -Consultant researcher, Art Historian
-Mr. Luis LAPIDUS (t) .Former member of ICOMOS Executive Committee, CUBA -Mr. Francois LOYER -Professeur d'Histoire de l'Art, Université de Strasbourg